Chapter 488 - Gazes of Admiration

MGA: Chapter 488 - Gazes of Admiration

“Senior, since you are willing to, I will represent my Azure Dragon and sign the alliance agreement with you right now. From now on, my Azure Dragon School will share both glory and shame and advance and retreat with your Void School.” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out a piece of paper.

It was an alliance agreement paper. On there, conditions for the alliance between the Azure Dragon School and the Void School were written in detail, and after seeing the agreement, the head of the Void School, who was incomparably excited, hurriedly wrote the two big words “Void School” without even looking at it. Then afterwards, he pressed his handprint on it.

At that instant, up and down the Void School, not a single person was not incomparably excited because they all knew that from today on, their Void School was going to rise greatly. With the Azure Dragon School looking over them, not to mention the little Azure Province, in the future, even in the continent of the Nine Province, no one would dare to anger his Void School.

But as some people were joyed, some people were sorrowful. As the people from the Void School rejoiced, the several hundred thousand disciples and elders who were just part of the Void School, but now chose to join the Lotus Flower School, were endlessly sorrowful with faces filled with regret.

At that very instant, truly, their intestines greened from regret and they even had the heart to die. They regretted that they shouldn’t have been so cowardly and afraid of things, that they shouldn’t have betrayed the Void School, that they shouldn’t have been greedy for the enticement the Lotus Flower Old Man gave.

It was because they didn’t stand firm that they lost their chance to stand on the skies. With the mistake of a single thought, they missed a heavenly huge opportunity.

Everything existed in the world, but not medicine for regret. They had to pay the price for their decisions.

“You’re the head of the Lotus Flower School right?” After signing the alliance agreement, Chu Feng turned around with a light smile, and cast his gaze towards the Lotus Flower Old Man.

“I am indeed the head of the Lotus Flower School, Zhao Lianhua.” The Lotus Flower Old Man hurriedly replied. He was truly afraid. Extremely afraid.

“You, stand up to speak.” Chu Feng’s tone was very gentle.

Hearing those words, the Lotus Flower Old Man hiddenly rejoiced and couldn’t help breathe a sigh of relief because he felt that Chu Feng didn’t seem to be preparing to make things difficult for him. So, he quickly stood up and endlessly saluted Chu Feng, “Thank you Lord Chu Feng, thank you Lord Chu Feng!”

“Your nerves are quite big! You dare to take the land of the Void School, and even forcefully take the elders and disciples from the Void School!” But suddenly, Chu Feng’s face turned cold. He pointed at the Lotus Flower Old Man and furiously rebuked, then pointed his finger towards the several hundred thousand people who betrayed the Void School and said, “You like these stuck-ups who forget about favours and kindness, and betrays their own school to protect themselves right?”

“Fine! Today, you will bring them all away from here. Bring them back to your Lotus Flower School. From now on, they are a part of your Lotus Flower School, and for their entire lives, they will be stuck with the tags of your Lotus Flower School.”

“But you remember this. From today on, the people from your Lotus Flower School better stay in your tiny land. If they dare to take half a step out, I will kill with no discussion.”

“Milord, have mercy, milord, have mercy! I was ignorant, I should die, and I shouldn’t have been greedy!”

“But Lord Chu Feng, I still ask you to leave a road of life for my Lotus Flower School. After all, I didn’t know that the Void School was acquainted with you. If I did, I would have never dared to oppose the Void School!” At that instant, the Lotus Flower Old Man knelt onto the ground with a poof. He endlessly kowtowed while begging for mercy and asked for forgiveness from Chu Feng.

“I am already leaving a path of life by not killing all of you today. Scram! Don’t think of speaking rubbish with me. If you don’t scram, I’ll kill you right now!”

Chu Feng’s voice was like thunder, rumbling in bursts. At the same time, what faintly appeared was boundless aura he emanated as well as eerie killing intent.

“As you wish, I’ll leave, I’ll leave right now!” With that, the Lotus Flower Old Man thoroughly panicked. He hurriedly stood back up and led the Lotus Flower School’s group, preparing to leave because he knew that if he left now, there was still a strand of survival, but if he didn’t, he would undoubtedly die.

“Halt.” But just as they walked for a few steps, Chu Feng explosively shouted again. He pointed at them and said, “Who told you to walk? I told you to scram, so roll right now. Roll down the mountain!” [1]

“Chu Feng, don’t bully excessively. You are only a brat, yet you dare to speak to us like this?” Just at that time, a manager elder from the Lotus Flower School pointed at Chu Feng and furiously cursed.

*bang* However, immediately after he spoke, that person became a mist of blood. That scene happened really too fast. No one knew who attacked, but the people from the Lotus flower School were thoroughly terrified.

“Milord, spare us! We’ll roll right now, we’ll roll!” Finally, no one dared to hesitate. With the lead of the Lotus Flower Old Man, the people from the Lotus Flower School started to roll down the stairs which were for climbing the mountain.

“What are you staring at? Why aren’t you scramming?” After the Lotus Flower Old Man rolled farther and farther away, Chu Feng pointed his finger again at the several hundred thousand people still kneeling within the Void School.

“School Head, have mercy, School Head, have mercy!”

“School Head, we know our wrongs! Give us a chance!”

“Lord School Head, you have watched as I grew up! You are like my father. Children will commit mistakes, so I’m begging you, please give me a chance to start anew!”

Those people looked at one another, but ultimately, no one moved half a step. Rather, they started to face the head of the Void School and beg, pleading for forgiveness.

It was because the words Chu Feng said before were very clear. Although he didn’t give a path of death to the Lotus Flower School, he didn’t give a path of life to them.

In the future, if the news of the Lotus flower School offending the Azure Dragon School became known, it was likely that even without the Azure Dragon School doing anything, many powers that wanted to set up a relationship with the Azure Dragon School would volunteer to go exterminate the Lotus Flower School.

If today, they truly followed the Lotus flower Old Man back to the Lotus Flower School, what awaited them was definitely a path of death.

“This...” Facing the sorrowful cries of the several hundred thousand elders and disciples, the head of the Void School’s face showed his predicament. His heart softened. It truly softened. After all, they were elders and disciples who followed him for many years.

So, he turned around, cast his gaze towards Chu Feng, and wanted to plead for those people.

*boom boom boom boom boom*

But before waiting for him to speak, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve, then several fists were thrown out. Within the ocean of people, bursts of explosions resounded. When any of those explosions rang out, it would make berserk energy ripples.

Those who got caught by the ripples would instantly become a mist of blood. Even those who didn’t get caught by the ripples would be affected by the remnants. If they didn’t die, they were injured. With merely a blink, several tens of thousands of people had fallen, died miserably by the hands of Chu Feng.

At that instant, the people from the Void School were both shocked and terrified because they finally saw Chu Feng’s strength. The strength that was rumoured to be able to kill those in the Heaven realm.

“Milord, have mercy! Milord, have mercy! We’ll roll right now, we’ll roll!”

As the rumbling finished, not a single person who were still living dared to beg. With faces filled with fear, they ran out, and as they went up to the stairs that went down the mountain, they hurriedly rolled down. They headed downwards by rolling.

So, on the Void Mountain Range, a peculiar sight appeared. It was several hundred thousand people rolling down from the mountains with unspeakable misery.

And only after the last disciple left the school’s plaza and rolled towards the mountain climbing road did Chu Feng pat the Void School head’s shoulder and said, “Senior, they can betray you today, so they can still betray you in the future. If you sympathize even with these kinds of people, then in this world where the strong eats and the weak is meat, how can you make your standing?”

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the head of the Void School’s body couldn’t help trembling. Within the gaze he looked at Chu Feng with, not only was there pure respect, there was also admiration that came from his heart.

Actually, he understood the logic that Chu Feng talked about, but the human heart grew along with the human body. The number of people who could clearly separate the good and evil, and kill decisively, was few within few. At least he currently could not do it.

But Chu Feng, the young man who was only seventeen years old, was able to do that. How could he not respect him?!