Chapter 487 - Alliance

MGA: Chapter 487 - Alliance

“Chu… Chu Feng?!” Seeing Chu Feng in the sky, everyone was stunned.

The people from the Lotus Flower School tightly furrowed their brows because they didn’t know why Chu Feng, whose name shocked the Nine Provinces and was a legend-like character, came to this place.

But they could see that Chu Feng did indeed have the rumoured strength, or else he wouldn’t be able to stand on air. Also, the people who stood around Chu Feng all had extraordinary cultivation. Every person had strength that could kill them.

In addition, even if their strengths were disregarded and undiscussed, their identities and positions were terrifying. There were people from the World Spirit Guild, there was the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and there were even experts from the Jiang Dynasty.

“Milords, Zhao Lianhua [1] pays his respect!” Suddenly, the Lotus Flower Old Man knelt onto the ground. He put away his previous arrogance and respectfully kowtowed to Chu Feng and the others, being extremely petty.

“Milord, we pay our respects!” At the same time, everyone came to their senses. The several hundred thousand people on scene uniformly knelt on the ground. Their petty voices rang out at the same time. Like the ringing of bells, they resonated throughout that land.

Chu Feng did not pay attention when he faced the crowd’s kowtow. He leaped and flew down from the sky. He went up to the head of the Void School, personally propped him up, and said, “Senior. I, Chu Feng, have come late.”

“Lo-Lo-Lord Chu Feng!” At that instant, there was no need to mention how excited the head of the Void School was. His eyes glittered, his body trembled, and with his disbelieving yet incomparably happy voice, he said, “Could it be that you’’re truly Mr. Grey-cloak?!”

After the head of the Void School spoke those words, almost everyone’s faces changed. Especially the Lotus Flower Old Man. He even started to feel uneasy. He trembled from fright because he was already able to feel that the head of the Void School didn’t seem to have a simple relationship with Chu Feng.

As for the manager elders of the Void School and a group of core disciples, they were kneeling on the ground and also incomparably excited. They were awaiting Chu Feng’s answer because his answer was going to change their fates.

“It’s me. I am Mr. Grey-cloak who asked you for help back then and also stayed in your Void School for many days.” Chu Feng lightly squinted his eyes and kindly smiled. Quickly after, he cast his gaze towards the manager elders and the many disciples, “The people from the Void School, no need to be so polite. Please, quickly rise.”

“Thank you Lord Chu Feng!” After the simultaneous thanks that was both grateful and excited, the Void School’s crowd all rose.

At that very instant, the faces of the manager elders and core disciples were filled with ecstasy because they knew that today, their Void School was saved. With Chu Feng’s current strength and position, as long as he slightly supported their Void School, then their position in the Azure Province would rise, possibly even rapidly.

“Who told you to rise?! Kneel back down!” But just at that time, Chu Feng’s face suddenly changed greatly. He pointed at the several hundred thousand disciples, who were already standing within the Void School itself, and loudly yelled.

His explosive shout was truly like the clap of thunder. It was so loud that even the earth trembled, the trees swayed left and right, and the beasts and birds in the mountain forest respectively ran and flew away.

The several hundred thousand disciples trembled in fright and all of them hurriedly knelt back down to the ground. Their bodies kept on quivering and they didn’t even dare to raise their heads.

“Hmph. I told the people from the Void School to rise. Your Lotus Flower School better kneel well. If anyone dares to stand without permission, I’ll behead him right there.” Chu Feng coldly said.

After Chu Feng’s words were spoken, everyone from the Lotus Flower School panicked because they were aware that the relationship between Chu Feng and the Void School was not ordinary. They had actually forced the Void School to such a state, so today, they were fated to have bad luck.

“Senior, actually, by coming here today, I have something I want to discuss with you.” Quickly after, Chu Feng cast his gaze back at the head of the Void School.

“Lord Chu Feng, speak whatever you want to say. As long as I am able to do it, I will definitely assist you with anything.” The head of the Void School hurriedly replied.

“I want to set up an alliance between your Void School and my Azure Dragon School. Senior, I wonder if you are willing or not?” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“What? An alliance with the Azure Dragon School?” After Chu Feng spoke, it was like a clap of thunder in a clear sky. It shocked the people on scene so much that all of them felt inconceivability.

What power was the current Azure Dragon School? It was a power titled as the number one school in the Nine Provinces! It was rumoured that in the continent of the Nine Provinces, countless huge powers wanted to make an alliance with the Azure Dragon School, but they were all rejected.

Even the overlord of the Qin Province, the Prestigious Villa, wanted to set up an alliance yet was refused. There were only two powers in an alliance with the Azure Dragon School. One was the World Spirit Guild, the other was the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

There was no need to talk about the World Spirit Guild. It was one of the strongest forces in the Nine Provinces. As for the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, although it was far from being comparable to the World Spirit Guild, at least it was the overlord of the Azure Province.

But his Void School was only a tiny second-rate school. In a place like the Azure Province, it was a small power that anyone could stamp on. But currently, a chance to be an alliance with the Azure Dragon School came. That truly caused people to feel disbelief.

“I’m willing! O-Of course I’m willing to!” The head of the Void School quickly nodded. His head was as if it was continuously kowtowing, say nothing of how happy he was.

“That’s great! Then this is done. I have already sent an application to the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion to raise the Void School to a first-rate school. Moreover, the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion has already agreed.” As he spoke, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the sky. He looked towards the current lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Qi Fengyang.

Hearing those words, everyone from the Void School cast their gazes towards Qi Fengyang, their gazes filled with excited expressions.

Qi Fengyang lightly smiled, then said, “It is true. Although the present Void School doesn’t have the strength of a first-rate school, I believe that it will soon, and also surpass most schools in the Azure Province.”

“Thank you Lord Chu Feng, thank you Mansion Lord!” At that instant, the people from the Void School knelt on the ground again. Their gratefulness came from their hearts, thankful for the help Chu Feng gave them.

“Ahh, no need to be so polite. Quickly rise.” Chu Feng waved his big sleeve, then a gust of wind came and lifted up the people from the Void School who knelt down. Then he said, “Since we are an alliance, naturally, there must be some cooperation plans. Right now, my Azure Dragon School is doing widespread disciple recruiting. However, some disciples aren’t suitable to cultivate in my Azure Dragon School, yet those disciples have pretty good talents, so my Azure Dragon School doesn’t wish to waste such talents.”

“So, from today on, for those who wish to enter my Azure Dragon School but cannot become a disciple of my Azure Dragon School, we will introduce them to the Void School. If they are willing to, they can come to the Void School to participate in the school entry examination. Senior, I wonder if you are willing or not?”

“I’m willing, I’m willing, of course I’m willing to!” The head of the Void School quickly nodded his head because he knew that it was a very rare chance.

At present, the disciples who aimed to enter the Azure Dragon School were excellent geniuses from many different areas in the continent of the Nine Provinces. Even if those people, because of insufficient aptitude, weren’t able to become a disciple of the Azure Dragon School, to the powers of the Azure Province, they were still rare geniuses.

If geniuses like those were able to enter his Void School, his school would very speedily strengthen with unstoppable might. Although it would not be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Azure Dragon School, at least within the borders of the Azure Province, they could quickly gain their own position in the province.