Chapter 486 - Just Like A God

MGA: Chapter 486 - Just Like A God

The robes those people wore were imprinted with lotus flowers. Most of their strengths were inferior to the head of the Void School as well as the manager elders.

However, the old man at front, who didn’t have many strands of hair on his head, had a face full of wrinkles, was as thin as a match, and looked like a dry corpse, actually had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm.

In other provinces, perhaps that cultivation wasn’t much, but in the Azure Province, a person with that cultivation could already be called a peak expert. He was the founder of the Lotus Flower School, the Lotus Flower Old Man.

“Senior Lotus Flower, let us follow what we have said. I’ll comply with your request and move out of the Void Mountain, so I hope that you can adhere to your promise and give my Void School path to live.” The head of the Void School went up and said when he saw the Lotus Flower Old Man. As he faced the old man in the 8th level of the Profound realm, he really was afraid of him.

“Kuku [1], don’t worry, naturally, I’ll keep my word. But on that topic, your Void School truly does have some good seedlings. Right now, you, a grand school head, are like a dog that lost its home. Can you really bear letting your disciples suffer hardships and receive contempt from others along with you?” The Lotus Flower Old Man strangely smiled and said.

“Senior Lotus Flower, what do you mean?” The head of the Void School tightly furrowed his brows and felt that the situation wasn’t heading towards a good direction.

“Haha, I don’t mean anything, but I just don’t hope you delay the development of so many good seedlings.” The corners of the Lotus Flower Old Man’s lips curled up, then quickly after, he actually cast his gaze towards the vast ocean of people behind the head of the Void School. Facing several hundred thousands of elders and disciples, he loudly said, “Everyone! From today on, this Void Mountain Range will be the Lotus Flower Mountain Range. This Void School will also be changed into the Lotus Flower School. I, the Lotus Flower Old Man, can see that all of you have extraordinary aptitude, so I cannot bear seeing you suffer with these useless young ones.”

“Thus, I am willing to open the gates to my Lotus Flower School for all of you. As long as you are willing to stay behind, anyone can join my Lotus flower School. Not hiding anything, my Lotus Flower School has already applied to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion to be a first-rate school. As long as you stay behind, in the future, you will be elders and disciples of a first-rate school.”


After the Lotus Flower Old Man spoke, a heated discussion was instantly stirred up in the crowd. Many Void School elders and disciples looked at each other, revealing expressions of joy.

“Senior Lotus Flower, you’ve gone a bit too far by doing this.” At that instant, the face of the Void School’s head was ashen, but he didn’t dare to lash out. He himself could disregard his life, but he didn’t want his own actions to affect the several hundred thousand lives of the Void School.

“Hey, I am only thinking about their future. Is that wrong? Besides, I am giving them a choice, and I haven’t forced anything on them.”

“If you’re talking about going too far, the one who’s doing that is you right? Boy, you are useless yourself, yet you still want to lead so many people in the later generation who have rather good talent? Aren’t you delaying their futures?” The Lotus Flower Old Man coldly smiled and said.

“You!” The head of the Void School gnashed his teeth in anger, but ultimately, he still forcibly endured it. Quickly after, he loudly howled towards the crowd behind him, “Those who are willing to follow me, step out of the Void School and follow me down the mountain!”

After the head of the Void School spoke, a large portion of the manager elders walked out and stood behind him. At the same time, there were also many elders and disciples who followed, walked out of the Void School, and prepared to follow him down.

However, no matter if it was elders or disciples, at that very instant, the ones willing to stand behind the head of the Void School, the ones willing to follow him were only several thousand people.

The remaining several hundred thousand elders and disciples all stood where they were. When there was a clash between the school’s interest and their own interest, those people gave the head of the Void School an exact answer.

“You bastards! The school head treats all of you so warmly, yet you lack any loyalty and treat him so coldly. Have all of your consciences been eaten by dogs?” Seeing that scene, the manager elders of the Void School pointed at those elders and disciples and started to furiously condemn them.

Facing the manager elders’ condemning, many disciples felt very ashamed and lowered their head in silence. However, some disciples and elders just loudly retorted, “Elders, ‘humans head towards highland, water flows towards lowland’ [2] Are we in the wrong?”

“That’s right. The might of the Void School is already gone. If we follow you, we will only become weaker and weaker and receive the disdain of people.”

“Senior Lotus Flower’s strength is powerful. He can definitely bring us onto the road of experts. We are willing to become disciples of the Lotus Flower School, and live and die along with it!”

“Lotus Flower School! Lotus Flower School! Lotus Flower School!”

“God damn, you despicable stuck-ups. I’ll put all of you to death!” At that instant, the manager elders were enraged, and as they spoke, they were going to attack.

“I would quite like to see who dares to touch the people from my Lotus Flower School!” But just at that time, the Lotus Flower Old Man suddenly coldly snorted. Simultaneously, boundless Profound power went wild, and like a formless fierce beast, it attacked the several manager elders who prepared to make their move.


The difference in strength was too big. With only a single strike from the Lotus Flower Old Man, he threw the several manager elders dozens of meters away. All of them vomited blood, and were already powerless to stand, being heavily injured.

“I’ll kill you!”

Seeing that their own elders were heavily beaten, many people who decided to follow the Void School were enraged. They wanted to fight to the death against the Lotus Flower Old Man.

“Stop!” Seeing that, the head of the Void School hurriedly shouted loudly. After stopping the crowd, he looked at the several hundred thousand disciples who chose to enter the Lotus Flower School and said, “Every person has their own goals. If you want to stay behind, I absolutely do not force you to come with me.”

After speaking those words, he walked first and prepared to leave that place. At the same time, several thousand disciples and elders also moved and quickly followed.

At that instant, no matter if they were furious or felt that they were wronged, their backs gave people an extremely pitiful feeling.

But “the winner is the king and the loser is the thief”. No one would give them sympathy, and rather, what they gave were only mocking and cold smiles.

“That’s right. Leave, you homeless dogs! Let’s see where in the continent of the Nine Provinces you can find a home!”

“Daring to make my Lotus Flower School an enemy, this is how you end up as. Hahaha...”

The Lotus Flower Old Man started to coldly laugh loudly. The meaning behind his words was very clear. He wanted the Void School to have no place to make a standing for themselves, then ultimately disappear from people’s lines of sight and be thoroughly extinguished.

“Any place in the continent of the Nine Provinces is a place for the Void School to make a standing for themselves. On the other hand, what qualifications does your Lotus Flower School have to take over this Void Mountain Range?”

But just at that time, from the sky, a loud and clear voice that was like thunder suddenly rang out. The voice was really too loud, and it actually caused the sky and ground to tremble. Not to mention the disciples, even the Lotus Flower Old Man couldn’t stand stably and almost fell.

When the horrifying swaying settled, everyone cast their gazes towards the sky, and when they saw the current sky, not a single person’s expression on the scene didn’t change greatly, as they were endlessly shocked.

It was because at present, in the sky, several figures stood. Those people stood on air while looking down. Every person’s body emanated immensely powerful aura.

They stood on air, like a god. It could be said that their powerful strength, to the people of the Void School and Lotus Flower School, was as if they were gods.

However, the reason why they were so shocked was because of the young man within the group of people. The young man’s portrait had once been scattered throughout all places in the Nine Provinces. Everyone knew who he was. He was the horrifying existence whose name shocked the Nine Provinces, Chu Feng.