Chapter 485 - The Void School In Trouble

MGA: Chapter 485 - The Void School In Trouble

The current Azure Dragon School, under Chu Feng’s lead, had its former glory reappear.

Although the school hadn’t finished construction yet, young geniuses from all areas of the Nine Provinces had already come to the Azure Dragon Mountain Ranging, wanting to enter the Azure Dragon School.

Facing that situation, the Azure Dragon School could only push the examination forward. As the school hadn’t been completely built, they started to recruit disciples. After all, it was a school for humans, so they couldn’t only rely on the Monstrous Beast from the Thousand Monster Mountain for face. Recruiting disciples was an absolute necessity.

Besides, within those who wanted to join the Azure Dragon School, many were of extreme good talent. They were a lot more excellent than many of the disciples before in the Azure Dragon School. There were even many young ones who already had the cultivation of the Profound realm. That strength naturally made Li Zhangqing endlessly moved and couldn’t bear missing out on that.

And as the Azure Dragon School was large-scale recruiting disciple, the Azure Dragon School’s elders and disciples, who left when the Qilin Prince’s Mansion was aiming to remove Chu Feng and the Azure Dragon School, carried hearts of hope when they came back to the Azure Dragon School. They shamelessly begged, wanting to re-enter the Azure Dragon School.

But what they got was merciless refusal. The Azure Dragon School didn’t give those traitors any chance.

Other than the elders and disciples who were willing to live and die along with the Azure Dragon School, who entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard, no matter if it was disciples or elders, the Azure Dragon School chose completely new ones, and started to choose the excellent ones first.

For the development of the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng even took out ten million Profound beads as the foundation of the Azure Dragon School’s development. That number really took Li Zhangqing aback, feeling as if he entered a realm of dreams.

At first, he didn’t even want to accept it, but as Chu Feng urged, he finally took them.

After taking the ten million Profound beads, Li Zhangqing then wanted to hand the position of school head over to Chu Feng because he knew that the many excellent young people who were willing to enter the Azure Dragon School didn’t come for him, Li Zhangqing. They came for Chu Feng. He really didn’t have the qualifications to be the head of the Azure Dragon School. Continuing to be the head would really make the disciples unconvinced.

But Chu Feng said that currently, the old ancestor was in this world, so sooner or later, he was going to revive. At that time, it would be fine to directly hand the Azure Dragon School over to him. He, Chu Feng, only wanted to be an ordinary disciple of the Azure Dragon School. So, the position of school head still had to be temporarily held by Li Zhangqing.

Facing that situation, Li Zhangqing didn’t feel that it was good to say much more, so he could only continue being the head of the Azure Dragon School. Although he didn’t say much on the surface, in his heart, he was endlessly grateful towards Chu Feng because he didn’t make a mistake. The young man that many people disliked at first currently did indeed change the fate of the Azure Dragon School.

As the Azure Dragon School, the number one school a thousand years ago in the Nine Provinces, had its former glory reappear, another powerful school a thousand years ago in the Azure Province was still unbearably desolate at present. It was the Void School stationed at the Void Mountain Range.

“Sigh~~~” Within the main hall of the Void School came a helpless sigh.

That sigh was made by the head of the Void School. He sat on the chief position in the main hall, swept his gaze towards the manager elders inside the hall, and said, “The Azure Dragon School has already restored its former prosperous might, but my Void School still remains unknown. Right now, we are even forced to a state where we need to move away from the Void Mountain Range because of the Lotus Flower School that has only been created for dozens of years. I truly have no face to face the founder!”

“Lord School Head, hasn’t there already been rumours that say Chu Feng is Mr. Grey-cloak of that year? No matter what’s said, my Void School still has some relations with Mr. Grey-cloak. If Chu Feng is truly that Mr. Grey-cloak, we can ask for help from the Azure Dragon School.”

“If the Azure Dragon School is willing to help, how would the little Lotus Flower School dare to forcefully occupy the Void Mountain Range?” One manager elder said.

“Whatever. Putting aside that it is only a rumour, even if Chu Feng is truly Mr. Grey-cloak, back then, he has already given all the benevolence and assistance he could. What reason do we have to ask him for help again?”

The head of the Void School smiled as he shook his head. How could he have not possibly thought of testing luck by asking Chu Feng for help?

Thinking back when the Azure Dragon School first faced danger, his Void School didn’t do anything. Right now, they had risen greatly. Even he himself felt that it wasn’t right to go find him to cling onto him, so naturally, he wouldn’t so shamelessly go do that.

“Lord School Head, but right now, what my Void School is facing is the loss of school territory! If the Lotus Flower School is willing to let us go when we leave the Void Mountain Range, then that’s fine.”

“But if they are not willing to, then it would be too difficult for us to turn the situation around. I’m afraid we would be reduced to a third-rate school, and even possibly facing extermination.” The elders painstakingly advised.

“This is something that cannot be helped. Who told us to be so greedy to fight over land against that Lotus Flower School? If we didn’t have malicious exchanges against the Lotus Flower School, we would not have landed in our current state.” The head of the Void School had a face filled with regret.

So it turned out some time ago, within an area of land on the borders of the Void School, precious ore veins was discovered. The ore veins were very valuable, and if they were mined, they could be traded for large amounts of cultivation resources, which would cause the foundation of the Void School to become stronger.

But the neighbouring school of the Void School, the Lotus Flower School, also discovered those ore veins. Both sides said that the ore veins should belong to themselves, so for their own interests, an unavoidable battle happened between the two second-rate schools.

The Lotus Flower School had only been created for over a few dozens of years. Although their founder had some methods, he had already disappeared for dozens of years. Even if he didn’t disappear, he should have died from age.

As for the Lotus Flower School, their current head’s strength was far from being comparable to the head of the Void School’s, and their elders’ cultivation was also not as strong as the Void School’s elders’. Their school’s foundation was also far weaker than the Void School’s, so they could be said to be the most underdeveloped existence within second-rate schools.

So, with might that was like breaking bamboo, the Void School beat the Lotus Flower School so badly that they were rolling around in their own excrement and they looked like flowers withering and water flowing away. But who would have thought that in the crucial moment, just as the army of the Void School arrived within the Lotus Flower School, preparing to make them pay the price, the founder of the Lotus Flower School, the Lotus Flower Old Man, actually appeared.

Not only was the old man whose age already passed a hundred and should originally not be surviving nicely living, his cultivation even stepped into the 8th level of the Profound realm. So, it seemed that he already gained the inheritance of an expert dozens of years ago and consumed a special pill that lengthened his life. In the past years, he kept on staying in isolation, cultivating painstakingly.

And after the Lotus Flower Old Man showed himself, he didn’t make things too difficult for the Void School. Not only did he not attack the people from the Void School, quite contrary, he let them back to the Void School.

Facing such a magnanimous Lotus Flower Old Man, the head of the Void School felt shame in his heart. At the same time, he also expressed admiration, preparing to give the ore veins to the Lotus Flower School after returning to the school and also to prepare heavy gifts to nicely thank the generosity of the senior. But who would have thought that it wasn’t as simply as how he had imagined it.

The Lotus Flower Old Man had his eyes on the Void Mountain Range. After the army of the Void School returned to the Void School, he was actually forcing the Void School to move out of the Void Mountain Range within a month and give the Void Mountain Range to his Lotus Flower School, or else he was going to start a huge massacre and kill them so much that nothing remained behind.

And today was already the last day of the one month limit. What the Void School was facing was a situation in which they had to leave the Void Mountain Range.

“His Lotus Flower School is only a small school. Even saying that it’s a second-rate school is praising them. If that Lotus Flower Old Man didn’t get some dog crap luck and gain the inheritance of an expert, which not only extended his life greatly and even caused his cultivation to rise greatly, how would his Lotus Flower School be able to defeat our Void School?” Several manager elders said while venting their anger.

“Whatever, don’t hold grudges. That Lotus Flower Old Man has already performed what kindness he could by not directly exterminating the Void School and only chasing us out of the Void Mountain Range. If we have to blame anything, we can only blame that our abilities are inferior to theirs. How can we blame that he got the inheritance of an expert?”

“Pass an order down. All elders and disciples will move with me. We will move out of the Void Mountain Range. As long as my Void School has a united heart, we can rise again at the eastern mountains like the sun no matter where we go.” The head of the Void School ordered.

And from then on, the several hundreds of thousands of disciples in the Void School, with the lead of the head of the Void School and the manager elders, grandly formed lines and groups, preparing to leave the Void Mountain Range.

But just as they arrived at the Void School’s entrance, at that place, a group of people and horses appeared.