Chapter 484 - Glory Reappearing

MGA: Chapter 484 - Glory Reappearing

“Senior White, have mercy! Senior White, have mercy!”

“We had eyes but didn’t recognize Mount Tai! Senior White, we ask that as a great character, you forgive our mistakes and give us a chance to start anew!” Feeling the old man’s powerful Heaven realm strength, everyone was endlessly terrified and kept on begging.

“A group of young ones aren’t worth it for me, Bai Xianqi, to start a massacre. All of you, rise.” The old man smugly smiled, then flicked his sleeve again, causing the Heaven power scattered about to return to this body. He raised the chopsticks on the table and continued eating.

At that instant, the people on the ground were finally able to stand back up. They looked at one another, and their expressions were of panic and terror, but no one chose to leave. They stood where there were, fearfully looking at the white clothed old man because they were really too curious. Curious what Bai Xianqi actually saw at the Azure Dragon Mountain Range.

The Azure Dragon School that already caused people to be endlessly shocked. What unknown things actually happened, and how shocking would those things be?

“Se-Se-Senior White, I wonder what you saw in the Azure Province? Can you tell us?” Finally, one big man couldn’t bear the curiosity in his heart, and asked stutteringly with a face filled with fear.

Hearing someone ask about it, the white clothed old man was not angry as he put down the chopsticks in his hand and swept his gaze over the crowd. Seeing the crowd’s intrigued gazes, the smug expression on the old man’s face couldn’t avoid becoming stronger. Only then did he speak, “Whatever. This will be known sooner or later, and since all of you want to know so much, there’s no harm in telling you.”

“Actually, in the current Azure Dragon Mountain Range, there is not only men from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, World Spirit Guild, and Jiang Dynasty helping Chu Feng rebuild the Azure Dragon School.”

“Within the formation of people who are carrying out the enormous construction project, other than the human craftsmen with outstanding workmanship, cultivators with powerful cultivation, and World Spiritists who grasp Spirit Formation power, I even saw innumerable huge monsters.”

“Their howls shook the land and their strengths were incomparable powerful. The smallest was still at least several meters tall, and the larger ones were over ten meters tall. And such powerful monsters were actually, on the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, doing labour work. Also, they didn’t even mind it. They were happy doing that and weren’t tired.”

“Monsters over ten meters tall? That… Were they Monstrous Beasts? Where did the Monstrous Beasts come from to be so powerful? To have such enormous bodies?” At that instant, all of them revealed shocked expressions.

“That’s right. They are indeed Monstrous Beasts. There was also an extremely large number of Monstrous Beast. At least from what I saw, they were counted by ten thousands.” The white clothed old man smugly said.

“Monstrous Beasts counted by ten thousands? Where in the world did so many Monstrous Beasts come from?” And hearing those words, they were even more shocked.

“I know! It must be the Monstrous Monkey King! The mysterious expert that defeated Gu Tianchen and Jie Shi a hundred years ago, the Monstrous Monkey King, the real Monster King of the Thousand Monster Mountain!”

“It is definitely it. It’s definitely the one that called the Monstrous Beasts from the Thousand Monster Mountain to help Chu Feng rebuild the Azure Dragon School. After all, there are rumours saying that the Monstrous Monkey King is Chu Feng’s big brother.” Finally, someone noticed it and guessed the origin of the Monstrous Beasts.

Seeing someone truly guessing the origin of the Monstrous Beasts, the white clothed old man lightly smiled, and as he stroked his own beard of several strands, he said, “That’s right. He’s correct. The strength of those Monstrous Beasts were very strong. Numbers like that, strength like that, indeed, only the Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain have such characteristics.”

“But that’s not much. I even heard some news that I believe will definitely shock all of you. It’s that the Monstrous Monkey King announced it will be a guest elder for the Azure Dragon School.”

“And that the Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain will also all move to the Azure Dragon Mountain Range to serve the Azure Dragon School. The peerlessly powerful Monstrous Beasts that disregard all laws will become the protectors of the Azure Dragon School, and live and die with it.”

“What? There’s actually something like this? The Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain are very terrifying! From what I’ve heard, the five great Monster Kings are powerful existences in the 5th level of the Heaven realm, and at first, even the Prestigious Villa didn’t dare to start conflicts against the Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“And right now, the Monstrous Monkey King that has come into this world again is even more unimaginably horrifying. With its own strength, it shifted the tides of the war regarding the five great powers and the World Spirit Guild.”

“Even Jie Shi was killed by it, and I’ve heard that even the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty fears it. A Thousand Monster Mountain like that can be said to be invincible, and right now, the horrifying Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain are actually joining the Azure Dragon School! This… This is simply inconceivable.”

“Powerful. Really too powerful. The school hasn’t even been rebuilt yet there is already such a formation, such presence. When that Azure Dragon School finishes being constructed, wouldn’t it become the number one school of the Nine Provinces? In the continent of the Nine Provinces, other than the Jiang Dynasty, what could defeat it?”

Knowing that news, not a single person there didn’t greatly change their expressions. All of them were dumbfounded, and shock filled their eyes. Some people’s body even trembled from purely hearing that news, being thoroughly dumbstruck.

But in reality, the things that the white clothed old man said were the truths. News like that, with the Azure Province as the center, was currently spreading to all places of the continent of the Nine Provinces. At the end, when it finished spreading throughout the Nine Provinces, it then shocked the entire continent once again.

Although the current Azure Dragon School hadn’t been constructed yet, it had to be said that right now, it already became the number one school in many experts’ and powers’ eyes. The Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain joined and it had the protection of the Jiang Dynasty. Who could defeat such a school?

Not to mention the Jie clan, Yuangang School, Fire God School, Free and Unrestrained Valley, and Hidden White Sect, the already fallen powers, even the Prestigious Villa and World Spirit Guild that were still in their peak times were far from being comparable to the current Azure Dragon School.

The Azure Province, the land that had been desolate for several hundred years, finally stepped back onto the peak stage of the Nine Provinces. The Azure Dragon School, the school that had been desolate for several hundred years, finally became the number one school of the Nine Provinces once again.

And all that was because of a young man. Chu Feng.

It had to be said that Chu Feng became the focus of discussion for people again. They started to think back to Chu Feng’s actions, think back to the astounding achievements he did, and started to compare him to the historical great characters of the Nine Provinces.

Finally, they ended with a conclusion. Chu Feng was even more powerful than the historical great characters in the continent of the Nine provinces. Many of those characters, including the Azure Dragon Founder, didn’t have too big achievements before the age of twenty, and they all got famous in their later periods.

But Chu Feng was different. He was only seventeen years old, yet he had already left many legends in the continent of the Nine Provinces and stood on the peak of fame. Even the Jiang Dynasty had to give him some face, and even the immeasurably strong Monstrous Monkey King was his big brother.

So, people felt that Chu Feng was the most horrifying person in the continent of the Nine Provinces. Chu Feng had potential that the historical great characters didn’t have, and his future achievements was even unimaginable, and incalculable.

And people felt very fortunate. Fortunate that they personally saw the birth of a great character. Although the road Chu Feng walked on wasn’t even, he did indeed succeed.

From an unknown outer court disciple with a petty identity in the Azure Province, he grew step by step. He first became the number one disciple of the Azure Dragon School, then his name shocked the Azure Province, and ultimately, he became a legendary character that every family knew in the entire continent.

Chu Feng’s speed of growth was indeed astonishing. Despite at present, he couldn’t be said to be the number one person in the continent of the Nine Provinces, despite at present, his identity was still of a young generation, everyone knew that the potential Chu Feng had would allow him to step onto an unprecedented peak. No matter if it was the current powerful people, or the historical powerful people, they were all going to be surpassed by Chu Feng one by one, and no one then would be comparable to him.