Chapter 483 - Rebuilding the Azure Dragon School

MGA: Chapter 483 - Rebuilding the Azure Dragon School

“Monkey Bro!” Seeing the Monstrous Monkey King lose consciousness, Chu Feng instantly panicked. He supported the Monstrous Monkey King, and at the same time, everyone came up and surrounded them. The gazes they looked at the Monstrous Monkey King with were filled with worry.

Even though other than Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi, no one else there was really familiar with the Monstrous Monkey King, they all knew that the expert with a strange appearance did an extremely impressive thing. It was suppressing the horrifying Ice and Fire Pearls and saving Su Rou and Su Mei, who were deeply loved by Chu Feng.

Even the Azure Dragon Founder was unable to do that thing. So, they felt both grateful and respect towards the Monstrous Monkey King, and knew that it was a very outstanding expert.

And after a while of checking, Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and the others couldn’t help calming down. Although the current Monstrous Monkey King was extremely weak and its injuries were not light as well, there was no threat to its life.

The reason why it was in that state was because it used too much Heaven power and Spirit power. In that situation, as long as it carefully took care of itself, it would be able to be healed.

Only after stabilizing the Monstrous Monkey King’s situation did Chu Feng come in front of the purple-coloured formation with Zi Ling to detailedly observe the situation within the formation.

The formation was very beautiful, and also very strong. There were over ten thousand types of symbols that converged together to form the purple-coloured Spirit Formation. Every single one was as if it was granted life, flickering with faint radiance. Like the stars, they spiraled around an already set orbit within the purple-coloured Spirit Formation.

Through the gaps of the Spirit Formation, Chu Feng was able to see the situation within the formation. Su Rou and Su Mei were tranquilly lying inside. They had actually recovered their former beautiful appearances. Frost faded away for one, flames faded away for the other. One became beautiful and cute, one became pure and amiable.

Even though their faces were very pale, even though their auras were still very weak, they truly returned to their former appearances. Also, the pearls in their bodies were gradually stabilizing as special power was harmonizing with their bodies.

“Monkey Bro, this time, it is truly thanks to you.” At that instant, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the Monstrous Monkey King sleeping behind him, and his face was filled with expressions of gratitude.

A few days after the Ice and Fire Pearls were sealed in Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s bodies, the Monstrous Monkey King’s body had recovered, and also at that time, the army of the Jiang Dynasty actually descended from the sky and came to the currently desolate Azure Dragon Mountain Range that was a complete mess. Quickly after, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion also sent out a large group of men.

So, they were here to help Chu Feng rebuild the Azure Dragon School. The Jiang Dynasty asked for the best craftsmen in the continent of the Nine Provinces, and even sent out a grand army of ten thousand to help the construction.

The Qilin Prince’s Mansion also similarly sent out a grand army of near ten thousand people. Also, they gathered the best craftsmen within the borders of the Azure Province to help Chu Feng rebuild the Azure Dragon School.

That news soon spread throughout the continent of the Nine Provinces. The Jiang Dynasty personally inviting first-class craftsmen and sent out ten thousand dynasty experts to help Chu Feng rebuild the Azure Dragon School. That inconceivable thing naturally shocked the continent of the Nine Provinces.

“Have you heard of it? Chu Feng is going to rebuild the Azure Dragon School.”

“I heard about it. I even heard that the Jiang Dynasty personally invited first-rate craftsmen experts from all areas of the Nine Provinces to help Chu Feng rebuild the Azure Dragon School.”

“Not only that! The Jiang Dynasty even sent out several tens of thousands of dynasty experts, and from what I’ve heard, they are all in the Profound realm! Several tens of thousands of Profound realm experts. Can you imagine that formation? Several tens of thousands of Profound realm experts doing physical labour, constructing a school for someone. Have you ever heard of something like this before?”

“Heavens! Are the things you’re saying true or false? That’s a bit too much isn’t it? No matter how much more overpowering Chu Feng is, he shouldn’t be able to make the Jiang Dynasty send out so many people right?”

In the current continent of the Nine Provinces, all sorts of rumours rose everywhere. Some said the truth, some made up nonsense, very exaggeratedly spreading them.

And after knowing about that, many young people who idolized Chu Feng clearly didn’t confirm whether the rumours were true or false, yet they headed towards the Azure Province without stopping nonetheless. They prepared to join the Azure Dragon School to check out their idol.

Of course, there were also many people who didn’t believe that and actually didn’t care about hurrying for several tens of thousands of miles to come to the Azure Province in order to get to the bottom of it, wanting to destroy the rumours.

However, when the people who didn’t believe it came to the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, they were instantly stupefied.

It was because on the current Azure Dragon Mountain Range, not only were the army of the Jiang Dynasty and the Qilin Prince’s Mansion doing giant constructions, there were even many people from the World Spirit Guild.

Not only did the World Spirit Guild send out a large batch of experts, it even sent out Blue-cloak World Spiritists to come forth to help Chu Feng rebuild the Azure Dragon School. Every single inch and millimeter for almost every single building had Spirit Formations added onto them, and they were even blue-coloured Spirit Formations.

That also meant that not only was the Azure Dragon School Chu Feng was rebuilding incomparably grand and beautiful, it was also very firm and indestructible.

“What? Even the people from the World Spirit Guild has come to help Chu Feng? This Chu Feng has too much face doesn’t he?”

“What do you even know? Chu Feng was originally a part of the World Spirit Guild. Besides, a few days ago, the one who saved the World Spirit Guild was Chu Feng. Right now, Chu Feng wants to rebuild the Azure Dragon School, so it is natural that the World Spirit Guild sends out some manpower.”

“The words cannot be said like so. Yes, Chu Feng saved the World Spirit Guild, but after all, he is in the young generation. Those Blue-cloak World Spiritist are very proud existences, I believe you should know that, yet Chu Feng is able to ask for them. We have to admit that this is too impressive.” Within a luxurious tavern, a group of martial cultivation experts discussed the news of Chu Feng rebuilding the Azure Dragon School.

“All of you are truly overreacting to small things. A few Blue-cloak World Spiritist are nothing. I heard that even Gu Tianchen has gone there, not to mention the World Spirit Guild’s elders.” A rather imposing big man with decent cultivation spoke.

After hearing the big man’s words, the people within the tavern were all dumbfounded and endlessly shocked.

“That doesn’t mean anything. Gu Tianchen’s life was saved by Chu Feng, so it’s normal for him to help Chu Feng. It would be strange if he didn’t.” Just at that time, on another table, a young man wearing white clothes disdainfully said.

“Oh? Brother, hearing your words, you seem to know even more explosive news huh?” Seeing that someone was actually interrupting when he spoke, the big man instantly revealed displeased expressions.

“That’s right. If even news like these aren’t much, then go ahead and say some even better ones.” At the same time, the big man’s pals were as if they had swords drawn and bows bent. They cast their unkind gazes towards the white clothed young man.

And facing the crowd’s attitude, the white clothed young man was not afraid in the slightest. He cast his gaze towards the white clothed old man next to him and said,

“My school’s head just came back from the Azure Province, incidentally passed the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, and saw a scene that none of you know about.”

“This one… Could it be that you’re the expert in the 1st level of the Heaven realm, the head of the White Mountain School, Senior White?” When the big men noticed the old man, all of them couldn’t help taking a few steps back and revealed expressions of fear.

“That’s right. I am Bai Xianqi.” The old man smugly smile, then afterwards, lightly flicked his sleeves. A burst of boundless Heaven power was instantly released, causing the tavern to shake. Other than himself and the white clothed young man, everyone in the tavern fell on the ground and were powerless to stand.