Chapter 482 - The Outcome is Set

MGA: Chapter 482 - The Outcome is Set

“What level of power is this!” Seeing the vast mountains endlessly crumbling and collapsing, becoming rolling dense smoke, and even the outside of the mountain range was affected by the boundless aura, Chu Feng also felt shocked.

He hiddenly sighed in his heart. Luckily, the area beyond the Azure Dragon Mountain Range was already destroyed by the Sword God Valley, causing there to be no one living within the borders of the Azure Dragon Mountain Range. Or else, there would definitely be countless people dying today again.

“This is not even close when compared to your actions back then in the Sword God Valley.” But just at that time, a voice suddenly entered Chu Feng’s ears. Turning his eyes over, he saw Zhang Tianyi smilingly looking at himself.

At that instant, Chu Feng could only helplessly smile because on that day, when the power of the Divine Lightning was shown, Chu Feng already lost his awareness so even he himself didn’t know how terrifying the destruction on that day was.

In reality, up until now, he hadn’t went back to the Sword God Valley. He hadn’t seen the destruction he did himself, and had only heard them from Zi Ling’s, Zhang Tianyi’s, and Eggy’s mouths.

*boom* Suddenly, another deafening explosion resounded, and the entire Azure Dragon Mountain Range trembled. After the dense smoke dispersed, Chu Feng and the others astonishedly discovered in the location of the Thousand Bone Graveyard, it had already collapsed. That area had already became a mini-valley.

At that instant, they tightly frowned. Although the Thousand Bone Graveyard was located underground, so no matter how much deeper the valley went, it wouldn’t cause the Thousand Bone Graveyard to appear, the changes happening to the current Azure Dragon Mountain meant that the Monstrous Monkey King was undergoing a frightening huge battle against the two pearls, and the might of that huge battle was already so strong that it engulfed the entire Azure Dragon Mountain Range, and even the places beyond the Azure Dragon Mountain Range was affected.

The great battle lasted for one day and one night. Finally, at noon on the second day, it started to gradually calm down, and when the Azure Dragon Mountain Range that had trembled for one full day and one full night returned to its former tranquility, the mountain range no longer seemed similar to before.

Before, it had already experienced the ruin of the Sword God Valley, and now, it bore the aftermath of the battle between the Monstrous Monkey King and the Ice and Fire Pearls. Although the current Azure Dragon Mountain Range was still a vast mountain range, it no longer had its previous steep atmosphere.

The number of strange peaks were few within few. Instead, many valleys appeared. Although that Azure Dragon Mountain Range seemed a bit weak, in reality, it was more suitable for humans to live. More suitable for school rebuilding because there were even more mountaintops that could be opened up for use.

But Chu Feng and the others did not have the mind to admire a bald mountain peak. They were worried about the safety of the Monstrous Monkey King, Su Rou, and Su Mei. They were thinking whether the Ice and Fire Pearls were sealed or not.

However, no one dared to go down because they didn’t know how it was in the Thousand Bone Graveyard. They didn’t know if it was safe or dangerous inside.

“This won’t work. I can’t keep on sitting here doing nothing. I’m going down.” Finally, Chu Feng made his move. He leaped, became a blur of light, and from the clouds, he flew towards the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

“Chu Feng, wait for me.” Seeing that, Zi Ling also quickly followed and flew down.

“Senior Zhang, bring us down. We will follow Junior Chu Feng and live and die with him.” At the same time, the disciples of the Azure Dragon School and the others cast their gaze of asking for help towards Zhang Tianyi.

“School Head, this...” At that instant, Zhang Tianyi was in a bit of a difficult situation. At the end, he could only cast his gaze towards the head of the Azure Dragon School, Li Zhangqing.

“Oh Tianyi, go ahead. After all, the old ancestor is still there. We can’t ignore his safety for our own right?” Li Zhangqing said.

“As you wish.” In response, Zhang Tianyi didn’t hesitate as well. He brought the Azure Dragon School’s and Chu family’s crowd down from the sky.

Although his current cultivation was far above Li Zhangqing’s and the two of them couldn’t even be compared, after all, Li Zhangqing was the head of a school. Back then, he had also helped Zhang Tianyi quite a bit. So, Zhang Tianyi was the same as Chu Feng. He respected Li Zhangqing a lot, and he also followed his orders.

While the crowd was descending, Chu Feng already opened the entrance to the Thousand Bone Graveyard. So, the crowd, with tense emotions, walked back into the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

“Heavens, isn’t this a bit too scary?”

At that very instant, after re-entering the Thousand Bone Graveyard, almost everyone’s expression couldn’t help but greatly change. Even Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi, the three people who had many experiences of the world, tightly furrowed their brows and felt bursts of uneasiness in their hearts.

It was because the Thousand Bone Graveyard was the entrance to the Emperor Tomb. It was a place that the Azure Dragon Founder made changes to when he was in his peak times. In this place, the degree of hardness was extremely impressive. Even if it was Chu Feng, Zi Ling, or even Zhang Tianyi, they were unable to damage the walls in the slightest.

But at that very instant, there were thick cracks on the surrounding walls in the Thousand Bone Graveyard. Countless shattered rocks rolled around, covering the ground. The hall that originally had overbearing might was currently unrecognizable, being in complete chaos.

But Chu Feng, at that moment, didn’t care about those things. He hurriedly walked deeper into the Thousand Bone Graveyard, and the deeper he went, the depressing situation became even more serious.

Finally, Chu Feng and the others arrived to where the Monstrous Monkey King and Su Rou and Su Mei were before.

The walls and ground there were destroyed beyond recognition. What occupied the surrounding space were marks of fire burning past, as well as a large area of frost.

And the Monstrous Monkey King was currently sitting cross-legged at the most catastrophic middle zone. Its special clothes were almost completely fragmented, and on its fur, there were traces of being burnt by fire, and there were also remnants of slush. Its face was as pale as paper, and there was even a trace of blood remaining on the corners of its mouth. Clearly, he was heavily injured.

But luckily, the Monstrous Monkey King was still living, and behind him, there was a very powerful purple-coloured Spirit Formation. Faintly, one could see two figures inside the Spirit Formation. It was Su Rou and Su Mei. Also, the two of them still had the auras of life.

“Monkey Bro, are you alright?” At that instant, Chu Feng quickly went up to the Monstrous Monkey King. His heart ached and was grateful.

It was because the scene in front of him already told Chu Feng everything. After an intense battle, it was still the Monstrous Monkey King that gained the advantage. He had already successfully sealed the Ice and Fire Pearls in Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s bodies. Those two girls were temporarily safe.

But because of that, the Monstrous Monkey King still clearly paid an extremely heavy price. So, that was why Chu Feng was both grateful, but his heart also ached, feeling shame at the same time.

“Boy, don’t look at me with a face like a bitter melon. I won’t die any time soon.”

“However, this is luckily because the power of the two pearls were sealed. Or else, not to mention me, even those in the Martial Lord realm wouldn’t be able to defeat those two pearls.”

“Go check on your two wives. In a few days, they should reawaken. Perhaps they could even gain some benefits from those two pearls.” There was still the reliable smile on the Monstrous Monkey King’s face, but after speaking those words, it shut its eyes, its body fell, and it entered an unconscious state.