Chapter 481 - Chu Feng's Decision

MGA: Chapter 481 - Chu Feng's Decision

At that very instant, Chu Feng closed his eyes and shot his mind towards his own Spiritual World.

He stood within the World Spirit Space, faced Eggy, and asked, “Eggy, are these Ice and Fire Pearls truly as powerful as how Monkey Bro said they are?”

“I am not a World Spiritist, so I don’t have Spirit power. I have no way of checking how powerful the hidden power of the pearls are, but I having this feeling that these two pearls aren’t simple.”

“That little monkey monster is a Purple-cloak World Spiritist. His Spirit power is already not weak, and since he has said that, I’m sure that those two pearls shouldn’t be simple things. After all, the master of this Emperor Tomb is a not simple character already, so how can the things he leave behind be weak?” Eggy said.

“I understand.” As Chu Feng spoke and with a thought, he cast his mind back to his body. He opened his eyes and spoke, “Everyone here, please stay far away from this place and go outside first.”

“Because, no matter what, I, Chu Feng, must save Su Rou and Su Mei. Even if there is only a single strand of hope, even if the price of failure means a calamity for the entire continent, I must save them.”


Hearing Chu Feng’s words, everyone on scene unnervingly looked at one another while being at a loss. Especially the people before who urged Chu Feng to give Su Rou and Su Mei up. Their expressions were very complicated, but ultimately, not a single person chose to leave. From the beginning to the end, they stood there and didn’t even move half a step.

“Brother Chu Feng, I, Chu Wei, do indeed fear death, but I respect your decision. I also see you as a brother, so no matter if it will fail or not, I will be by your side and accompany you through life or death.” Chu Wei said.

“That’s right. Chu Wei is correct. Chu Feng, don’t worry and go ahead. No matter what the result is, we will support you.”

“Yeah! Junior Chu Feng, the reason why we can live up to today is all because we relied on you. At a time like this, how can we abandon you?”

“Junior Chu Feng, my strength is useless, so I am unable to be of any help for you. However, I will use my heart to support you. I won’t leave this place.”

But what surprised Chu Feng was when he truly made the decision, no matter if it was the people who urged him to save Su Rou and Su Mei, or the people who urged him to give them up, at that instant, they were actually all supporting his decision.

It had to be said that when facing the crowd’s support which disregarded whether they died or lived, Chu Feng’s heart was very warm because it at least meant he didn’t look at them as family for nothing and that what he did for them wasn’t for nothing.

Even though some of them were cowardly, even though some of them had selfish hearts, they were people worthy of his trust, and were people who would stand out for him in the crucial moments.


But just at that time, a huge explosion suddenly resonated out. The frost and flames within the Spirit Formation actually broke through the Spirit Formation and surged out. The blue-coloured frost and red-coloured flames interweaved, formed a wave of cold and hot air, and engulfed everything

“All of you, quickly leave! The farther you are, the better!”

Seeing that, the Monstrous Monkey King explosively shouted, and at the same time, his hands were continuously changing as he struck out strange hand seals. Coincident with that, vast purple-coloured Spirit Formation, also like a tide, surged out from its body and had actually sealed the frost and flames.

“Monkey Bro, I’ll stay behind to help you.” Chu Feng said.

“I’ll stay behind as well.” Zi Ling also said.

“No. With the Spirit Formation power that you two grasp, you will be of no help. Staying behind will only add to the trouble. Quickly, leave. Everyone out! Or else, I will be unable to use my full strength and be controlled by these two pearls.” But at that instant, the Monstrous Monkey King’s face was actually filled with sweat. Within his blood-red eyes, a hint of fear actually appeared.

“This...” At that instant, everyone was taken aback. They didn’t know if they should leave or not, so almost everyone cast their gaze towards Chu Feng.

“Monkey Bro, can you protect their lives?” Chu Feng tightly knitted his brows. He had never seen the Monstrous Monkey King in that state. His image of the Monstrous Monkey King was an existence that didn’t fear the heavens nor the earth!

But he could understand the Monstrous Monkey King’s current state because he already felt how terrifying the power of the two pearls were. It was indeed as it said. The two pearls’ true power was sealed.

And they weren’t completely unsealed. If they were completely unsealed, not to mention the Monstrous Monkey King, it was likely that in the continent of the Nine Provinces, no one could do anything about the two pearls.

So, Chu Feng was very worried. He was worried that even with the Monstrous Monkey King’s methods, it would not be able to save the current Su Rou and Su Mei.

“Damn boy, don’t worry. Even if I, your Monkey Bro, put my life on the line, I will do my best to protect your two wives. Quickly leave. You will only distract me by staying here and hold back my methods.” The Monstrous Monkey King turned its head and a reliable smile was formed from its mouth corners raising

“Then I’m counting on you.”

“We will all leave this place and wait outside of the Azure Dragon Mountain Range.” In response, Chu Feng didn’t hesitate as well. He turned around, shouted, then went first and ran towards the exit of the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

At the same time, the others also quickly followed him one after the other. They hurriedly escape to the outside because they were all able to feel the aura of the Ice and Fire Pearls. The horrifying aura did indeed make them tremble from fear.



Just as Chu Feng and the others arrived at the entrance, from the deep part of the Thousand Monster Mountain abruptly came an explosion. At the same time, deafening cries also started to sound.

The noises were very terrifying. They seemed like the howl of beasts, yet like the cry of ghosts. All in all, they weren’t noises made by humans. The most important thing was that despite coming from a very far place, people could feel the strange aura of cold and hot coexisting.

That aura almost permeated throughout the Thousand Bone Graveyard, causing the incomparable hard walls of the Thousand Bone Graveyard to start to sway, as if they were afraid, and also causing them to endlessly tremble.

“Chu Feng, what should we do? The two pearls wouldn’t have successfully escaped right?” At that instant, many people panicked. They didn’t know what move was the right one, so they all cast their gazes towards Chu Feng.

“Don’t worry, Monkey Bro should still be able to take care of it. Let’s go.” Chu Feng’s eyes surged with radiance, then after tightly starting deep at the Thousand Bone Graveyard for a good while, he still leaped, stepped into the exit, and led the crowd away from the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

Because, with his sharp Spirit power, Chu Feng was able to feel that the Monstrous Monkey King was still completely fine at present. Although the power of the Ice and Fire Pearls was very strong, it was still within the Monstrous Monkey King’s grasp.

After Chu Feng and the others left the Thousand Bone Graveyard, they didn’t head far for escaping. With special methods, all of them rushed up to the clouds and closely watched the changes to the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

And shortly after Chu Feng and the others rushed up into the sky, from the Thousand Bone Graveyard in the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, endless rumbling rang out.

The noises got louder and louder. They were like bells at first, then like thunder later on. At the end, even the boundless big mountains started to sway. Countless deep cracks spread on the mountains, causing several peaks to split and innumerable boulders to roll down.

Rolling dense smoke charged straight into the sky. As they looked, Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi all broke out in a cold sweat, let alone the people from the Azure Dragon School and the Chu family members.

Cold sweat kept on forming from fright and their bodies were trembling. Some people even lost the ability to stand because at the same time the explosions rang out, three waves of boundless, horrifying aura also came spreading over, enveloping that place.

However, that was still the result of Chu Feng and Zi Ling combining powers to lay a Spirit Formation. If that Spirit Formation wasn’t there, just with those three auras, they could have forcibly crushed many people there to death.