Chapter 478 - The Monkey King's Present

MGA: Chapter 478 - The Monkey King's Present

After Chu Feng, Zi Ling, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang decided on a date to go to the Four Seas Academy together, they talked about everything, and the more they chatted, the more engaged they got.

Of the following few days, Jiang Wushang came to find Chu Feng and the others every single day and brought them around for sightseeing and to have fun. They exchanged their knowledge in martial cultivation and even brought Chu Feng and the others to visit the Jiang Dynasty’s Martial Skill Building, letting them choose martial skills and Mysterious Techniques they liked.

But it was useless as Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi all grasped powerful martial skills and Mysterious Techniques already. So, they only casually looked and no one truly chose any to cultivate. But no matter what, they still remembered that favour in their hearts.

And after staying in the Jiang Dynasty for one full month, the Monstrous Monkey King and Gu Tianchen finally appeared. Chu Feng also finally knew why they disappeared for so long and went to chat about what.

At that moment, the Monstrous Monkey King and Chu Feng were alone in a room. It then told everything they did in these days to Chu Feng.

“So the Jiang Dynasty wants to invite you and Senior Gu Tianchen to go together to open the Azure Province’s Emperor Tomb?” Chu Feng was a bit shocked, yet it was within expectations.

“You indeed know about the Emperor Tomb. The Secret Skills you grasp are also related to the Emperor Tomb right?” The Monstrous Monkey King looked at Chu Feng while chuckling, seeming to already know where Chu Feng’s Secret Skill came from.

“To be honest, my Secret Skills are indeed from the Emperor Tomb, and from what I know, there are four entrances to the Emperor Tomb. Right now, there is still one Secret Skill that hasn’t appeared yet.” Chu Feng didn’t hide anything and spoke the truth.

“There is indeed one Secret Skill that hasn’t appeared yet, and that Secret Skill should be hidden within the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range.” The Monstrous Monkey King said.

“Monkey Bro, how did you know everything already?” Chu Feng was a bit amazed. He didn’t expect the Monstrous Monkey King to have so much information.

“Heh, boy, if even you know, why not think about it a bit more thoroughly? Is it possible that the Jiang Dynasty, the power that is named as the overlord of the Nine Provinces for several thousand years, won’t know about Emperor Tombs? It is possible that they won’t know more secrets about the Emperor Tomb than you?” The Monstrous Monkey King smilingly said.

“But if the Jiang Dynasty already knew about the Emperor Tomb, why haven’t they made their move yet and instead, let me gained benefits from the Emperor Tomb?” Chu Feng asked with a face filled with puzzledness.

“Hehe, naturally, the Jiang Dynasty has already went to the Emperor Tomb, but there just wasn’t the slightest bit of harvest, because these things are about chance. Even though they are able to break open the mechanisms of the Emperor Tomb, they may not gain the approval of the Secret Skill.”

“Besides, this Emperor Tomb cannot be underestimated. With the Jiang Dynasty’s strength, they are still unable to completely open the Emperor Tomb. Even if they use their full strength, they can only get a bit of the sweet end, and they still have to pay a price for that.”

“So, they also have worries, and that’s why they have always not cared about the Emperor Tomb. They are waiting. Waiting for a Martial Lord to appear within their clan before making their move on the Emperor Tomb. But they could do nothing as after waiting for so many years, there has still not been anyone who is able to enter the Martial Lord realm.”

“Right now, although they haven’t prepared well yet, a chance has come from waiting. You are that chance.” The Monstrous Monkey King said.

“Me?” Chu Feng’s pupils abruptly shrunk, feeling more and more shocked.

“That’s right. You have two Secret Skills on you, which means that you have went to at least two Emperor Tomb entrances. With your previously petty cultivation, you were able to enter the Emperor Tomb two times and return with everything intact. That doesn’t really make sense.”

“So, you’re the person who is fated for this Emperor Tomb. Borrowing you, perhaps they can gain some benefits in the Emperor Tomb.”

“Actually, back then, when the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor hurriedly went to the World Spirit Guild and wanted to dissolve the war, one reason was because he wanted to protect you and bring you back to the Jiang Dynasty.” The Monstrous Monkey King said.

“It’s actually to save me?” Chu Feng lightly frowned. He didn’t expect that the Jiang Dynasty would already have their eyes on himself. It was unknown whether it was a fortune or a disaster.

“Anyway, the Jiang Dynasty has already prepared its strongest force to open the Emperor Tomb, and the opening entrance is the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range’s entrance.”

“Gu Tianchen and I will also be participating in this Emperor Tomb opening, and you are also one of the characters who cannot be left out.” The Monstrous Monkey King said.

“Since the Emperor Tomb is so terrifying and even the Jiang Dynasty doesn’t dare to be rash, what can I do?” Chu Feng asked.

“You don’t need to do anything. Just follow us. The people from the Jiang Dynasty will do their best to protect you.”

“Moreover, you’ve also entered the Emperor Tomb so you should know that there are unlimited benefits inside. Accordingly, with your strength, you aren’t qualified to have a share of the Emperor Tomb.”

“However, only because your luck is good, and no matter what methods you used, you did indeed gain the approval of two Secret Skills in the Emperor Tomb, so you have obtained this chance.”

“All in all, this is a good thing. Wait until the Jiang Dynasty prepares everything, then just follow us and go in together. If it truly will not work, I can escape with you. With me, a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, I guarantee that nothing will happen to you.”

The Monstrous Monkey King very casually said, but within its blood-red eyes, there was some desire that surged. It could be seen that the Emperor Tomb’s attraction was indeed irresistible by anyone.

Seeing that, Chu Feng could only nod his head. In a time like this, it was indeed not good for him to refuse. Besides, he had always wanted to gain some benefits in the Emperor Tomb, and since the Jiang Dynasty was going to open it with its full power, it had to be said that it was a good chance. So, naturally, Chu Feng was willing to follow them into the Emperor Tomb.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, you keep this.” Suddenly, the Monstrous Monkey King threw a Cosmos Sack to Chu Feng.

“This is?!” Chu Feng curiously examined it. The examination didn’t seem to be that important, but his expression changed greatly and his face was filled with shock.

“Monkey Bro, this is too precious. I can’t take it...” Inside the Cosmos Sack, there was actually thirty thousand high-quality Heaven medicine. That price was equivalent to thirty million Profound beads! The Monstrous Monkey King had actually gave all the wealth it demanded from the five powers to Chu Feng.

“Right now, I can no longer rely on cultivation resources to make breakthroughs or else in the future, my achievements will be restricted, making me unable to step into the Martial Lord realm in my life. If that happens, I would be extremely bitter. No matter how it’s said, I have gotten pointers from that senior expert. If I am unable to step into the Martial Lord realm, I would let him down too much.”

“Besides, I wanted these cultivation resources for you. Just take them. It’s also time for your Azure Dragon School to be rebuilt. These Heaven medicine will help you when rebuilding the Azure Dragon School.” The Monstrous Monkey King unconcernedly smiled and said.

“Monkey Bro, I...” Seeing the Monstrous Monkey King who was like that, there were unspeakable feelings in Chu Feng’s heart. Thinking back at first when he didn’t trust it and even specially forced it to consume a poisonous pill, then right now, seeing everything it was doing for himself. Chu Feng really felt endlessly ashamed.