Chapter 479 - The Guesses of the Jiang Dynasty's Old Ancestor

MGA: Chapter 479 - The Guesses of the Jiang Dynasty's Old Ancestor

At that instant, Chu Feng truly want to remove the poison pill in the Monstrous Monkey King’s body, but he could do nothing as Eggy’s poisonous pill was something she brought along with her from the Asura Spirit World.

Only the Asura Spirit World had the antidote, but Eggy was restricted by a special seal so she could not return to the Asura Spirit World. Thus, there was no way to get the antidote.

And as long as he thought about how good the Monstrous Monkey King was treating him right now, and recalled that he actually gave the Monstrous Monkey King a poisonous pill that had no antidote, the shame in Chu Feng’s heart became even intenser.

“Ahh boy, don’t be so weak. Do you think that I call you ‘brother’ as a joke? I truly took a liking to you, so that’s why I recognize you as a brother.”

“It was normal for you to not believe me at first and to tell me to consume the poisonous pill. After all, I was the first to put you in danger, and despite that being only my test for you, in reality, it did indeed put you in danger and you almost lost your life.”

“Anyway, you put me in peril, I put you in peril. It’s even, so from now on, we are good brothers. No need to weigh the things that happened before.”

“Let’s go. Opening the Emperor Tomb isn’t a small matter. The Jiang Dynasty still has many things to prepare and they still need to spend quite a bit of time.”

“Take this time and let us go to your Azure Dragon School. First save your two wives, then we’ll talk about the rest.” The Monstrous Monkey King saw Chu Feng’s heart of shame. So, its smile was very unconcerned, wanting to reduce his shame with that.

As it spoke, it opened the room door and went out first to call Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi to make preparations to leave this place to go forward to the Azure Province.

Seeing the Monstrous Monkey King act like that, Chu Feng’s heart was extremely warm. He never would have thought that with chances and accidents, he would get to know such a good big brother. Even though that big brother wasn’t human, Chu Feng still liked it from the bottom of his heart.

After knowing that Chu Feng and the others were going to leave, the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty even specially set up a banquet at the most holy place in the Jiang Dynasty, on the Moon Watching Tower, to entertain them.

During the banquet, Chu Feng and the others were very happy. But no matter if it was Chu Feng or the Monstrous Monkey King, the two of them didn’t notice that within a certain ocean of clouds outside of the Moon Watching Tower, there was an invisible tall tower, and in there stood an old man wearing a golden-cloak as well as having white and grey hair.

That old man was very powerful. His aura was thick, and was actually a lot stronger than the Monstrous Monkey King’s. Also, the reason why the tall tower in the clouds wasn’t detected by anyone was because there was a purple-coloured Spirit Formation covering it, and the purple-coloured Spirit Formation was coming from the old man’s hands.

The old man’s aged pair of eyes were full of life, and at that instant, he was carefully looking towards the top of the Moon Watching Tower, at the young man chatting and laughing with Jiang Wushang, Chu Feng.

“Jiang Hengyuan pays his respects.” Suddenly, the Delivery Formation on the tall tower slightly undulated, then a body appeared on top of the tower. That person was none other than the Jiang Dynasty peak expert who watched over the Azure Province for many years, Jiang Hengyuan.

“Oh Hengyuan, seven years passed in a blink. You’re finally willing to come back to see an old man like me.” The old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty smilingly looked at Jiang Hengyuan, but within his eyes, there was bit of pain.

“Ancestor. Back then, I accepted your orders and went forth to the Azure Province to search for the Divine Body. But it was useless as countless babies were carried back, yet none of them was a Divine Body. I felt shame in my heart, so before finding the Divine Body, naturally, I didn’t dare to return to the imperial city.” Jiang Hengyuan’s face was filled with shame as he replied.

“Then why have you returned today?!” The old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty asked.

“I heard that you were preparing to open the Emperor Tomb, and I deeply knew that Emperor Tombs could not be underestimated. As a part of the dynasty, at a time like this, of course I have to come back to be a part of the dynasty’s force.” Jiang Hengyuan replied.

“Haha, oh Hengyuan, I have indeed not been mistaken. Rise.” The old ancestor laughed, then went up and personally propped up Jiang Hengyuan who was half-kneeling on the ground. Only then did he ask, “You have been in the Azure Province for seven full years. Have you gotten any results?”

“I have been useless. After watching over the Azure Province for seven full years, I don’t have any results to show. Ancestor, please grant a punishment.” Jiang Hengyuan was endlessly ashamed, and as he spoke, he was going to kneel again.

But this time, before he knelt, he was stopped by the Jiang clan’s old ancestor. He said, “Oh Hengyuan, do not blame yourself. This matter cannot be blamed on you. The one who’s wrong is me!”

“Ancestor, why so?” After hearing the words of the Jiang clan’s old ancestor, Jiang Hengyuan’s face was filled with confusion.

“Hengyuan, back then, the Nine-coloured Divine Lightning appeared above the Nine Heavens’ River of Stars. With my careful observation, it was the same as the ancient records. It was definitely an abnormality that only appears when an extraordinary expert descends into the world.”

“However, so many years has passed, yet the Divine Body has not been found. So, I felt that something must have went wrong. I then looked through all the ancient books in the dynasty, and finally, discovered a possibility.” The Jiang clan’s old ancestor said.

“What possibility?” Jiang Hengyuan closely asked.

“The abnormality definitely represented the descent of an extraordinary expert, but it wasn’t a Divine Body. It was a power even stronger than Divine Bodies.” The Jiang clan’s old ancestor said.

“What? Power even stronger than Divine Bodies?” Hearing those words, Jiang Hengyuan was ceaselessly shocked.

“The ancient books didn’t record what the specifics were, but I believe that the person who triggered that abnormality is in my Jiang Dynasty right now.” As he spoke, the old ancestor of the Jiang clan suddenly turned around, walked to the edge of the tall tower, and cast his gaze downwards at Chu Feng who was currently eating.

“That’s… Chu Feng?!” Following the gaze of the Jiang clan’s old ancestor, Jiang Hengyuan’s already shocked expression greatly changed instantly, as if he didn’t dare to believe that fact. Quickly after, he said to the old ancestor, “Ancestor, I know this Chu Feng, and indeed, his talent is unordinary. However, he is already seventeen years old right now. It doesn’t match the age of that extraordinary expert.”

“Oh Hengyuan, it is exactly thinking like this that held you down, causing you to stay in the Azure Province for seven full years, but not having the slightest results to show.”

“When the abnormality happens, it represents the descent of an extraordinary, powerful person, but it doesn’t mean that the powerful person must be a newborn baby.”

“According to the ancient records, the stronger the power, the stranger it is. Some great and powerful character may be ordinary when young, but when their power is awakened, the abnormality will trigger, and at the same time, they would gain power that can destroy the sky and the earth.”

“Although Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi don’t admit they went to the Sword God Valley, from what I know, before the natural disaster appeared in the Sword God Valley, the three of them did indeed ride a chariot toward the Sword God Valley.”

“And there is only one reason why they denied going there. It’s that the terrifying natural disaster was related to the three of them. To be more precise, it should be related to Chu Feng.” The Jiang clan’s old ancestor said.

“Ancestor, is this true? The natural disaster that appeared in the Sword God Valley was caused by Chu Feng? A mortal can truly have such terrifying power?!”

Hearing those words, Jiang Hengyuan was immediate dumbstruck. His expression became extremely vivid because after knowing about the Sword God Valley, he did go there to investigate. After seeing the destroyed land, he firmly decided that it was definitely a natural disaster, impossible for it to be done by a person.

“Oh Hengyuan, this world is big, and there is all sorts of strange things. Right now, we are only looking at the sky while sitting on the bottom of a well. Many things that we feel are impossible are actually happening in a certain part of this world.”

“According to ancient records, on that holy land, a small-scale lake would have an area bigger than our entire continent of the Nine Provinces; a single vast forest would be even vaster than countless continents of the Nine Province.”

“The ones surviving there are horrifying huge beasts even taller than mountains, huge birds with bodies having several miles of circumference. Even the most ordinary insect can possibly be as thick as water tanks and over ten meters long.”

“So, which one of the humans living in that place don’t have heavenly abilities? Or else, how will they live in a land like that?” There was a light smile on the face of the Jiang clan’s old ancestor. The gaze he looked at Chu Feng with became more and more bright.

It was because he felt that the power Chu Feng grasped very possibly belonged to the people of that land, as only they should possess it.