Chapter 477 - Four Seas Academy

MGA: Chapter 477 - Four Seas Academy

“I do indeed feel very interested. After all, this inherited bloodline is a very special power. Normal people don’t have it, and as a person who cultivates, naturally, I am very curious.” Zi Ling blinked her big eyes lacking of any evil and replied calmly.

Seeing Zi Ling like that, Jiang Wushang put away his previous alertness, chuckled, and said, “The martial cultivation talent that people with Royal Bloodlines have already far surpass normal people, and can be counted as geniuses.”

“But Emperor Bloodlines are several times more terrifying than Royal Bloodlines. Those who have an Emperor Bloodline is a genius within geniuses. So, that’s why people with Emperor Bloodlines are existences in legends.”

“If there’s a bloodline even more powerful than Emperor Bloodlines, what talent would a person with it have? What power would they grasp? What kind of person would they be in order to grasp such a bloodline?”

“This...” Hearing Jiang Wushang speak those words like that, Chu Feng and the others sank into contemplation. Simultaneously, the three of them thought back at what happened in the Sword God Valley.

At that time, the power Chu Feng burst out was indeed very terrifying or else it wouldn’t be categorized as a natural disaster by the Jiang Dynasty. They didn’t even think that it was possible to be caused by a person.

So, power like that was something they didn’t understand currently. That was why they could not confirm what power Chu Feng grasped, and high-level bloodline power was one of the possibilities they guessed of.

Just as Chu Feng and the others were thinking deeply, Jiang Wushang suddenly spoke. He said with a face filled with admiration, “However, I heard my old ancestor say that there is indeed a bloodline above Emperor Bloodlines.”

“Really?” At that instant, the expressions of Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi all changed.

“My old ancestor did indeed say that, but even Emperor Bloodlines are legends. Wouldn’t the bloodline above Emperor Bloodlines be the legend within legends? Whether that thing exists or not, who can prove it? Perhaps in the future, after arriving in that land, someone could give us that answer.”

Jiang Wushang lightly smiled, then said to the three of them, “Big Brother Chu Feng, Big Brother Tianyi, Lady Zi Ling, I believe with your talents, you will not stay long in the continent of the Nine Provinces right?”

“How about, after some time, we go to the Four Seas Academy for cultivation?”

“Four Seas Academy?” After hearing the words “Four Seas Academy”, Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi had faces filled with question marks.

On the other hand, Zi Ling said with quite some understanding, “The Four Seas Academy is one of the strongest forces in the Eastern Sea Region.”

“This academy accepts everyone in the world. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a Monstrous Beast or human. As long as you pass the examination, any can enter the academy.”

“And also because of this special disciple acceptance method, it’s called the Four Seas Academy.”

“However, although the Four Seas Academy’s restrictions are very small, the exam is very difficult. So, those who are able to enter the Four Seas Academy can all be said to be geniuses. Even the people from the Eastern Sea Region feel pride and proud to be a disciple of the Four Seas Academy, let alone people from other continents.”

“The cultivation method of this Four Seas Academy is very special as well. They would arrange special experiences for the disciples, provide special cultivation areas, and even large amounts of cultivation resources, but every disciple can only stay in the academy and cultivate for four years.”

“After four years, the Four Seas Academy hosts a graduation ceremony. In the graduation ceremony, the disciples who should graduate participate in a special exam as a group, and according to the results of the exam, they get different level Academy Badges.”

“The people who get the badges are still counted as disciples of the Four Seas Academy even after leaving the academy. In the future, they can get different levels of assistance from the Four Seas Academy. Of course, if something were to happen to the Four Seas Academy, the disciples were also expected to return to help.”

“But generally speaking, the badge is an indication of status and position. In the future, it greatly assists the development of powers and individuals.” Zi Ling detailedly said.

And after hearing Zi Ling’s narration, Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi looked at each other with their four eyes. Clearly, the two of them felt very interested in the Four Seas Academy.

It was because in the continent of the Nine Provinces, they were peak geniuses, but they might not be so in other continents. They were even more unsure in the Eastern Sea Region.

Since the Four Seas Academy was a place of gathering for peak geniuses from countless continents, naturally, they wanted to check out what abilities geniuses from other continents had.

“That’s right. Lady Zi Ling is extremely correct. My elder sister Jiang Yini’s talent is actually not the best within the same generation.”

“However, because she sulkily left home because of some minor things, and because of some luck, she entered the Four Seas Academy, world-flipping change happened to her.”

“When my elder sister cultivated for four years in the Four Seas Academy and returned to the dynasty, in terms of cultivation and strength, she already far surpassed those in the same generation. That’s how she became the strongest person in my current Jiang Dynasty’s young generation.”

“Ever since then, my Jiang Dynasty have always sent out a batch of excellent people in the young generation every year to the Four Seas Academy to pursue excellence. In that sea region, peak people in the young generation from countless continents will gather, as well as many things that we haven’t seen before.”

“Anyway, in that place, not only will it help greatly in terms of cultivation, there will also be clear effects on sharpening one’s life skills.”

“So, I want to invite the three of you to join the Four Seas Academy with me. After all, that place is different from the continent of the Nine Provinces. I’ll say some unpleasant words: the backgrounds of many disciples there are far above mine.”

“In that place, there is no one to rely on and only I in my clan can go there for an exam. However, if the four of us are together, even if we reach the Four Seas Academy where powerful people gather, we can more or less look after one another.”

“Also, I believe that with our potential, we will definitely be like fishes in water at that place. There will be a day when we become the dragon within men and step onto that legendary land.”

At that very instant, Jiang Wushang seemed very excited. His young face clearly showed infinite yearning. So the place he looked forward to was the same as Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi’s. It wasn’t the continent of the Nine Provinces, nor the Eastern Sea Region, but the legendary land.

“Sure. Since sooner or later, I, Zhang Tianyi, will head towards the Eastern Sea Region, rather than later, why not sooner? I’ll go together with you, Brother Wushang, and join the Four Seas Academy.” Zhang Tianyi immediately agreed, and similarly, he was filled with yearning.

At that instant, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards Zi Ling. Only then did he discover that Zi Ling was also looking at himself. The two of them, from their special gazes, saw each other’s answer. So, they nodded and said, “Okay, then it’s decided.”