Chapter 476 - Emperor Bloodline

MGA: Chapter 476 - Emperor Bloodline

The Jiang Dynasty was in the Han Province. Within the vast and flourishing power, other than prosperous scenes everywhere, there was even an ancient aura. After all, it was the longest existing power in the current continent of the Nine Provinces. It had been existing for several thousand years already.

Several days of time had already passed since Chu Feng, Zi Ling, Zhang Tianyi, the Monstrous Monkey King, Gu Tianchen, and the others came into the Jiang Dynasty.

Ever since coming in, the traces of the Monstrous Monkey King and Gu Tianchen disappeared. It was said that the emperor had things to discuss with the two of them.

At first, Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi were still a bit worried. Worried whether anything bad happened to the Monstrous Monkey King. But the Jiang Dynasty didn’t do anything to the three of them, and were even treating them as important guests. Not only was there good wine and good food during the entire day, they even gave them a certain amount of Heaven medicine to cultivate every day. That also caused Chu Feng and the others to lower their guards.

After all, if the Monstrous Monkey King were to meet with misfortune, with their strengths, they were simply like ants there. Many people in the Jiang Dynasty could kill the three of them.

But at present, not only were they fine, they even received such good treatment. It meant that the monkey king was still well, and at least the Jiang Dynasty didn’t plan to do anything bad to them.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, Lady Zi Ling, long time no see!”

On that day, Chu Feng and the others were chatting in a garden. Suddenly, an energetic voice rang out from the distant sky. Looking over towards the voice, they saw a handsome young man wearing a golden robe flying over from the sky. With a blink, he landed in front of Chu Feng and the others.

That person was none other than the Jiang Dynasty’s prince, the one with the best talent within the current Jiang Dynasty according to Jiang Yini, Jiang Wushang.

“Brother Wushang, so it’s you!” Seeing Jiang Wushang, Chu Feng was very happy as well.

Although he didn’t interact with Jiang Wushang too much, because he saved Jiang Wushang’s life back then in the Thousand Monster Mountain, he put that favour in his heart.

Only because of that, the Jiang Dynasty seemed to send out troops to catch Chu Feng on the surface, but in reality, after finding him, not only did Jiang Yini not apprehend him, she even thanked Chu Feng and gifted a large amount of Heaven medicine to him. Because of that, Jiang Wushang indirectly caused him to be able to raise his cultivation even quicker, which was equal to helping Chu Feng.

So, Chu Feng had quite a good image of Jiang Wushang. Currently, Jiang Wushang actually called him “Big Brother”, so naturally, he was willing to recognize that “Brother”.

After Jiang Wushang appeared, he called Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi onto a tall tower in the clouds. On the tall tower, Jiang Wushang prepared a table of extremely sumptuous feast to welcome the three of them.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, Lady Zi Ling, Big Brother Tianyi, I am really sorry. I was doing some closed-door cultivation before so I wasn’t able to immediately welcome all of you. Please forgive me because of that.”

Jiang Wushang removed his former pride all at once. Not only was he polite to Chu Feng and Zi Ling, he was polite to even Zhang Tianyi. He called “Big Brother” here and there, and he called them in a very close way. He even poured wine for them and toasted, as if he himself wasn’t the noble prince of the Jiang Dynasty but truly the younger brother of Chu Feng and the others.

“Ahh, Brother Wushang, you’re really too polite.”

“However, within one short one year, Brother Wushang, you’ve made breakthroughs from the 9th level of the Profound realm into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm. This speed truly makes me sweat from embarrassment.” Seeing Jiang Wushang’s present cultivation of the 2nd level of the Heaven realm, Chu Feng helplessly smiled.

In the eyes of outsiders, he was a genius, but he was inferior to Zi Ling. Yet Jiang Wushang was clearly even more insane. Clearly, his cultivation was the same as Zi Ling’s a year ago, but right now, he was even a level higher than Zi Ling. That caused Chu Feng to feel surprise. After all, Zi Ling was a legendary Divine Body!

“Hehe, honestly speaking Big Brother Chu Feng, the people of my Jiang Dynasty are all people who grasp an inherited bloodline. As long as there is sufficient resources, for us, making breakthroughs isn’t any hard thing.”

“And I’ll say this without modestly, but my bloodline power can be said to be the most powerful in the current Jiang Dynasty. The old ancestor had personally spoken. My bloodline power has already infinitely neared an Emperor Bloodline.”

“If in the future, with coincidences, perhaps I make a breakthrough and gain the power of Emperor Bloodlines. At that time, my comprehension power and strength will far surpass me right now.” Jiang Wushang said with a face filled with pride. It could be seen that he liked and was proud of his special bloodline power.

“Emperor Bloodline? If you truly gain the power of an Emperor Bloodline in the future, when you make breakthroughs, you would also require more cultivation resources right?” Just at that time, Zi Ling asked with a face filled with curiosity.

“Of course. The Emperor Bloodline is a supreme inherited bloodline. At that time, even if my Jiang Dynasty pours all its resources into me, it won’t be enough.”

“But that’s fine. If there is truly a day like that, then I can definitely break through the bindings of the Heaven realm and become a Martial Lord. At that time, I can completely rely on myself to gain cultivation resources.” Jiang Wushang patted his chest and said, seeming to yearn a lot for the arrival of that day.

“I never would have thought that your inherited bloodline would actually be this powerful.” Zhang Tianyi nodded his head with quite a bit of admiration, but as he spoke, he couldn’t help but look at Chu Feng and hiddenly sent a mental message,

“Junior Chu Feng, the special power you grasp wouldn’t also be an inherited bloodline right? If that’s true, then because of the enormous amount of resources you require and outstanding talent, would you have the Emperor Bloodline Jiang Wushang is talking about?”

At the same time, Zi Ling also cast her gaze towards Chu Feng. Although she already knew that there was special lighting in Chu Feng’s body, it was a bit different from the power of inherited bloodlines.

But Chu Feng’s cultivation method was indeed extremely similar to inherited bloodlines. So, she also felt that what Chu Feng grasped was very possibly the Emperor Bloodline Jiang Wushang dreamed to grasp.

Facing their gazes that begged for an explanation, Chu Feng was also unable answer them because he too didn’t know whether the Divine Lighting he grasped was the so-called Emperor Bloodline. Thus, he could only helplessly shake his head.

“Brother Wushang, compared to Royal Bloodlines, do Emperor Bloodlines have special powers?” Seeing that, Zi Ling cast her gaze towards Jiang Wushang again. Her goal was very clear. She wanted to help Chu Feng unravel what his power was through Jiang Wushang.

“I’m also not clear on that. To be honest, within my Jiang Dynasty, there has never been a person with an Emperor Bloodline, nor has anyone ever seen a person with an Emperor Bloodline. From what I’ve heard, people with Emperor Bloodlines only exist within that legendary land.” Jiang Wushang smiled as he shook his head.

“Legendary land?” Hearing those words, a hint of shock flashed into Chu Feng’s and the others’ eyes because all of them knew where the legendary land was. It was definitely the heart of this world, the place where only true geniuses could enter. A land where the true experts of the world gathered.

“Brother Wushang, then is this Emperor Bloodline the strongest within inherited bloodlines?” Zi Ling continued asking.

“Lady Zi Ling, you seem to have great interest in inherited bloodlines eh?!” However, after Zi Ling spoke, Jiang Wushang’s eyes suddenly flickered and he became alert.