Chapter 475 - Young Hero Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 475 - Young Hero Chu Feng

After the emperor spoke, the already ashen faces of the four big powers’ old ancestors instantly became eggplant-coloured. Their dumbfounded appearances were simply as vivid as possible.

Five million Profound beads. Although it was half of ten million Profound beads and they could indeed take them out, it was the accumulation of almost a thousand years by their previous ancestors!

If they took that out, it would be equal to wasting almost a thousand years of their ancestors’ hard work, and their four big powers that had been existing for almost a thousand years would become four empty mountains.

But since it was the emperor speaking, they didn’t dare to have the slightest trace of going against his word. After all, rather than dying, why not scrape by and survive? Although their hearts were bleeding from taking out all their wealth, it was at least better than being exterminated.

And seeing the emperor having such sincerity, the Monstrous Monkey King, that knew the true amount of wealth the five powers possessed, put away its angry expression. It lightly smiled and said, “That’s fine. Since even you have spoke, naturally, I have to give you this face.”

“Yuangang School, Hidden White Sect, Free and Unrestrained Valley, Fire God School. All of you can just bring me five million Profound beads. But the Jie clan must take out ten million Profound beads or else there will be no discussion.”

“What? Ten million Profound beads?! Why not kill me instead!”

After hearing those words, Jie Xingpeng had the urge to vomit blood. Although in terms of foundation power, his Jie clan could indeed take out ten million Profound beads, if he really took that out, his Jie clan would have no more foundation. There would be nothing remaining.

Without a large amount of wealth as foundation, how was his Jie clan’s later generation going to cultivate? How were they going to establish themselves? Without superior cultivation conditions over other powers, not to mention his Jie clan’s later generation fighting against the World Spirit Guild’s later generation, it was likely that in the future, they would not have the glory they had today, and would be reduced to an ordinary first-rate power.

“Jie Xingpeng. Do you want to protect these ten million Profound beads or protect your Jie clan?” The emperor fiercely glared at Jie Xingpeng.

“Milord, I want to protect the Jie clan.” Although he was a bit unwillingness in his heart, Jie Xingpeng could see how the situation was in front of his eyes.

The reason was very simply. Although he lost ten million Profound beads and it would affect his Jie clan’s future development, and might stay in a recession for several hundred years, if his Jie clan was exterminated, then he would have nothing at all. Even his Jie clan’s current wealth would be taken away. So, that choice was actually very simply to choose.

And with Jie Xingpeng’s response, the Monstrous Monkey King raised another condition. It was that within ten days, it had to see thirty million Profound beads or else it was absolutely not going to leave that matter.

That put the Jie clan and the four powers in a horrible situation. Although they could take out thirty million Profound beads, they had to sell many treasures. They truly had to sell whatever they had in order to gather that amount. It required time.

In addition, they were located all over the place. So, for them to deliver that amount in front of the Monstrous Monkey King within ten days really made things too difficult for them.

In that situation, the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty stood out again and put out a good idea. It was that the burden of thirty million Profound beads would be carried by the Jiang Dynasty.

It also meant that the Jiang Dynasty would take out thirty million Profound beads to give to the Monstrous Monkey King first. But in the future, the Jie clan and the four powers had to return thirty million Profound beads to the Jiang Dynasty.

The Monstrous Monkey King was only concerned about the number of Profound beads, not the origin. As long as he got the correct amount, anything was fine. So, to the emperor’s suggestion, naturally, the Monstrous Monkey King agreed and had no objections.

So, the Monstrous Monkey King, Chu Feng, Zi Ling, as well as Zhang Tianyi and Gu Tianchen, were invited to the Jiang Dynasty as guests, and as they were there, also to take the thirty million Profound beads.

Although there were as many powerful people in the Jiang Dynasty as the clouds and it was a place that caused people to fear, with the Monstrous Monkey King, the powerful existence that disregarded any laws or rules, overseeing everything, Chu Feng and the others were not afraid as they knew they had someone to rely on. They went on the Jiang Dynasty’s chariot with no worries at all, and went forth to the Jiang Dynasty, the huge, enormous power in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

After Chu Feng and the others left, the Jie clan, Yuangang School, Fire God School, Hidden White Sect, and Free and Unrestrained Valley, all of them who had to go bankrupt in order to avoid a calamity, started to lead their elite army back to their own powers.

They thought back to when their alliance of five powers attacked the World Spirit Guild. What level of glory it was! They wished they could let the people of the world know the magnificent actions they did.

But they never would have thought that because of Chu Feng’s appearance, they would end up like this. Putting aside that they were defeated, they almost got annihilated. The four big powers respectively lost their four heads, and the Jie clan even lost its old ancestor who trained in seclusion for a hundred years.

If that news was spread, their reputation would be completely lost and they would become the laughingstock in everyone’s mouths. So, they were extremely low-profile and didn’t want that news to be known.

But since there was someone sad, there was someone happy. As the five powers returned with low-profile and didn’t want to let people know about them being defeated, the World Spirit Guild set out all Delivery Birds and started to unrestrainedly announce that news.

So, the news of the five powers being defeated by the World Spirit Guild, and the news about the extraordinary genius a hundred years ago, Jie Shi, as well as the heads of the four big powers dying very quickly became known in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

And in order to declare the power of the World Spirit Guild, they even unrestrainedly announced Chu Feng’s and the Monstrous Monkey King’s deeds.

They let everyone know that the Monstrous Monkey King was the mysterious expert that defeated Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen a hundred years ago, the true Monster King of the Thousand Monster Mountain. Also, he was Chu Feng’s sworn elder brother.

Because of that complicated relationship, after people know about everything, naturally, Chu Feng was said to be the one with the biggest achievements in the World Spirit Guild defeating the five powers.

Especially after the truth of the five powers listing Chu Feng as wanted was revealed, there was a 180 degree change that happened to the image of Chu Feng in people’s hearts.

He was no longer the demon who thirsted for blood and killed without blinking. He became a young hero who was not afraid of the heavens or the earth, and dared to fight against evil powers. He had already became a model character for teaching justice.

Thinking back at first, when any child was disobedient, the old ones would say, “If you keep on crying, Chu Feng will come and catch you!” Those children would be quite exaggerated as well and immediately cover their mouths from fright, not daring to cry anymore. It could be seen how terrifying Chu Feng’s evil name was back then.

However, it was completely different now. If there was any child who was disobedient, the old ones would say, “Don’t cry! Come, I’ll tell you a story about young hero Chu Feng courageously battling evil powers.”

And hearing them speak those words, the children would really stop crying immediately. They would sit down on the ground and wait to hear Chu Feng’s story with their eyes roundly widened and unmoving. There was no need to mention how excited they were.

As for the people who already idolized Chu Feng, they got even more insane. There were even a large batch of young people who started pack up to head towards the Azure Province.

It was for no other reason but because someone spread rumours that said Chu Feng was preparing to rebuild the Azure Dragon School. So, after the people who idolized Chu Feng got hold of that news, naturally, they took the lead and wanted to enter Chu Feng’s school.

Anyway, Chu Feng had already thoroughly changed from the negative character back then to a positive character. He had already left a deep stroke within the legends of the continent of the Nine Provinces.