Chapter 474 - Asking for an Exorbitant Price

MGA: Chapter 474 - Asking for an Exorbitant Price

After the Monstrous Monkey King’s words came out from its mouth, the faces of almost everyone on scene changed. Only Chu Feng’s and Zi Ling’s didn’t as they smilingly looked at everything in front of their eyes, wanting to see what the Monstrous Monkey King was going to do next.

“Senior, it’s said that grudges should be dissolved, not set. In terms of seniority, they are all juniors. No matter how excessive the things they did before were, after all, Chu Feng is still living well now.”

“But looking back at Jie Shi and the other powers, at present, they have suffered heavy losses. In reality, they have already paid the price for their actions. From what I see, this matter should just be let go. How about it?” The emperor was not angry yet. With a small smile, he urged with good words.

And seeing that scene, Jie Xingpeng, the head of the World Spirit Guild, and the others were endlessly shocked because from their understanding, the emperor had always been an existence who was extremely overbearing and decisively killed.

Yet today, he was so humble. That truly surprised them quite a bit as it destroyed the image of the emperor in their hearts.

But from this, it could also be seen that the Monstrous Monkey King was indeed very strong, or else the grand emperor, the ruler of the continent of the Nine Provinces, wouldn’t have such an unassuming appearance.

“Grudges should be dissolved, not set? That’s right, there is indeed such a logic. But I also gift you with a sentence. It’s that having mercy when killing gives birth to endless plagues.”

“I don’t really care about these piles of trash because they shouldn’t even think of threatening me in their life. But what about my sons and grandsons? My later generations?”

“If my later generation is inferior to these trashes’ later generation, wouldn’t there be a catastrophe in the future? Wouldn’t my line go extinct? At that time, will you, who will have already entered a coffin, be able to uphold justice for me?” The Monstrous Monkey King fierce counter-asked.

After it spoke, it almost stunned everyone because it did make sense. Forces like the Jie clan as well as the four big powers would definitely remember today’s grudges, and if there was a chance in the future, they would definitely take revenge.

But clearly, the emperor wasn’t a simple character. Facing the Monstrous Monkey King’s questioning, he only indifferently smiled, then said, “Senior, you don’t need to worry about that.”

“My cultivation is limited, and indeed, I will definitely not live long in this world. But my Jiang Dynasty has been erected in the continent of the Nine Provinces for almost several thousand years. Absolutely, I believe it can continue existing.”

“Today, I can vow for them here. From today on, no matter if it’s them, or their offsprings, they cannot attack your, Chu Feng’s, or the World Spirit Guild’s later generation.”

“If they violate this vow, there is no need for others. My Jiang Dynasty will be the first to annihilate them.”

“Boy, your words are quite pleasant to listen to, but all of you are clearly on one side. When I enter the ground, even if your Jiang Dynasty helps them to oppose my later generation, I can do nothing. Wouldn’t I have huge losses then?” The Monstrous Monkey King was stubborn and unwilling to be moved by force or words. It curled its lips and distinctly showed his unwavering appearance.

“Senior, then you say. What is needed to be done in order for you to leave today’s matters and to spare their lives?” Facing the Monstrous Monkey King who was like that, the emperor could do nothing as well. He could only choose to make a compromise with it.

“Boy, I know that it isn’t easy for their powers to exist for so long. If I truly exterminated them, it would more or less have some effects on the continent of the Nine Provinces. But those who have erred must receive punishment. This is a rule of the world.”

“So, don’t say that I’m being unreasonable and not giving them a chance to start fresh.”

“As long as every single power takes out ten thousand Heaven beads to express their sincerity of regret, I will forgive them.” The Monstrous Monkey King said.

“What? Ten thousand Heaven beads?” After hearing those words, all of the faces from the Jie clan and four big powers greened.

What were Heaven beads? They were top-quality Heaven medicine! Priceless treasures! It was said that the medicinal power of a single Heaven bead was equivalent to ten thousand Profound beads, and in terms of price, ten thousand Heaven beads was equivalent to a hundred million Profound beads.

That number could absolutely cause people to vomit blood. Not to mention the powers unable to take out so many Heaven beads, they couldn’t even take out a single Heaven bead because in the continent of the Nine Provinces, only the Jiang Dynasty had the top-quality Heaven medicine “Heaven bead”.

But even within the Jiang Dynasty, Heaven beads were extremely valuable things. Only clan members who had meritorious achievements could get a few. So, the Monstrous Monkey King was definitely asking for an exorbitant price. Pressing a dead person to throw away his life.

“Senior, not to mention them, even my Jiang Dynasty can’t take out ten thousand Heaven beads.” The emperor helpless wiped his forehead. Even he broke out in a cold sweat from being frightened by the Monstrous Monkey King.

“Then every single power take out ten million Profound beads. That should be fine right?” The Monstrous Monkey King curled its lips.

“This...” The emperor first looked at Jie Xingpeng and the old ancestors of the four powers, then spoke, “Senior, without hiding anything, they are truly unable to take out that amount. Even if they sold all that they have, they can’t.”

“It would be better to kill them than to want ten million Profound beads from each of them.” The emperor powerlessly shook his head.

“That’s fine. Since they can’t take it out, I’ll kill them.” Hearing those words, the Monstrous Monkey King’s blood-red eyes flashed with coldness, then a burst of boundless might emanated from his body.

The powerful pressure engulfed that land. It changed the stars and moon, clouds surged from the wind, and even if it was the Jiang Dynasty’s army that stood in the air, they could not fight against it. They were blown continuously back and completely collapsed.

“Senior stop!” Seeing that, the emperor’s face changed and he hurriedly shouted explosively. A burst of boundless pressure also emanated from his body and actually forcefully interweaved with the Monstrous Monkey King’s.

The pressures of the two were both very strong. It caused wind and clouds to surge, lightning to flash, and thunder to rumble in that area. The originally calm night sky instantly became a horrifying land with Heaven power overflowing everywhere.

Facing that pressure, many people were unable to fight against it and one after another, they vomited blood and fainted away. But luckily, that situation only lasted for an instant. However, in that mere instant, half of the people there were heavily injured. Some even died.

“Boy, you want to fight against me?” The Monstrous Monkey King’s blood eyes furiously glared as he angrily howled. The sky and earth trembled from his words and his powerful strength was undoubtedly clearly shown.

“I would never think of exchanging blows with you. I just implore some face; give the Jie clan, Yuangang School, Free and Unrestrained Valley, Hidden White Sect, and Fire God School a chance to start anew.”

“All of them will offer five million Profound beads to express their sincerity.” The emperor saluted in air and said from the bottom of his heart.