Chapter 472 - Leave None

MGA: Chapter 472 - Leave None

The Monstrous Monkey King appeared very smug when he saw the crowd’s horrified expressions. It looked at Gu Tianchen and said, “Your memory is not bad, at least stronger than that Jie Shi, so it’s not a waste for Brother Chu Feng telling me to save you.”

As the Monstrous Monkey King spoke, it extended its hand, and with its finger as a brush, it drew in the air. With only a blink of an eye, a circular purple-coloured vast formation appeared in the sky.

The purple-coloured formation was very beautiful. There were countless symbols flashing with radiance. Especially as it was under the night sky, it was incomparably dazzling.

After the formation was laid, the Monstrous Monkey King willed, then Gu Tianchen flew up from Jie Shi’s hand. Simultaneously, the four limbs Jie Shi tore off also flew into the high sky from the ground, and along with Gu Tianchen, entered the purple-coloured Spirit Formation.

To be more precise, he went through the Spirit Formation. When he entered, he was still crippled without four limbs, but when he came out, his four limbs were already undamaged. Gu Tianchen’s arms and legs which were ripped off by Jie Shi were restored. There wasn’t even a single scar left behind, and was as perfect as before.


Seeing that scene, even if it was the World Spirit Guild experts, who mainly cultivated Spirit Formation techniques, they were all dumbfounded. Their expressions were quite vivid and all of them couldn’t help but gasp longly.

It was because Gu Tianchen’s hands and feet had actually been restored in an instant. Such powerful methods were things that they were far from having. It was the first time they saw the strength of a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

“Senior, I thank you for saving my life.” Currently, the Monstrous Monkey King had already dissolved the bindings around Gu Tianchen as well as all the people from the World Spirit Guild. So, he was already able to freely move around. He walked on air and came up to the Monstrous Monkey King. He had actually half-knelt on the ground and paid his respects to the Monstrous Monkey King.

“Ah, don’t thank me. If it wasn’t for my Brother Chu Feng’s request, there’s no way I would care about your life.” But who would have thought that the Monstrous Monkey King didn’t even look straight at Gu Tianchen. It just casually waved its hand and seemed quite impatient.

“This...” At that instant, Gu Tianchen was a bit speechless. He could only cast his helpless gazes towards Chu Feng who was behind the Monstrous Monkey King.

“Senior, please, quickly rise.” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly went forward to pull Gu Tianchen up. In reality, he felt very helpless as well because he never would have thought that despite treating him and Zi Ling so casually, the Monstrous Monkey King would have such haughty airs when facing Gu Tianchen.

“Chu Feng, my World Spirit Guild being able to have a young person like you is truly the accumulated fortune of my seniors.”

Seeing Chu Feng in front of his eyes, Gu Tianchen’s face was filled with joy and relief. Although he had just recently come out of closed-door training so he didn’t have too clear of an understanding about the present World Spirit Guild’s situation, he felt that Chu Feng was definitely his World Spirit Guild’s hope. The young man was many times more impressive than his own young times.

Facing that situation, Chu Feng could only bring a light smile on his face and didn’t know how to reply. It was because in Chu Feng’s heart, he didn’t count himself as part of the World Spirit Guild. Although the World Spirit Guild was kind to him, he still didn’t truly see himself as a member of the World Spirit Guild.

So, in his heart, he was only a disciples of the Azure Dragon School. That was also why Chu Feng only called Gu Tianchen as “senior” and not “ancestor”.

“Jie clan. Yuangang School. Fire God School. Hidden White Sect. Free and Unrestrained Valley. You cocky things dare to take advantage of my lack of presence and unrestrainedly bully my brother, and even dare to give out wanted posters in all places in the continent of the Nine Provinces to list my brother as wanted.”

“Today is the day you will pay the price for your actions. Jie Shi! You piece of crap, you’re the absolute worst. Before, you were the one who liked calling out the most. You like splitting people’s body right? Then, I’ll let you have a feel of your body being eaten.”

Suddenly, with a thought, behind the Monstrous Monkey King, a huge World Spirit Gate opened. From inside the World Spirit Gate, a World Spirit from the Beast Spirit World walked out.


After the World Spirit appeared, the four World Spirits that Jie Shi summoned actually started to suddenly make timid low howls. Strong expressions of fear even glittered within their huge and sinister eyes.

Although they were both World Spirits from the Beast Spirit World, the World Spirit that the Monstrous Monkey King called out, no matter if it was in terms of body, demeanor, or strength, was far above the four that Jie Shi called out.

It was a World Spirit with strength in the 7th level of the Heaven realm. Not only was its cultivation powerful, its battle power was very frightening as well.

“Not bad! This monkey monster does have some skill, actually being able to establish a contract with a World Spirit like that.” After that World Spirit appeared, Eggy in Chu Feng’s Spiritual World smiled rather unexpectedly.

“Eggy, what’s special about this World Spirit?” Chu Feng asked.

“This is a World Spirit with noble blood. It can be said to be nobility within the many World Spirits of the Beast Spirit World. So, its power is even stronger when compared to ordinary Beast Spirit World World Spirits. With this World Spirit’s power, even if Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen combined their powers, they wouldn’t be able to defeat it.” Eggy explained.

“It’s actually that powerful?” After hearing Eggy’s explanation, more and more, Chu Feng felt that the Monstrous Monkey King’s strength was indeed very strong.

“Wuaa~“ But just at that time, the World Spirit that the Monstrous Monkey King called out first howled towards the sky, then ran on air. After a few steps, it went up to Jie Shi, then widely opened its mouth, and bit down on half of Jie Shi’s body.

“Ahh~~~~~~~~” At that instant, Jie Shi, who was soaked by blood, made a scream that was wolf- and ghost-like. It was a small matter that half his body was gone, but even his dantian was destroyed. The cultivation cultivated for over a hundred years flowed away just like that. It was really difficult to endure that.

“Ahh~~~~” But quickly afterwards, the World Spirit bit down again. It didn’t swallow Jie Shi, but bit off one of Jie Shi’s arms. After that, the more it bit, the smaller it bit, having the intention to tear Jie Shi into mush.

*hmm* In a situation like that, Jie Shi willed, then a strange radiance explosively shot out from his body and rushed towards the sky. It was a consciousness. The consciousness that Jie Shi condensed out.

*roar* However, just as the consciousness flew out, the World Spirit’s eyes flashed, then it howled and a burst of violent sound waves came spreading in the air. It had actually forcibly shocked Jie Shi’s consciousness into fragments.

Then, it opened its mouth again and swallowed Jie Shi’s remaining body, then smugly chewed.

“Who should the next one be?” At that instant, the Monstrous Monkey King’s gaze was cast towards the four old ancestors of the Yuangang School, Hidden White Sect, Fire God School, and Free and Unrestrained Valley.

“Milord, have mercy, milord, have mercy! We only offended Chu Feng because we had eyes but could not see! Milord, we hope that you can forgive our lives.”

Seeing the Monstrous Monkey King cast its gaze towards himself, the legs of the Yuangang School’s old ancestor immediately went limp. He started to cry and beg for forgiveness with a face filled with tears. In the moment of life and death, naturally, even he, who had a high position and powerful strength, showed a weak nature.

“Senior, have mercy, have mercy! I really didn’t know Chu Feng was your brother! If I knew, even if you gave me a hundred nerves I wouldn’t dare to attack Chu Feng!”

“The so-called ‘don’t blame those who don’t know’. Senior, I ask that as I didn’t know, give me a chance to start anew. In the future, if you want me to be a cow or horse, I will be willing to!”

The old ancestor of the Hidden White Sect also sorrowfully begged. At that instant, even his intestines greened from regret. If he knew Chu Feng had such powerful backing behind him, even if a hundred guts were lent to him, he wouldn’t dare to concentrate on Chu Feng like that. But in this world, there was no medicine for regret, and right now, it was truly too late for regrets.

At that instant, it seemed like the old ancestor of the Fire God School was a lot more unyielding. He coldly snorted, and said without any fear, “If you want to kill or cut, go ahead. Eighteen years later, I will still be a good man.” [2]

“That’s right. It is but a mere Monstrous Beast. Does it think it is worthy for our begging?” The old ancestor of the Free and Unrestrained Valley also made his resolution to die, so he didn’t beg as well.

“Haha, you two are quite interesting.” The Monstrous Monkey King laughed, so loudly that even the sky trembled. Quickly after, his expression changed, then had actually opened seven World Spirit Gates behind him. At the same time, seven powerful World Spirits also stepped out of the World Spirit Gates.

The seven World Spirits were all from the Beast Spirit World. Also, their strengths were all in the 7th level of the Heaven realm. Even their auras were not weaker than the one before, as they were all World Spirits with blood of nobility.

After calling out a total of eight World Spirits, the Monstrous Monkey King pointed downwards and loudly said, “For those being held in place by me, eat them all and leave none!”