Chapter 471 - The Monstrous Monkey King Appears

MGA: Chapter 471 - The Monstrous Monkey King Appears

*rumble rumble rumble*

The atmosphere of the region of land where the World Spirit Guild was located at had already changed. Within the blowing hurricane, within the stirring white clouds, three bodies came over from the core zone while walking on air. Finally, they appeared within everyone’s line of sight.

Those three were none other than Chu Feng, Zi Ling, as well as the Monstrous Beast locked in the Asura Ghost Tower for a hundred years.

After seven full days of time, Chu Feng finally rescued the Monstrous Beast out from the Asura Ghost Tower, and within those seven days, Chu Feng spoke to the Monstrous Beast about many things related to himself as well as things about the Thousand Monster Mountain. He even told the Monstrous Beast about the Asura Ghost Axe recognizing him as its master.

After knowing all that, the Monstrous Beast was also very stunned, but it didn’t say much. Rather, it told Chu Feng to cherish the Asura Ghost Axe well because the Asura Ghost Axe possibly had some relation with the Asura Ghost Tower.

But sadly, after the Monstrous Beast was free, no matter what, it didn’t allow Chu Feng to venture deeper into the Asura Ghost Tower. It didn’t even allow a single glance and told Chu Feng that unless he had the cultivation of a Martial Lord, it was better to not enter the Asura Ghost Tower.

It was because the Spirit Formation cage that imprisoned it was only the first barrier of the Asura Ghost Tower. There were definitely more barriers after that, and they would definitely be more terrifying, and perhaps they wouldn’t be as simple as imprisoning someone.

Chu Feng who was never unintelligent naturally knew the power within. So, he didn’t go any deeper. Also, after seven days of being together, Chu Feng knew some things about the Monstrous Beast as well.

The Monstrous Beast had lived for over two hundred years. He was originally an ordinary monkey monster in the Thousand Monster Mountain, but with coincidences, he gained the treasure left behind by a Gold-cloak World Spiritist in the Thousand Monster Mountain.

From then on, its cultivation started to become powerful and with special methods, it caused change to happen to his body, gaining special bloodline power. He became the Monster King of the Thousand Monster Mountain, and people titled it as the Monstrous Monkey King.

Because the Monstrous Monkey King’s heart wasn’t evil, and it painstakingly cultivated from day to night and was extremely hardworking, he gained the mysterious Gold-cloak World Spiritist’s liking. So, the mysterious Gold-cloak World Spiritist showed his consciousness to it and started to personally give pointers to the Monstrous Monkey King when it cultivated. He even passed Spirit power to it and allowed it to become a World Spiritist.

After, with the Gold-cloak World Spiritist’s consciousness’s instructions, the Monstrous Monkey King found the Asura Ghost Axe, and even became a powerful World Spiritist. But sadly, it wasn’t able to make the Asura Ghost Axe recognize it as its master.

Facing that, the mysterious Gold-cloak World Spiritist only said that the Monstrous Monkey King was not meant for the Asura Ghost Axe. After that, he didn’t pass anything down to the Monstrous Monkey King again.

As for the current five Monster Kings in the Thousand Monster Mountain, in actuality, they were the five disciples that the Monstrous Monkey King accepted. They possessed special bloodline power and had their current strengths only also because they received the Monstrous Monkey King’s pointers and inheritance.

There was one day that the Gold-cloak World Spiritist reappeared. He said that the consciousness he left behind within the Thousand Monster Mountain could possibly not exist for much longer, but before someone took the last opportunity he left in the Thousand Monster Mountain, he didn’t want to disappear. So, he decided to hibernate.

The Monstrous Monkey King was very intelligent. It didn’t ask much about the last opportunity the Gold-cloak World Spiritist left in the Thousand Monster Mountain. That made the Gold-cloak World Spiritist very satisfied.

So, before hibernating, the Gold-cloak World Spiritist told the Monstrous Monkey King that there was treasure in the Asura Ghost Tower, but he reminded it: before becoming a Martial Lord, it could not intrude into the Asura Ghost Tower.

Back then, it only came to the Spirit Province because the Monstrous Monkey King didn’t listen to the Gold-cloak World Spiritist’s advice after all. With its powerful strength, it defeated Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen, but ultimately, it was still locked in here. If Chu Feng didn’t appear, it would have definitely been imprisoned for even longer, and possibly even straight until it died from aging.

“Jie Shi, Gu Tianchen, you two brats! Do you still recognize me?!”

At present, the Monkey Monster King had already arrived within the crowd’s line of sight along with Chu Feng and Zi Ling. It looked at the nearby Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen who were being bound by him and loudly laughed.

“It...It’s you! Is it possible that you’re Chu Feng’s master?” Naturally, Jie Shi recognized the Monstrous Monkey King, so after seeing the Monster King, his expression instantly became extremely uneasy. Even within his pair of aged eyes, immense fear surged. The airs of a king he had earlier no longer existed right now.

Jie Xingpeng and the others kept on hypothesizing that there was very possibly a powerful master behind Chu Feng’s back, and after Jie Shi knew about Chu Feng, naturally, he also felt that Chu Feng gained the inheritance of an expert in order to grasp such overpowering abilities.

Right now, he saw the Monstrous Monkey King, so obviously, he immediately associated it as Chu Feng’s master. As long as he thought of the Monstrous Monkey King’s methods, he felt that today, a calamity had already approached.

“Oh? Master? Hahaha...” The Monstrous Monkey King looked at Chu Feng and laughed loudly, then pointed at Jie Shi as well as the old ancestors from the four big powers and said, “You’re wrong. Chu Feng’s isn’t my disciple. He’s my brother.”

“I heard that in the days I wasn’t here, you have bullied my brother quite a few times. Today, I have come for all of you to calculate some debt.”

The Monstrous Monkey King’s voice was extremely deafening and dense killing intent was contained within it. As long as they heard his words, the people from the Jie clan as well as the four big powers felt their four limbs go limp as they broke out in a cold sweat.

“Senior Jie Shi, who is this Monstrous Beast? Why are you so polite to it?” Just at that time, the old ancestor of the Fire God School spoke.

They were held in place, but they didn’t know that Jie Shi was also bound. They even thought that Jie Shi currently had a free body. After all, Jie Shi had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Heaven realm. With that cultivation, in the continent of the Nine provinces, very few people could restrict him. Other than the people from the Jiang Dynasty, he could pretty much be said to be invincible within the Nine Provinces.

“Haha, you don’t know who that is? I, Gu Tianchen, can tell all of you. That’s the one who defeated both Jie Shi and me. A powerful Purple-cloak World Spiritist. An existence that was in the 7th level of the Heaven realm a hundred years ago.” Just at that time, Gu Tianchen had actually spoke.

Although his four limbs were already torn off, he, at that instant, had a face full of smiles because he also never expected that Chu Feng would have such a special relationship with the Monstrous Monkey King. He knew that today, his World Spirit Guild, even himself, was saved.

“What? It’s an existence that defeated Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen a hundred years ago? An expert in the 7th level of the Heaven realm a hundred years ago? This… This mysterious extraordinary expert is truly a Monstrous Beast?”

“Heavens! A Purple-cloak World Spiritist is an existence that hasn’t appeared yet in the continent of the Nine Provinces! It’s a legend, and this legendary realm has actually been achieved by a Monstrous Beast?”

And after knowing the identity of the Monstrous Monkey King, almost everyone trembled with faces like ashes.

There were even some disappointing young people who trembled underneath and wetted quite a bit because all of them knew that today, a disaster had already came up to them and their lives were going to rest.