Chapter 470 - The Person Who Wants to Kill You

MGA: Chapter 470 - The Person Who Wants to Kill You

At that instant, Jie Shi also used his full strength.

He was standing on air, standing where he originally was. His surrounding air also started to undulate and quickly afterwards, the space around him actually started to collapse and shatter. Then, formless Heaven power changed into energy objects that appeared in his surroundings.

At first, the Heaven power was like a vortex as it spiraled around him with bursts of violent wind. Afterwards, the Heaven power became a torrent-like long dragon and explosively shot out, smashing into the attacking Gu Tianchen.

*boom rumble rumble*

The two collided, immediately creating a frightening explosion. So strong that even Jie Shi was unable fight against the ripples. He was shook in the air and forced back a few steps. His face became pale-white, and there was even a trace of blood that flowed out from the corners of his mouth.

Looking back at Gu Tianchen though, there was a huge mouthful of blood that sprayed out. His white clothing that was untouched by dust became clothing with muddled blood. The aura of his entire person became weak to the extreme, and like a kite with a snapped string, he fell towards the ground. His body suffered from heavy injuries, and he lost his ability to fight.

“Ancestor!” Seeing that scene, the faces of the head of the World Spirit Guild and the manager elders changed greatly. One after another, they rushed into the sky, became blurs of light, and flew towards Gu Tianchen.

However, Jie Shi wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth, then waved his sleeve and a burst of boundless power burst out.

*bang bang bang bang bang*


Before the head of the World Spirit Guild as well as many manager elders neared Gu Tianchen, they were struck by the power Jie Shi burst out. All of them vomited blood, flown back, and at the end, ferociously crashed onto the ground. They all had miserably heavy wounds and if they weren’t dead, they were injured.

Quickly after, he flipped his hand, grabbed, then the boundless power became surging suction and sucked back Gu Tianchen who was still falling.

When Gu Tianchen approached, Jie Shi used a single hand and grabbed Gu Tianchen’s waist, then raised him highly, looked at the World Spirit Guild underneath, and loudly said to the crowd,

“Chu Feng!!”

“Where’s Chu Feng?!!”

“Chu Feng, get the hell out of here! If you don’t, I’ll kill Gu Tianchen!”

After speaking, Jie Shi abruptly extended his other hand and grabbed onto Gu Tianchen’s arm. Afterwards, with a “puchi” and as a large flow of blood splattered, Jie Shi had actually forcibly ripped off one of Gu Tianchen’s arm.

“No!!” At that instant, the World Spirit Guild crowd all panicked and all of them loudly shouted.

“Hahaha! Chu Feng you coward, you don’t dare to come out?”

“Then remember! Today, everyone here will die because of you!”

Jie Shi got more and more excited from the yelling of the World Spirit Guild’s crowd. Afterwards, as the crowd watched, he forcibly pulled off Gu Tianchen’s other arm.

Jie Shi was ruthless. After every call for Chu Feng, he would lay his poisonous hand on Gu Tianchen. At the end, he had actually forcefully pulled off all of Gu Tianchen's four limbs.

“No! Please... please...please let him go!”

“Lord Jie Shi, we’re begging you! Please don’t treat our ancestor like this!”

At that instant, the World Spirit Guild’s crowd were near collapse. All of them sobbed and some even loudly yelled for forgiveness. Not to mention the females, even the old elders had faces full of tears.

It was because they could really not bear it. They couldn’t bear seeing their own ancestor be so maltreated. When his age was reaching the end, he still had to bear the pain of his body splitting, and even if he died, he could not have a complete corpse.

Yet they could do nothing as with their strength, they had no way of stopping Jie Shi. The ones who went forward to stop him were all heavily beaten by him.

Jie Shi still didn’t do the killing blow. It was intentional. He wanted to let everyone from the World Spirit Guild personally see it.

Let them personally see how Gu Tianchen would die by his hands. Let them personally see the agony Gu Tianchen felt before death.

Only with that could he vent the fury in his heart!

“Gu Tianchen oh Gu Tianchen, it’s not that I, Jie Shi, am heartless, it’s just that your World Spirit Guild’s young generation is too useless.”

“If that Chu Feng dares to stand out right now, I would absolutely not kill you today. But sadly, he has already escaped and left you.”

“Since it is like so, you cannot blame me for disregarding former feelings to attack you. If you have to blame someone, blame that Chu Feng.” At that instant, Jie Shi actually grabbed Gu Tianchen’s head and wanted to twist Gu Tianchen’s head in front of the crowd as they watched.

“Jie Shi, if you want to kill me, go ahead. Don’t waste your breath.”

“Even if you kill me today and destroy my World Spirit Guild, as long as the young generation still remains, there will be a chance for my World Spirit Guild to rise from the eastern mountains again.” [1]

“I believe with an outstanding young person like Chu Feng as foundation, my World Spirit Guild, sooner or later, will rise greatly again.”

“He will surpass me, and he will surpass the former seniors from the World Spirit Guild. My World Spirit Guild will ascend onto an unprecedented peak because of him. He will personally exterminate your Jie clan. He will personally kill every person from every power that have come to invade my World Spirit Guild in order to avenge us.”

“Your Jie clan being annihilated is something unstoppable, and you, Jie Shi, are powerless to stop it!”

Gu Tianchen, despite his body being in ruins, had never even frowned. Even when facing death, his expression was still unchanging. Right now, he was still clearly showing his demeanor of a grand character.

“Damn Gu Tianchen. You are already a person who will die, yet you still dare to say such shameless words and speak nonsense.”

“Don’t worry. No matter if it’s Chu Feng, or the young generation of your World Spirit Guild, they will all die by the hands of me, Jie Shi.”

“As long as I, Jie Shi, am still here, not a single one of them will escape. You can go meet up in the underworld.” After hearing Gu Tianchen's words, Jie Shi’s face suddenly turned cold and as he spoke, bloodlust overflowed and he was going to break Gu Tianchen's head.


But just at that time, an explosion suddenly rang out deep within the World Spirit Guild’s base. At the same time, a burst of boundless aura also exploded outwards, and in a mere instant, it engulfed that land. Engulfed everyone there.

At that instant, everyone’s faces changed greatly because they astonishedly discovered that their bodies were actually bound by the horrifying power. No matter if they were in the Profound realm or the Heaven realm, they were all tightly imprisoned by the horrifying aura and could not move in the slightest.

In reality, even Jie Shi was bound. The immensely powerful him was currently also bound in the air and he could not control himself.

“I wonder which senior is passing by this place? If I have offended you in any way, I ask for forgiveness.”

Jie Shi said those words with extreme difficulty because he knew that the person who did that was really too strong. So strong that he was far above him. Facing such an expert, even if it was him, he had to lower his attitude or else what awaited him was only death.

“The person who will kill you!!” But just at that time, a voice that was extremely loud and clear and also permeated with killing intent blew up from the direction of the World Spirit Guild.

After that voice rang out, not to mention Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen, the expressions of almost everyone on scene changed greatly as incomparable shock emerged onto their faces.

It was because they could hear that that person was none other than the person Jie Shi kept on calling for: Chu Feng!