Chapter 469 - Chu Feng's Request

MGA: Chapter 469 - Chu Feng's Request

“Boy, quickly lay the Delivery Formation and send that poison in here. I will eat it.” The mysterious Monstrous Beast smilingly said, as if it wasn’t the slightest bit afraid that Eggy’s poison would kill it.

Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly continued laying the Delivery Formation. Although his hands were busy, his heart started to get excited because the Spirit Formation technique that the Monstrous Beast grasped was very powerful. It was absolutely not something that Blue-cloak World Spiritists could do.

So, Chu Feng was almost completely certain that the mysterious Monstrous Beast was as Eggy said, a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

And a Purple-cloak World Spiritist could save Su Rou and Su Mei, and even help the Azure Dragon Founder in his revival. It meant that Chu Feng’s so much hard work wasn’t wasted, and everything was worth it.

After roughly an hour of time, Chu Feng finally finished laying the Delivery Formation, and after sending the poison that Eggy took out, the Monstrous Beast didn’t play any tricks and immediately swallowed it in front of them. The thing that Chu Feng could do nothing about was after swallowing such horrifying poison, the Monstrous Beast even yelled out “delicious” with a cheerful face.

“Okay boy, I’ve already complied with your demands and swallowed this poisonous pill. Follow what I say next and lay an Opening Spirit Formation. Coordinate with me, and in at most ten days, I can break open this Spirit Formation cage and leave this place.” The Monstrous Beast said after consuming the poisonous pill.

“Senior, I still have a few requests.” Chu Feng spoke again.

“Boy, speak your mind. I’ll count helping me leave this place and restoring my freedom a favor I owe you. As long as I can do it, I will definitely help you as much as I can.” The Monstrous Beast was quite straightforward and didn’t waste any words. It patted its chest and immediately said, as if it would agree no matter what Chu Feng said.

Afterwards, Chu Feng truthfully said what he needed the mysterious Monstrous Beast to do. For example, helping the World Spirit Guild gain victory in this war, as well as helping Su Rou and Su Mei.

As for the matter about the Azure Dragon Founder, because he said he wanted him to help him, without the Azure Dragon Founder’s permission, naturally, Chu Feng would not ask for the assistance of the Monstrous Beast.

But the Monstrous Beast was still straightforward and unhesitatingly agreed to Chu Feng’s conditions. That caused Chu Feng to unconsciously gain some more favourable feelings towards the Monstrous Beast.

After that, Chu Feng followed the words of the powerful Monstrous Beast and started to coordinate to lay the Spirit Formation. The formation was very powerful, but it also required a very long time. It still needed a few days at the very least, but for the longest amount of time, it would not be over ten days.

Actually, compared to the Monstrous Beast’s hundred year imprisonment here, ten days of time truly wasn’t anything.

But currently, the World Spirit Guild was in a war with the Jie clan and the four big powers. Although the clash between experts could shock the world, sometimes, victory or defeat could possibly be determined in an instant.

Luckily however, this war wasn’t a confrontation between two apical experts. It was a confrontation between two powers. No matter if it was Jie Shi or Gu Tianchen, they didn’t throw their entire bodies and hearts into their own fights. They were endlessly looking over their own juniors.

Every time their junior could not defeat their opponent and entered danger, they would split up their concentration and go forth to help them. That caused the war to be very drawn out and the number of people who died was very few as well.

At the same time, people couldn’t help respecting the strength of the two old ancestors, Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen. Not only did they have the strength to fight against their opponent, they could even protect the safety of the crowd on their own. Things like those weren’t things that normal people could do.

In a situation like that, the war became an attrition war. Although there weren’t many people from the World Spirit Guild who were injured or had died, quite a few buildings of the World Spirit Guild were destroyed. It could be said that other than the core zone, the enormous power had already been made into a mess from the war and was completely unrecognizable.

But that wasn’t even much. After a few days of hard fighting, perhaps because he experienced the war just after exiting from closed-door training, the old ancestor of the World Spirit Guild, Gu Tianchen, had actually started to lose strength and gradually entered a disadvantage.

*boom* Suddenly, a horrifying energy ripple exploded in the night sky. Dazzling radiance enveloped the sky and the earth, lighting up that region of land, making it as bright as day.

But coincident with that, a body also explosively launched out from the ripples and fiercely shot into the surface of the land. Explosions resonated as well as a large area of smoke.


At that instant, the people from the World Spirit Guild panicked because they knew that the ripple was created by Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen, and the one who fell from the sky was their World Spirit Guild’s old ancestor, Gu Tianchen.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Just at that time, Gu Tianchen’s voice suddenly erupted from below, and quickly after, he became a blur of light as he charged into the sky, then stopped in the air.

That person was Gu Tianchen. At that instant, his clothes were clean. Not a single speck of dust tainted it and his face was normal as well. He did not have the slightest appearance of injury.

Seeing Gu Tianchen in that state, the people from the World Spirit Guild couldn’t help breathing a long sigh of relief. At present, that ancestor was their backbone! The reason why there were still so many people surviving after a few full days and nights of war was because of him. If something happened to Gu Tianchen at that moment, then everyone there would die.

But compared to the relief in the normal members’ hearts, the head of the World Spirit Guild and the manager elders, the high ranking people, panicked even more in their hearts.

It was because they could feel the change in Gu Tianchen’s aura. He was injured, and he was suffering from a very serious internal injury. He was intentionally pretending that nothing happened to him to avoid affecting everyone’s morale. But if even they could see Gu Tianchen’s change, how could Jie Shi not?

“Gu Tianchen, don’t forcefully hang on. Tonight is your World Spirit Guild’s last day. Even if it is you, you will not survive beyond this night.” Indeed, Jie Shi started to insanely laugh loudly again, as if the World Spirit Guild had already lost.

“Jie Shi, don’t even think of being arrogant. As long as I, Gu Tianchen, am here, I will absolutely not allow you to do as you wish in my World Spirit Guild!”

Gu Tianchen coldly snorted, then layers of Heaven power came out from his body. The surrounding air started to twist, then quickly after, lines of cracks started to appear, and had finally started to collapse and shatter.

Then, with a leap, and a boom, he became a blur of fiery-red radiance. Like an inverted meteor, he flew towards Jie Shi.

“The might is not bad, but sadly, with the current you, even if you attack with your full strength, you are will not be able to defeat me.” However, facing Gu Tianchen’s terrifying attack, Jie Shi was not afraid in the slightest. Rather, on the corners of his mouth, there was even a hint of cold, disdainful smile.