Chapter 468 - Seeing the Mysterious Monstrous Beast Again

MGA: Chapter 468 - Seeing the Mysterious Monstrous Beast Again

The Asura Ghost Tower already had over ten thousand years of history. Legends said that there were great treasures hidden within, but up until now, there had been no one who saw what the treasures looked like.

Putting aside the treasures, to World Spiritists, the Asura Ghost Tower itself was definitely a rare treasure because it contained Spirit Pressure, which had the effect of raising one’s Spirit power.

Back then, the reason why the World Spirit Guild was established at that place was because they wanted to occupy the Asura Ghost Tower for themselves. So, the Asura Ghost Tower could be said to be the World Spirit Guild’s most important thing.

Even at present, in times of war, the World Spirit Guild still sent out many experts to guard that place. In spite of that though, when Chu Feng arrived there and requested to enter, the guardians did not deny entry.

After all, they already knew about Chu Feng saving their World Spirit Guild’s young generation. To them, right now, Chu Feng was a person who helped the World Spirit Guild greatly. Why would they refuse such a tiny request from a person like him?

So, Chu Feng and Zi Ling both entered the Asura Ghost Tower. With Zi Ling’s talent, naturally, it wasn’t hard stepping onto the legendary sixth level. It could even be said to be extremely, extremely easy.

However, after Chu Feng opened the entrance to the seventh level, Zi Ling bumped into an invisible barrier. No matter what, she could not step past it, but that barrier was undetectable by Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, this seventh level invisible barrier is very powerful. Unless I have special decryption methods, I cannot enter. Enter yourself, but you must be careful.”

Zi Ling stood on the sixth level while looking at Chu Feng on the seventh level. She was sweetly smiling, but within her pretty eyes, some worry emerged.

She had already heard Chu Feng say that there was a Monstrous Beast detained here. The Monstrous Beast was very powerful, and a hundred years ago, he easily defeated the two geniuses, Jie Shi and Gu Tianchen. It was very possibly a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, and a hundred years later, it was likely that it was even more powerful.

Moreover, the mysterious Monstrous Beast told Chu Feng that he could raise his Spirit power if he went to the Thousand Monster Mountain, but in reality, there were five big Monster Kings guarding there and also countless mechanisms. It caused Chu Feng to almost lose his life, so Zi Ling felt that the Monstrous Beast being detained here wasn’t all that trustworthy.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then turned around and walked to where the Monstrous Beast was imprisoned.

Naturally, Chu Feng also didn’t trust that mysterious Monstrous Beast, but the reason why he still righteously came to save the Monstrous Beast was obviously because he had made thorough preparations.

Passing through the corridor constructed by powerful Spirit Formations, Chu Feng finally reached the end. At that place, there was a Spirit Formation cage, and within the cage, a sharp-teethed, blood-red eyed, pointy-eared Monstrous Beast was imprisoned.

That Monstrous Beast looked a bit weak and it didn’t emit a very powerful aura, giving people an extremely feeble feeling. However, Chu Feng knew that the Monstrous Beast was an extremely dangerous existence, and also an existence he needed to save.

“Haha, boy! You boy, you’ve finally come to find me!”

“Haha, impressive! It has been exactly two years, and you have actually become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist!”

“How did you get near that Asura Ghost Axe? Are my five little disciples good now? Are the little guys in the Thousand Monster Graveyard still well?” The Monstrous Beast was as lively as usual. After seeing Chu Feng, he was even incomparably joyful and asked this and that without end.

“Although there is some relation in me becoming a Blue-cloak World Spiritist because of you, in reality, I still relied on myself.”

“At first, you clearly told me I could find the tool to raise my Spirit power if I followed the map you gave me, but you never said that the Thousand Monster Graveyard was such a dangerous place. Do you know that I almost died because of carelessness?” Chu Feng’s face was icy cold as he interrogated with a face full of fury.

“Hehe, aren’t you living nice and well now? If I told you everything, there would be no meaning. Only the situation right now is meaningful! At least it means that I wasn’t mistaken.”

“Quick, quickly come over. I’ll teach you how to lay this Spirit Formation. As long as it corresponds from inside here to outside there, ten days later, I will be able to leave this place.” The Monstrous Beast grinned without the slightest trace of shame. Rather, it felt that its actions were very right.

“You want me to help you out? I can, but I cannot believe you right now. So, if you want me to help you out there, you must listen to me.” Chu Feng said.

“Oh? Boy, you want me to listen to you? Hehe, sure! As long as I can get out of here, anything will do. Say, how should I listen to you” The Monstrous Beast didn’t refuse. Instead, it chuckled and followed up and asked, as if as long it was let out, anything was truly fine.

*hmm* Chu Feng didn’t respond. He overlaid his hands, willed, and after a World Spirit Gate appeared, Eggy walked out of the gate.

“This is…a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World!” After seeing Eggy, the Monstrous Beast’s pupils shrunk and a hint of shock emerged onto his face, then he said, “Waa, boy, you’re quite impressive! You were able to make a contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World! No wonder you can so easily enter this place. Impressive. Impressive!”

“Oi, little monster, you want to leave this place right? If you want to leave, then do as I tell you. Lay a Delivery Formation.” As she spoke, Eggy lightly tapped with her finger, then some gas appeared in front, drawing the method of laying the Delivery Formation.

At the same time, Chu Feng started to lay the Delivery Formation.

“Hehe, little lady, you’re impressive as well. You are actually able to grasp such a powerful Delivery Formation. Indeed, if both the outside and the inside harmonizes, it can evade the Spirit Formation that is sealing me and deliver some things.”

“But the object that can be delivered is too small. From the outside, sure, you can send some things for me to eat, but if you want to send me outside, it is almost impossible.” The Monstrous Beast didn’t follow Eggy’s words and lay the Delivery Formation. Instead, it disdainfully smiled.

“Who said this Delivery Formation is for sending you out? It’s for sending this in, then you eating it.”

Eggy sweetly smiled as a round, black-coloured object appeared on her hand. The object was only as big as a fingernail, but it emitted layers of black gas. Looking at it carefully, the round object was a black-coloured skull.

“Little lady, you truly don’t have good intentions. You actually take such a poisonous object and want me to consume it?” The Monstrous Beast lightly frowned, but there was still an unconcerned smile on his face.

“Don’t worry. This thing won’t take your life. It is only for restricting your thoughts. If you face Chu Feng with malicious intents, it will torture you. But if you don’t have any evil thoughts when facing him, it will not affect you.” Eggy said.

“Hehe. Little lady, boy, the two of you don’t feel that I’m trustable. I understand that. I also understand why you two want to give me such a thing to eat.”

“But on what basis should I believe you on? You said that this isn’t something poisonous, but what if it is? Besides, I’m perfectly fine, so why do I have to eat something like that? What if it’s something that restricts my thoughts? What if it allows you to control me, and forces me to do things I don’t want to do?” The Monstrous Beast curled its mouth and said.

“You have no choice. Either you lay the Delivery Formation right now and take it after it’s sent over, or we will immediately leave. You can then wait in this Asura Ghost Tower and age to death.” As Eggy spoke, she turned around, strode, and looked like she was going to leave. Chu Feng also stopped laying the Delivery Formation, turned around, seemingly also wishing to leave.

“Ah, wait! I give up! I’ll eat it okay?” But just at that time, behind Chu Feng and Eggy suddenly came the Monstrous Beast’s compromising voice.

Turning his head to look, Chu Feng’s expression couldn’t help but slightly change because he discovered that in front of the Monstrous Beast, a Delivery Formation had actually appeared. It was the Delivery Formation Eggy wanted it to lay.

The formation was very difficult to create, so that was why he didn’t finish even after laying for so long. But a Delivery Formation so challenging to create was finished by that Monstrous Beast in an instant.