Chapter 467 - Morale Greatly Increases

MGA: Chapter 467 - Morale Greatly Increases

At that instant, facing Jie Shi’s questioning, Gu Tianchen stood in the air, tightly frowned, but didn’t say anything because he knew with the Spirit Formation techniques Jie Shi grasped, he could indeed calculate where his World Spirit Guild’s Delivery Formation would send the people to.

But currently, he could not admit that or else his World Spirit Guild’s morale would receive a heavy blow, and they would not be suitable to face the great battle that was coming up.

“The old bastard Jie Shi is right. He did indeed know the direction where Vice-head Gao, Brother Xu, and the others escaped towards. Also, he sent out Jie Qingming and the heads of the four big powers as well as some experts to stop them.” Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly spoke.

“Chu Feng, are your words true?” After Chu Feng spoke, the people from the World Spirit Guild panicked. Especially the higher-ups of the World Spirit Guild, the guild head as well as the manager elders. All of their bodies started to tremble, as if their final day was here.

“I, Chu Feng, never say false words. However, just as they stopped Vice-head Gao and the others, before they could kill them, I, Zi Ling, and Senior Zhang met them.”

“As a member of the World Spirit Guild, the World Spirit Guild’s enemy is my enemy. Seeing someone dare to act maliciously towards those of my World Spirit Guild, naturally, I, Chu Feng, could not merely observe on the side without doing anything. So, I killed Jie Qingming as well as the people from the four big powers.” Chu Feng continued saying.

“You lie!!”

After hearing those words, the faces of the people from the Jie clan as well as the four big powers changed greatly and all of them started to loudly curse towards Chu Feng.

Because, no matter if it was Jie Qingming or the four heads, to them, they were battle power that could not be omitted. If something truly happened to them, it would be a huge blow.

They also didn’t feel that Chu Feng’s words were true. They felt like Chu Feng was speaking false words to deceive the crowd and wanted to affect their morale.

“Hahaha, you don’t believe me?” Chu Feng laughed, then no longer wasted his words with them. He lightly streaked past his Cosmos Sack with his palm, and as radiance flashed, a human head appeared in his hand. After that, he raised the head high and loudly said, “Look! Who is this?!”


After seeing the head in Chu Feng’s hand, the expression of the current chief of the Jie clan, Jie Xingpeng, changed greatly. His mouth was roundly widened, overflowing anger emerged into this eyes, and he furiously howled at the sky.

It was because as a World Spiritist, he was able to determine that the head in Chu Feng’s hand was absolutely not fake. It was undoubtedly Jie Qingming’s. His Jie clan’s future chief, his successor whom he developed for many years, was actually killed by Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I will kill you!!”

At that instant, everyone from the Jie clan was furious. All of them had overflowing bloodlust because no matter how much more powerful Jie Shi was, he had reached the limit of his age. Although right now, he could control the general situation for the Jie clan and start massacres, everyone knew that Jie Shi, the old ancestor, could not live for many more years.

But Jie Qingming was different. Although the present Jie Qingming wasn’t too strong, and his position in the clan couldn’t be equally discussed with Jie Xingpeng and Jie Shi, his potential was huge. It could be said that the current Jie Qingming was not inferior in the slightest than Jie Shi’s young times. He was his Jie clan’s future hope.

But at present, that hope was destroyed by someone. How could the Jie clan endure that? All of them gnashed their teeth in anger, and wished they could shatter Chu Feng’s corpse in ten thousand pieces.

“Chu Feng you brat, I will definitely make you pay the price for your actions.”

Not only the Jie clan, even the people from the Yuangang School, Hidden White Sect, Free and Unrestrained Valley, and the Fire God School were furious. All of them were flooded with bloodlust because if even Jie Qingming was killed, they knew that their four heads and many experts definitely didn’t have much luck.

“That brat called Chu Feng. You are truly daring and looking to die!”

“I, Jie Shi, swear that I will make you wish you could live but cannot live, wish you could die but cannot die. If I don’t torture you back and forth from death, I will have wasted these years of living!”

In reality, even Jie Shi was enraged. He had been out for several days and had quite an understanding of the current situation of the Jie clan. Also, he took a liking to Jie Qingming and was preparing to seriously develop him, but he didn’t expect that he would get killed.

So, he too didn’t waste words and led the elite army of one million towards the World Spirit Guild’s base, which lost its strongest Spirit Formation, and started a full-scale attack. The frightening war had begun.

“Haha, Jie Shi, it seems like you’re wrong. A hundred years from now, my World Spirit Guild’s young generation will clearly be a lot more excellent than your Jie clan’s young generation.”

“The one fated to die out isn’t my World Spirit Guild, but your Jie clan!” At that instant, Gu Tianchen who had a face filled with worry before had a face filled with ecstasy right now.

After he deeply looked at Chu Feng with a gaze filled with admiration, he laughed loudly, leaped, and flew towards the approaching Jie Shi.

*boom boom boom*

In a blink, the two experts in the 7th level of the Heaven realm fought together. The space they were in was filled with boundless ripples. No one dared to near it because they were truly too strong. Even if it was the remnants of their battle, it was not something that ordinary Heaven realm cultivators could endure.

“Friend Chu Feng, big favours are not thanked with words. From now on, my World Spirit Guild vows to live and die with you. As long as my World Spirit Guild exists, it will protect your safety. If someone wants to attack you, they can only do so if they destroy my World Spirit Guild.”

At that instant, the current head of the World Spirit Guild also hiddenly sent a mental message to Chu Feng. He was similarly incomparably elated. Even though right now, he was fighting against Jie Xingpeng, he didn’t forget to express his gratitude to Chu Feng because not only did Chu Feng help his World Spirit Guild greatly, he also saved the people equivalent to his World Spirit Guild’s future hope.

In reality, at that very instant, many manager elders of the world Spirit Guild were very thankful towards Chu Feng. Some hiddenly sent mental messages, some just yelled loudly, but they were all expressing their thanks to Chu Feng.

It was because Chu Feng’s actions caused the World Spirit Guild’s members’ morale to increase greatly. Even though they were facing the elite army of one million made up by the Jie clan and four big powers, they were not afraid. Rather, the more they fought, the more courageous they got.

At the same time, Zhang Tianyi also took the initiative to enter the circle of battle. He held the Divine Wood Sword, emitted blue flames, and with absolute strength, he suppressed the old ancestors from the four powers. At that moment, it was actually the World Spirit Guild that occupied the advantage in that war.

“Chu Feng, what do we do now? Do we help the World Spirit Guild win this battle, or directly head towards the Asura Ghost Tower?” Zi Ling didn’t make any move. She stood next to Chu Feng and waited for Chu Feng’s decision like a little bird relying on a person.

At that instant, Chu Feng scanned his surroundings, and seeing the battlefield that was already in chaos, he said, “The outcome of this war is undetermined. With our cultivation, neither of us can change the situation. Rather than fighting without direction, why not find other paths.”

“Zi Ling, come with me to the Asura Ghost Tower. As long as that Mysterious Monstrous Beast can be requested to come out, no matter how much stronger Jie Shi is, he will definitely die today.” As Chu Feng spoke, he became a blur of light as he flew towards the Asura Ghost Tower. Zi Ling also leaped with her beautiful body and quickly followed after him.