Chapter 466 - The Young Generation Has Died

MGA: Chapter 466 - The Young Generation Has Died

Four World Spirits stood on the air. Every single one of them was over ten meters tall, and even though they were humanoid, they were not humans. Their appearances were sinister, and were as terrifying as a demon. They had strange weapons and gave off powerful auras. They were four World Spirits from the Ghost Spirit World.

After those four World Spirits appeared, not to mention the people from the Jie clan and the four big powers, even the expressions of the people from the World Spirit Guild changed greatly, being terrified by the four World Spirits in the sky.

They were terrified because the aura that the four World Spirits emanated was the aura of the 6th level of the Heaven realm. Very few people on scene could defeat strength like that. It was even comparable to the old ancestors from the four big powers as well as to the head of the World Spirit Guild, and the current chief of the Jie clan, Jie Xingpeng.

Also, those World Spirits came from the Spirit World. Clearly, they had special powers that human cultivators didn’t have. In terms of aura, they were a lot more powerful than the four old ancestors of the Yuangang School, Free and Unrestrained Valley, Hidden White Sect, and Fire God School.

And Gu Tianchen was actually able to call out those four terrifying things in the 6th level of the Heaven realm when he willed. Naturally, that caused people to be shocked. Shocked at the frightening strength of this genius World Spiritist.

“To ordinary Blue-cloak World Spiritists, making a contract with three World Spirits is already the limit. This Gu Tianchen is actually able to control four World Spirits. His strength is very strong as well. It’s likely that like Jie Shi, the distance to being a Purple-cloak World Spiritist is not far for him either.” Zi Ling said in a low voice when she saw the scene in front of their eyes.

“Four World Spirits, and every single one is in the 6th level of the Heaven realm. Isn’t that too strong? No wonder it’s said that World Spiritists are impressive occupations. Looking at it today, it is indeed true.”

Zhang Tianyi’s face was also filled with admiration. It was the first time he saw such powerful World Spirits, and also the first time he admired the unique power World Spiritists had.

“This isn’t even much. It’s rumoured that if a World Spiritist’s strength reaches a certain realm, that person can call out a World Spirit army on their own for their own use.”

“Although normally, such a powerful World Spiritist would only be alone when travelling, when battling, even schools and powers that exist for ten thousand years won’t be able to defeat such a World Spiritist.” Chu Feng spoke.

He heard that from Eggy. Although the number of World Spirits a World Spiritist could call was a standard measure to calculate a World Spiritist’s strength, as long as a World Spiritist reached a certain realm of strength, they could indeed call out a World Spirit army on their own to attack the world and be invincible.

*gulp* Hearing Chu Feng say that, Zhang Tianyi couldn’t help gulping. The admiration on his face instantly rose to the max.

One World Spiritist carrying a World Spirit army on him? How impressive of a thing was that? It really made him yearn for it, but he could do nothing as he didn’t have Spirit power, and was fated to be unrelated to World Spiritists in his life. So, his immense yearning could only turn into immense admiration.

In reality, not only Zhang Tianyi, even the extremely beautiful little face of Zi Ling who was also a World Spiritist became complicated after hearing Chu Feng’s words.

Because, she couldn’t help but think of a scene. The scene of one World Spiritist rising into the air, commanding a World Spirit Army to attack the world for themself.

People would feel their blood boil when they thought of that scene, but Zi Ling knew that even if it was a World Spirit army, there would be different levels of deterrence power.

In terms of World Spirit deterrence, which Spirit World’s World Spirit could be comparable to the Asura Spirit World’s World Spirit?

So, as long as she imagined in the future, what followed behind Chu Feng was an Asura Spirit World’s World Spirit army, even she felt a bit of admiration.


Just as the three of them were staring blankly, the four World Spirits that Gu Tianchen called out started to attack. However, what they were fighting against were also not humans. They were similarly four World Spirits.

Those four World Spirits’ appearances were a bit similar to Monstrous Beasts. They were World Spirits that came from the Beast Spirit World. The four Beast Spirit World World Spirits had strength not inferior to Gu Tianchen’s four Ghost Spirit World World Spirits. They were called out by Jie Shi.

At that moment, Jie Shi already rose into the sky. He stood in the air, looked at Gu Tianchen with smiles, and said, “Gu Tianchen, back then, you started closed-door training at the same time as me, but you have come out several days later than me. This already means your talent is inferior to mine. Is it possible that today, you still want to defeat me?”

“Jie Shi, you still look down on everyone like back then. My World Spirit Guild and your Jie clan could actually have coexisted, but you persist in wanting to determine a win and loss, in wanting to determine life and death.”

“Up until now, a hundred years has passed. You and I have already went from strong youths to old men with faces full of wrinkles. From the young generation into a senior. Our ages are reaching the end, and the fun in living won’t last for more than a few years.”

“But you still remain stupid and ignorant, and actually attacked my World Spirit Guild when I haven’t come out yet, wanting to eradicate my World Spirit Guild.”

“You are indeed a plague. For my World Spirit Guild’s peace, today, I will definitely remove you.” Gu Tianchen loudly said.

“Hahaha, Gu Tianchen, you want to remove me? Do you have that strength? Before, you were unable to defeat me. Today, you will still be unable to defeat me. Even if there is a person who prevails, then the person who prevails will also definitely be me.”

“Also, I can tell you without hiding anything. You have already come too late.”

“When you were training in seclusion, your World Spirit Guild used the special Delivery Formation to hiddenly transport your World Spirit Guild’s young generation away from the World Spirit Guild’s base. They wanted them to escape this calamity.”

“But they didn’t know that I already expected they would have that hand. So, your World Spirit Guild current, most excellent young generation have all died!”

“Without your young generation, your World Spirit Guild is fated to be weaker than my Jie clan for the next dozens of years. So, even if I don’t exterminate your World Spirit Guild today, you have already lost.” Jie Shi insanely laughed loudly.

And after hearing his words, the expressions of the current head of the World Spirit Guild and the manager elders changed greatly. All of their faces were like ashes. Some people’s feet even went limp, felt that the world was spinning, and fainted away.

Even Gu Tianchen tightly furrowed his brows. His calm gaze started to flicker and become unstable.

Because, it was as Jie Shi said. A power’s young generation did determine its future. If accidents truly happened to his World Spirit Guild’s young generation, it would definitely affect his World Spirit Guild’s future development. To them, it would definitely be a huge setback.

“Jie Shi, don’t even think of speaking nonsense. My World Spirit Guild’s Delivery Formation is the hard work of my previous generations’ seniors. How can it be calculated by the likes of you?” One manager elder in the World Spirit Guild was not willing to believe Jie Shi’s words and loudly retorted.

“I’m speaking nonsense? Open your dog eyes and look carefully. Why aren’t the four heads of the Yuangang School, Hidden White Sect, Fire God School, and Free and Unrestrained Valley in my army? Where did they go? Can it be that you can’t think of anything?”

“Gu Tianchen, tell your World Spirit Guild’s ignorant younger generation this. Tell them whether I, Jie Shi, have the ability to calculate where your World Spirit Guild’s Delivery Formation would send them or not!” Jie Shi’s laughter became louder and louder, as if he had already grasped the ticket to victory.