Chapter 465 - Gu Tianchen

MGA: Chapter 465 - Gu Tianchen

“Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation?”

“This Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation is an extremely powerful Binding Formation. If one is caught by it, there is almost no one who can escape from it.”

“But this Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation has extremely high requirements in Spirit Formation techniques. From what I’ve heard, only those above Purple-cloak World Spiritists can lay it. If there’s a Blue-cloak World Spiritist who can lay it, it means that they have extremely high attainments in Spirit Formations, and have already infinitely neared being a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.” Zi Ling explained.

“That powerful? Doesn’t that mean right now, a great disaster is approaching?” At that instant, Chu Feng’s brows also slightly furrowed and layers of uneasiness appeared in his gaze.

After hearing Zi Ling’s explanation, he knew how powerful Jie Shi was. He was an existence that infinitely neared the rank of a Purple-cloak World Spiritist. A character like him, in addition to his cultivation of the 7th level of the Heaven realm, was truly not someone they could fight against.



Indeed, just as the Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation finished forming, countless huge hands that covered the sky came from all directions and caught the Exquisite Chariot that Chu Feng and the others were in.

The power of the huge Spirit Formation hands was extremely strong. Even with the three of them channeling their full power into it, it was unable to make the Exquisite Chariot escape from the hands. And just at that time, Jie Shi already flew over. He stretched out with his palm. Layers of Heaven power condensed into a huge Heaven power hand and held the Exquisite Chariot with it.

At that instant, Chu Feng and the others could feel that layers of Heaven power was endlessly compressing the Exquisite Chariot. Clearly, Jie Shi wanted to break open the Exquisite Chariot’s Elite Armament might and pluck the three of them out from the chariot, then put them to their places.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng and the others no longer had any escape. They could only put all their power into the Exquisite Chariot to strengthen the Exquisite Chariot’s Elite Armament might to fight against Jie Shi’s power.

Because, as long as they hid within the Exquisite Chariot, they would still have a trace of survival chance. But if they left the Exquisite Chariot, it would be equal to dying.

“Three ignorant brats! Don’t think I can’t do anything to you by hiding in the Elite Armament. Today, all of you will become dust along with this Elite Armament!”

Jie Shi kept on madly laughing, then afterwards, he suddenly waved his hand and the huge hand condensed by Heaven power moved along with his. It descended from the sky, then afterwards, with a boom, it fiercely slammed the Exquisite Chariot onto the ground.

Then, he continuously waved his huge hand and kept on slamming the Exquisite Chariot towards the World Spirit Guild’s strongest formation, wanting to break the Elite Armament with his absolute power.

When facing such an insane Jie Shi, when facing his powerful and peerless power, even Chu Feng and the others were unable to fight against such horrifying force as they kept on rolling in the Exquisite Chariot, enduring the huge pressure.

But after all, a Elite Armament was a Elite Armament. No matter how strong Jie Shi’s power was, it wasn’t something he could destroy as he wished to. Even if he wanted to break the Exquisite Chariot’s connection with Chu Feng and the others, he could not.

In that situation, Jie Shi was thoroughly angered. After some waving, he leaped and entered the huge Spirit Formation hammer that he laid, and also placed the Exquisite Chariot on the World Spirit Guild’s formation that the huge Spirit Formation hammer was facing. He wanted to activate the horrifying huge hammer to shatter the Exquisite Chariot.

“Crap, the power of his huge Spirit Formation hammer is too powerful! If we get struck by it, even my Exquisite Chariot won’t be able to take it, and it will be broken by it!” Zi Ling said with a face filled with terror.

“Really? But this is a Elite Armament! Would Elite Armaments be that weak?” Zhang Tianyi asked with disbelief.

“No matter how much stronger Elite Armaments are, they are armaments. When facing absolute power, naturally, it is impossible to resist. Jie Shi’s huge Spirit Formation hammer can even break open the World Spirit Guild’s strongest Spirit Formation created by generations of their seniors, let alone the Exquisite Chariot that the three of us are channeling power into.”

The usually calm Zi Ling, at that instant, also had a face filled with worry because she could feel how powerful the huge Spirit Formation hammer was.

If an expert like her grandfather was putting power into the Exquisite Chariot, he would absolutely not be destroyed by the huge Spirit Formation hammer, but if it was them, it was likely that they were truly going to meet a catastrophe.

“Three ignorant brats, die!” Jie Shi stood in the formation as his hair and clothes fluttered without wind. With an explosive shout, the huge hammer condensed by Spirit Formation power struck down on the Exquisite Chariot that Chu Feng and the others were in.


However, in that crucial split moment, the World Spirit Guild’s strongest formation undulated, then the indestructible Spirit Formation was like a wave as it sucked the Exquisite Chariot into the Spirit Formation.


Also at that time, the huge Spirit Formation hammer abruptly slammed down, shattering the World Spirit Guild’s strongest Spirit Formation.

“Haha, it’s finally broken open!” Seeing the Spirit Formation which protected the World Spirit Guild finally breaking open, the elite army of one million made up by the alliance of the Jie clan and the four big power was elated.

“This old guy has finally come out.” However, Jie Shi who was channeling power into the huge Spirit Formation hammer lightly furrowed his brows because he knew that it wasn’t his hammer that broke the World Spirit Guild’s strongest formation. It was that someone dissolved the formation.

*boom* Indeed, shortly after the formation disappeared, boundless aura exploded outwards from the World Spirit Guild.

The powerful aura covered the sky and the ground. Other than Jie Shi, any person in the elite army of one million could not fight against that aura and were blown continuously back. Some people were even blown dozens of miles away.

Coincident with the appearance of the aura, an old man with white clothing appeared in the air.

That old man was none other than the person who fought equally against Jie Shi a hundred years ago and was also named as an exceptional genius. The old ancestor of the World Spirit Guild, Gu Tianchen.

The aura that the present Gu Tianchen emanated was not the slightest bit weaker than Jie Shi’s. Clearly, he also stepped into the 7th level of the Heaven realm.

“Gu Tianchen, you are finally willing to show yourself? The war between you and me have been dragged out for so long. It’s time to end it today.” Seeing Gu Tianchen, Jie Shi had actually rose straight into the sky and endlessly laughed madly. He seemed to not be too worried because of Gu Tianchen’s appearance. Rather, he was very happy.

Gu Tianchen didn’t pay attention to the words Jie Shi said. He turned around and cast his gaze behind him.

Behind him, the Exquisite Chariot was suspended in the air. Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi walked out of the Exquisite Chariot.

Gu Tianchen first assessed Chu Feng and the others, then said with a face filled with gratitude, “My three friends, sorry for the trouble. My World Spirit Guild will firmly remember today’s favour and will definitely repay you.”

“But right now, please back away. I shall start killing.”

After speaking, Gu Tianchen suddenly turned around. His previous still kind eyes instantly turned into two blade-like glares. At the same time, some black clouds appeared above him. Lightning shot everywhere from the black clouds, and it was extremely terrifying.

But the most terrifying thing was underneath the rolling black clouds that were filled with lightning. Four huge World Spirit Gates appeared, and four World Spirits with sinister faces and huge bodies stepped out from the World Spirit Gate.