Chapter 464 - Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation

MGA: Chapter 464 - Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation

Jie Xingpeng’s shout resonated throughout the sky like thunder. Even the people in the Spirit Formation was able hear some sound.

The call for help caused the old ancestor of the Jie clan, Jie Shi, to suddenly open his eyes, then he cast his gaze towards Jie Xingpeng.

At that instant, Zhang Tianyi’s body instantly quivered because what he felt was not only Jie Shi’s gaze. He also felt two formless sharp blades piercing through his body, and his everything was seen through. He also truly felt Jie Shi’s terror.

“Chu Feng, sister-in-law, run!” In only a split moment, Zhang Tianyi broke out in a cold sweat. He hurriedly yelled out loud, then flew towards Chu Feng.

Zi Ling also didn’t dare to be slow. She urged the Exquisite Chariot, then arrived by Chu Feng’s side. At that instant, as if they already preplanned it, with a swish, all of them immediately entered the Exquisite Chariot.

After entering the Exquisite Chariot, the three of them combined their power into the chariot. That caused the Exquisite Chariot’s speed to rise by many times, but they didn’t escape. They flew into the army of one million again, and with the might of the Elite Armament, the Exquisite Chariot, they starting slaughtering.

“Where did these three brats come from? You dare to oppose my Jie clan? Truly looking to die.”

Jie Shi slightly frowned then howled towards the sky. After that, he flew out of the boundless huge Spirit Formation hammer, and with might that shook the world, he flew towards the Exquisite Chariot.

“Old thing, you think you’re so good with the 7th level of the Heaven realm? If you can, come chase your master here! If you can, I’ll admit your impressiveness.” After Chu Feng’s insults which were filled with mocking came from the Exquisite Chariot, the chariot rushed out of the crowd and started to fly around the World Spirit Guild’s base.

“If I don’t kill you today, my name will not be Jie Shi.” What kind of person was Jie Shi? When he was insulted by a boy like Chu Feng, naturally, he overflowed with fury. He threw a fist through the air. When the fist was thrown, Heaven power surged, and it shot like a meteor shooting backwards. Even a huge hole formed in the sky.

But it was useless as not only was the speed of the Exquisite Chariot extremely fast, it was also extremely nimble. It beautifully did a sharp turn in the air and evaded the fist. Quickly afterwards, Chu Feng’s, Zhang Tianyi’s, and Zi Ling’s insults came from the Exquisite Chariot again.

So, the scene of an old man chasing after a chariot, while constantly throwing attacks as they circled around the World Spirit Guild’s base, appeared in the sky.

And after Jie Shi went to chase after Chu Feng and the others, the huge Spirit Formation hammer halted because there wasn’t a peak expert there to activate it. That also meant that the World Spirit Guild’s strongest formation temporarily evaded the danger of being broken through.

“What is happening? Why did that Jie Shi suddenly stop attacking?”

“Also, why does there seem to be insults coming from the outside?”

“This voice… It seems to be insulting Jie Shi. Who is so fearless to dare to insult him?”

The sudden change caused all the experts of the World Spirit Guild to be muddled and confused, however, they felt happy because of that. For no other reason but because at least temporarily, they shook away the danger. They, who had fought hardly for several days and nights, could finally breathe sighs of relief.

“Quickly go and see what is happening.” The face of the guild head also slightly changed. He ordered a few people to go forward to investigate because he didn’t feel like the old fox Jie Shi would stop attacking for no reason at all.

And very quickly, several experts flew to the side of the formation to investigate. When they hurried back, their faces undoubtedly brought joy, yet their emotions were filled with complications.

One of the old persons respectfully reported to the guild head, “Lord Guild Head. It’s...It’s Chu Feng. It’s Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi. They are steering a chariot and drawing Jie Shi away. Because of that, they made it so he can’t continue activating the formation to break our own formation.”

“Chu Feng, it’s actually him?” After hearing those words, the expression of the head of the World Spirit Guild couldn’t help but greatly change. Quickly after, indescribable complex expressions appeared on his face.

Only after a good while did he relievedly say, “I never would have thought that in the moment of my World Spirit Guild’s life and death, it would be this young man who comes to save us while risking his life. It seems like the help given to him before was all worth it. Rather, it’s far from being enough.”

*boom, boom, boom*

At that very instant, outside of the World Spirit Guild’s base, no matter if it was from the sky or the ground, endless explosions sounded out. Terrifying destruction kept on bursting out everywhere.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s and the others’ extremely unpleasant insults rang out. In a blink, those insults, along with the explosion sounds, had been sounding out for over two hours.

In a situation like that, Jie Shi was more and more enraged because he was very bitter. Bitter that he was being toyed around by a few brats. So, he just simply ignored the World Spirit Guild and ran in circles after Chu Feng.

As for the elite army of one million, they were quite helpless. If even the exceptional expert in the 7th level of the Heaven realm couldn’t do anything to Chu Feng and the others, what could they do? Right now, they didn’t even have enough strength to activate the huge Spirit Formation hammer. So, they could only stand on the ground to watch the liveliness.

“Haha, old bastard, you’re not much either! It seems like in these hundred years, other than eating, you slept right? I simply don’t even see where your strength lies at!”

“That’s right that’s right. From what I see, his years were all lived like a dog. The genius who shocked the continent a hundred years ago? Ha! If I were to cultivate for a hundred years, I could put you to death with a random fart.”

Chu Feng’s and Zhang Tianyi’s insults were extremely vile and the more they insulted, the more excited they got because what they wanted was Jie Shi to be angry. They wanted to drag out the time. One more minute they gained was one more minute.

Although they didn’t know when the old ancestor of the World Spirit Guild would come out, by doing that, at least the tens of millions of World Spirit Guild members could fight for a larger chance in surviving.

“Three ignorant brats. Don’t think I don’t know your intentions. But you are still too young to fight against me.” Suddenly, Jie Shi stopped in the air. He overlaid his hands, then struck out a strange handprint.

Quickly afterwards, energy ripples spread outwards from his body. A vast Spirit Formation appeared, enveloping the entire World Spirit Guild’s base and at the same time, locking Chu Feng and the others inside.

“Crap. This old thing actually laid a vast Spirit Formation without us knowing. He has sealed our escape!” Seeing that scene, even Zhang Tianyi who wasn’t too knowledgeable in World Spiritists widened his mouth from astonishment and a hint of fear emerged onto her face.

It was because he knew that even if the three of them put their full power in the Exquisite Chariot, it would absolutely not be able to defeat Jie Shi. Jie Shi was a lot stronger than the old ancestor in the Sword God Valley before. He was in the real 7th level of the Heaven realm, and his battle power was a lot more powerful than the ordinary 7th level of the Heaven realm. After all, his title of genius did not come from nowhere.

“Don’t panic. It is only a Sealing Formation. We still have plenty of space to escape. With my Exquisite Chariot’s speed, he shouldn’t even think of catching up to us.” Zi Ling said while being full of confidence.

*bang bang bang bang* But just at that time, the Spirit Formation undulated, then quickly after, explosively shot out countless huge hands that covered the sky.

The huge hands were formed by Spirit Formation power. They gave off a feeling of indestructibility, but the most important thing was that the huge hands which covered the sky were scattered almost everywhere. With that, Chu Feng and the others truly wished to advance yet could not, wished to retreat yet could not. What awaited them was only their fate of being caught.

At that instant, even the expression of Zi Ling, who was previously calm, changed greatly. Within her purple-coloured pupils, incomparable shock surged. She shouted out in surprise, “Is it possible that this is the legendary Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation?”