Chapter 463 - Ancestor Save Me

MGA: Chapter 463 - Ancestor Save Me

The World Spirit Guild, the strong and prosperous superpower, currently opened its strongest Defense Spirit Formation. The upper part of the Spirit Formation sealed the sky, the lower part of it sealed the earth, isolating them from the outside world.

That Spirit Formation was the hard work of the World Spirit Guild’s previous seniors, and at present, was also activated by countless World Spiritists. The defense power truly surpassed one’s imagination.

However, at that instant, outside of the Spirit Formation, there was another formation that rose into the sky. It was a Destruction Spirit Formation. The Destruction Spirit Formation was an extremely grand sight. It rose into the air, and with the vast Spirit Formation, it became a huge Spirit Formation hammer. It was moving back and forth in the air, endlessly slamming against the indescribable Spirit Formation.

Every time the huge hammer slammed down, it would make a sound even more deafening than thunder. Even if it was the Defense Spirit Formation interweaved together by innumerable Spirit Formations, it violently trembled. Right now, several cracks had already appeared and they were still spreading very quickly.

If that continued, it would only be a matter of time before the Spirit Formation was destroyed by the huge Spirit Formation hammer.

Underneath the huge Spirit Formation hammer, an old man stood with a lively complexion. His black clothes fluttered without wind, his eyes were tightly shut, his expression grave, and he was currently channeling all his power into the Destruction Spirit Formation.

He was the exceptional genius who shocked the Nine Provinces a hundred years ago. Up until now, he had been training in isolation for almost a hundred years, but he came out once again. He was the old ancestor of the Jie clan who finally stepped into the 7th level of the Heaven realm, Jie Shi.

“This isn’t good. Lord Guild Head, if this goes on, before the formation even gets broken through, half of my World Spirit Guild would fall from injury or death.” Within the base of the World Spirit Guild, several manager elders surrounded a white- and grey-haired old man. That old man was precisely the head of the World Spirit Guild.

The head of the World Spirit Guild just came from the place where the old ancestor was cultivating in isolation. He saw that the formation was being destroyed by Jie Shi bit by bit, and the experts of the World Spirit Guild who were channeling power into the formation were also unable to fight against Jie Shi’s power. Many people had already vomited blood, lost battle power, and some even directly died.

“Everyone, continue persevering. The old ancestor will come out soon, just persevere for two more hours!” The head of the World Spirit Guild said.

“Two hours? If this continues, I’m afraid that we won’t even be able to continue for a single hour.” The elders were in a very difficult situation.

“Even if you cannot continue, continue. As long as everyone perseveres, my World Spirit Guild can be saved. If we cannot, the formation will be broken through and my World Spirit Guild will be annihilated!” The head of the guild was furious. He leaped, and also joined in the formation of supporting the formation.

The elders could not do anything about that situation. So, quickly afterwards, all of them joined in the formation of supporting the formation.

However, Jie Shi’s huge Spirit Formation hammer was too fierce. Currently, the direction the situation was heading towards was the formation breaking. Even though the head of the World Spirit Guild joined in channeling power into the formation, it was difficult to repair the situation.

“Hmph. World Spirit Guild. You have been an enemy to my Jie clan for far too long. Today is the day all of you pay the price.”

The present chief of the Jie clan, Jie Xingpeng, coldly smiled as he looked at the scene in front of his eyes. At the same time, the old ancestor of the Fire God School, the old ancestor of the Yuangang School, the old ancestor of the Hidden White Sect, and the old ancestor of the Free and Unrestrained Valley had smiles formed from the corners of their mouths.

They were not on good terms with the World Spirit Guild. Especially with the Jie clan enticing them, they had already been an enemy of the World Spirit Guild, like water and fire. So, as long as they could break open the Spirit Formation, their elite army of one million would enter, start slaughtering, and kill so much that nothing would remain from the World Spirit Guild.

*boom boom boom boom boom*



But just at that time, within the elite army of one million from the Jie clan and other powers, bursts of explosions resonated. At the same time, several cries of pain rang out along with the noises.

Turning their heads to look, the expressions of Jie Xingpeng and the old ancestors of the four other powers changed greatly because a chariot had already slaughtered into their army. Also, three figures were starting a massacre.

It was two men and one woman. They were no stranger to Chu Feng and Zi Ling, but there was also another young man who was holding the Divine Wood Sword. Without even thinking, they already knew that it was Zhang Tianyi.

“Member of the World Spirit Guild, Chu Feng, has come forth to protect the guild. Those who invade my World Spirit Guild will die today!”

Chu Feng waved the Asura Ghost Axe and his moves were extremely vicious. Every single strike and style would definitely take a person’s life. As he slaughtered, he shouted and very quickly, he attracted everyone’s attention.

“This little animal even dares to appear in front of me? I will crush him alive to comfort my ancestors’ souls!”

After seeing Chu Feng, the head of the Fire God School was the first to explode in anger. Flames that rose into the sky surged out, and with the aura of the 6th level of the Heaven realm, he flew towards Chu Feng.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

At the same time, the three old ancestors of the Yuangang School, Hidden White Sect, and Free and Unrestrained Valley similarly speedily darted towards Chu Feng and started extremely powerful attacks.

“Those who dare to attack Junior Chu Feng is making an enemy of me, Zhang Tianyi!!”

However, before the four old ancestors neared Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi who held the Divine Wood Sword and gave off blue-coloured flames stopped in front of the four old ancestors and started extremely fierce attacks.

“Dammit. This young one is only in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm. How is it possible he has the power to suppress us?”

At that instant, the faces of the four old ancestors who were overflowing with bloodlust previously changed greatly because when facing the current Zhang Tianyi, they were extremely powerless. They were all suppressed by Zhang Tianyi, and they even entered a perilous state.

“Four old things! Don’t even think of saying shameless words. Wanting to kill Junior Chu Feng is equal to committing a crime worthy of death.”

Zhang Tianyi’s attacks became more and fiercer. Blurs of sword flew up and down, flames surged everywhere, and the air kept on trembling from all the attacks. The four old ancestors were simply unable to fight against them.

“Zhang Tianyi. There are no past conflicts between us. I hope that you don’t interfere with today’s matters or else if you alert my clan’s old ancestor, even if there are a hundred you’s, you won’t die enough.” Just at that time, the current chief of the Jie clan, Jie Xingpeng, appeared.

Although he was also in the 6th level of the Heaven realm, his strength was even stronger than the four old ancestors. The reason it was so was naturally because he had another identity: a powerful Blue-cloak World Spiritist.

But facing Zhang Tianyi, he felt some fear because with his sharp Spirit power, he found out that Zhang Tianyi’s power was even above his.

“I’ve already said that Junior Chu Feng’s enemy is my enemy. I will kill those who dare to attack Junior Chu Feng. If you dare to, call your old ancestor out for help! I, Zhang Tianyi, also want to experience the person who shocked the continent a hundred years ago.” Zhang Tianyi coldly snorted, then suddenly stabbed down with this sword.

*hmm* Seeing that, Jie Xingpeng’s expression changed and as he willed, he hurriedly laid ten Spirit Formations in front of him in succession to block Zhang Tianyi’s attack.

*bang bang bang bang bang*

But the might of Zhang Tianyi’s Divine Wood Sword was like breaking bamboo as with a single strike, he shattered all ten blue-coloured Spirit Formations and went straight for Jie Xingpeng’s throat.

“How is this possible? His power is actually this strong?” With that, even Jie Xingpeng panicked because Zhang Tianyi’s power was even stronger than what he had imagined. He alone was able to suppress him and the four old ancestors.

Right now, his Jie clan’s vice-chief, Jie Yan, was also completely suppressed by Zi Ling. Currently, danger was right in front of him and he was calling him for help.

As for the elite army of one million that remained, although their cultivations were not weak, there was no one who was able to defeat Chu Feng. As he held the Asura Ghost Axe, he was starting a huge massacre.

If that continued, before they could break through the World Spirit Guild’s Spirit Formation, the elite army that the five powers gathered would be destroyed by Chu Feng alone.

In that situation, Jie Xingpeng had no other choice. He grimaced, raised his head at the sky, and howled,

“Ancestor save me!!”