Chapter 462 - The Strongest Person in the Young Generation

MGA: Chapter 462 - The Strongest Person in the Young Generation

Especially Xu Zhongyu. When he saw the current Jie Qingming, he could totally imagine how he would end up as if he fought against Chu Feng.

But one year ago, his strength was still clearly far above Chu Feng’s. Yet one year later, he was flung so far behind by him. That fact really struck his confidence a bit.

However, even though that fact was very difficult to accept, the people from the World Spirit Guild still felt happy for Chu Feng. They felt happy because of this.

After all, at the end, Chu Feng was still part of their World Spirit Guild. Naturally, they were very willing for a genius like Chu Feng to appear in their World Spirit Guild.

So, at that instant, the ones most uneasy were still the four school heads. Their resentment with Chu Feng was very deep, and they already reached a state of “either your die or I die”. So, Chu Feng’s overwhelmingly powerful battle power and speed of growth was clearly not anything good for them.

“Mm, I still underestimated the durability of your Armor of Thorns. It seems like I still need to raise the power a bit.” As Chu Feng spoke, he raised his hand again and slammed the axe down on Jie Qingming’s body, causing him to spray out a mouthful of blood again.

“Chu Feng you brat, don’t even think about being so arrogant! You think Young Master Jie Qingming can be touched by the likes of you?”

Finally, the four school heads made their move. Naturally, they couldn’t allow Chu Feng kill Jie Qingming in front of them. After all, Jie Qingming came to that place with them. If anything happened to Jie Qingming, they would have to bear the consequences.

*boom* But just at that time, a wave of boundless aura suddenly surged from Chu Feng’s side. Lumps of blue-coloured flames burst out from Zhang Tianyi’s body.

At the same time, Zhang Tianyi leaped and came up to the four school heads. His powerful might shook the world and directly forced the four school heads to the ground, kneeling. Their bodies were quivering, they could not support themselves, and they were powerless to stand.

“When others are fighting, you better silently watch. All of you are still school heads. Don’t you even know a tiny bit of good behavior?”

Zhang Tianyi disdainfully looked at the four school heads under his feet. Normally, even the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley wasn’t able to defeat him, let alone those four school heads.

“Zhang Tianyi, cultivated a Forbidden Mysterious Technique?”

The four school heads were not inexperienced people, so with a glance, they knew that Zhang Tianyi’s blue-coloured flames did not belong to an ordinary martial skill. It had to be some sort of forbidden method or else it would not be possible for there to be such horrifying might.

“Mysterious Forbidden Technique? Don’t those things only exist in legends? Is it possible that there is really a technique like that in the world?” And after hearing those words of the four school heads, the young generation of the World Spirit Guild couldn’t help but be shocked.

Chu Feng was already terrifying enough. They never would have thought that Zhang Tianyi was even more terrifying than Chu Feng, being able to suppress the four school heads to the ground while forcing them to kneel.

“Senior Zhang, don’t waste your words with them. These people sent out wanted posters before and chased after Chu Feng everywhere. Today, it’s time for them to pay the price for their actions.”

Just at that time, Zi Ling gradually walked over. Also, her purple-coloured pupils had appeared and her body was surrounded by a purple-coloured aura.


With a flash of her purple pupils, the purple-coloured aura on her body became a fierce beast and swallowed the head of the Yuangang School all at once.


At that instant, from the purple-coloured aura, endless heart-breaking and lung-splitting cries rang out from the head of the Yuangang School. After the cries finished and when the purple-coloured aura was dispelled, what remained from the head of the Yuangang School was only a bloody skeleton. He lost all signs of life.

“You! You! You witch!!” Seeing that scene, the head of the Fire God School, the head of the Free and Unrestrained Valley, and the head of the Hidden White Sect panicked because from the head of the Yuangang School’s bloody skeleton, they saw their own ends.

“Sister-in-law, Junior Chu Feng’s enemy is my enemy. Leave these remaining people for me to handle.”

Just at that time, Zhang Tianyi lightly smiled, then quickly after, the blue-coloured flames that surrounded his body surged and in a mere blink, it drowned the three school heads as well as the experts from the four big powers and the Jie clan.

Flames rolled around, surged up and down, and within the bursts of miserable cries, the people who were arrogant and tyrannical were all refined by Zhang Tianyi’s blue-coloured flames and there wasn’t even anything remaining.

*gulp* At that moment, Jie Qingming who was still kneeling in front of Chu Feng’s body with heavy injuries was also stupefied. He couldn’t help gulping from fright. Droplets of sweat as big as beans filled his pale face. If even the four school heads were so easily killed, what about him?

Indeed, just at that time, Chu Feng finally raised the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand once again. Also, this time, layers of blood-coloured aura surrounded the black-coloured Asura Ghost Axe. The might it emanated was several times more powerful than before. Clearly, that was the real Asura Ghost Axe.

“Jie Qingming, it’s time to finish this.”


After speaking, the Asura Ghost Axe in Chu Feng’s hand abruptly fell and with a poof, the axe had chopped Jie Qingming into half. Jie Qingming, named as the number one genius in the continent of the Nine Provinces, died just like that by Chu Feng’s hands.

“Heavens, this...”

When they saw that scene, the young generation of the World Spirit Guild broke out in a cold sweat one after the other. They felt their spines going cold because Chu Feng’s, Zi Ling’s, and Zhang Tianyi’s methods were really ruthless. So ruthless that they could only sigh in shock because even though they were also of the young generation, their methods weren’t something that they could do. They finally saw what it truly meant to be the strongest in the young generation.

The real strongest people in the young generation wasn’t for naming oneself as the overlord in the young generation. It was to indifferently face senior experts in the old generation for battle, and even heartlessly slaughter them.

Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi were clearly the true strongest people in the young generation.


After killing Jie Qingming in that blow, Chu Feng extended his hand, grabbed, and two objects flew from Jie Qingming’s body. The first was a Cosmos Sack, and the other was a blood-coloured armor.

The armor was an armor for the inside. It wasn’t really big, but it was very exquisite.

Although there was a huge hole torn open, it was currently mending itself automatically, and such a special treasure was naturally the Elite Armament, the Armor of Thorns.

Chu Feng unrestrainedly put away Jie Qingming’s Cosmos Sack and Armor of Thorns. Only after doing that did Chu Feng ask Vice-head Gao, Xu Zhongyu, Gu Bo, and the others, “Vice-head Gao, what’s the current battle situation? Why did all of you appear here?”

“Ahh, truly, it can’t all be explained with one word.” Vice-head Gao’s face was filled with helplessness, then after that, he told Chu Feng what happened.

“So the old ancestor of the Jie clan has already come out. No wonder they could force your World Spirit Guild to this state.” After knowing what happened, even Chu Feng tightly frowned and felt that the present situation was indeed bad

*boom* Just at that time, an extremely huge explosion resounded. When the noise rang out, an extremely dazzling brilliance was given off from the direction of the World Spirit Guild. Even the ground slightly shook.

“This isn’t good. The old ancestor of the Jie clan is too powerful. If this continues, my World Spirit Guild’s Spirit Formation will definitely be broken open by him.” As he saw that scene, the Vice-head of the World Spirit Guild tightly locked his brows and his face was filled with worrying expressions.

At the same time, all the people from the World Spirit Guild were very nervous because those who were fighting there were their relatives, friends, and families!

*whoosh* Just at that time, Chu Feng waved his big axe and chopped off Jie Qingming’s head, then held it in his hand.

Afterwards, he said to Vice-head Gao and the others, “Lord Vice-head, bring them away from this place first. As for the guild’s side, I, Chu Feng, will do my best to protect it.”


After speaking, Chu Feng flew into the air, and at the same time, Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi quickly followed. After the three of them entered the Exquisite Chariot, they flew towards the World Spirit Guild.

Seeing Chu Feng’s departing back, Vice-head Gao’s eyes glittered and his face was filled with complications. He was thinking back then when Chu Feng was in a dangerous state, his World Spirit Guild did not do all it could to protect Chu Feng.

But right now, when his World Spirit Guild was in peril, Chu Feng came to protect his World Spirit Guild without regards of his own safety. Perhaps only the higher-ups of his World Spirit Guild could comprehend his guilty emotions.