Chapter 461 - Growth That Defies Reason

MGA: Chapter 461 - Growth That Defies Reason

*bang* Suddenly, Jie Qingming threw out a palm and it fiercely landed on Xu Zhongyu’s chest.

“Ahh!” The power of the palm was extremely strong, causing Xu Zhongyu to immediately spray out a mouthful of blood, then he powerlessly fell to the ground.

“Ah!” At the same time, Vice-head Gao was also unable to fight against the surrounding attacks of the four heads and similarly cried out in pain. One of his hand had actually been chopped off, blood blurred on his body, and there were many injuries as well.

“Vice-head Gao, Brother Xu Zhongyu!!” Seeing their two backbones so heavily wounded, Gu Bo and the others of the young generation shouted out loudly in panic. Especially the young females. They were unable to take blows like those to their hearts and were silently sobbing from fright.

“Hahaha! Cry, loudly cry! Today is your last day living!” Red light surrounded Jie Qingming’s body and as he neared Gu Bo and the others with bloodlust permeating the air, he insanely laughed loudly.

“Today is indeed the last day, but not for them. For you!” But just at that time, a loud voice suddenly exploded in the air.

When that voice rang out, the people from the World Spirit Guild were abruptly shocked, then quickly afterwards, they hurriedly cast their gaze towards the sky. And when they saw the origin of that familiar voice in the sky, for some reason, they rejoiced.

Because, at that instant, in the air, a beautiful chariot appeared. That chariot gave off boundless aura and had stopped in the sky.

From that chariot, three bodies descended. The person in the middle was Chu Feng, the one who they were extremely familiar with. As for the ones next to Chu Feng, naturally, they were Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi, and Zi Ling descended with lightning-like speeds from the sky and stopped in front of Gu Bo and the others in the young generation.

“Chu Feng? I never would have thought that you would even dare to appear in front of us.” When they saw Chu Feng, the expressions of the four heads all changed greatly as they grinded their teeth in anger. Especially the head of the Fire God School. His fists tightly clenched, and even his body was trembling, having an appearance of quickly losing control.

At first, when Chu Feng used schemes to lure him away from the Fire God School then took the chance to dig open the tombs of his Fire God School’s ancestors, almost causing his Fire God School to be exterminated, it resulted in him being fiercely beaten by the old ancestor of the Fire God School and he was forcefully closed off from the outside world.

Right now, he saw Chu Feng once again. Naturally, he was extremely furious and wished to skin Chu Feng, pull his tendons, and drink his blood.

But other than the head of the Fire God School, there was another person who surged with extremely strong bloodlust in his heart. That person was not one of the three other heads, but Jie Qingming.

Jie Qingming was already not in good terms with Chu Feng. At first, Chu Feng embarrassed him in front of a crowd in the Prestigious Villa and he had already embraced that hatred in his heart, but afterwards, when the one he loved, Zi Ling, loved Chu Feng instead, it caused his hatred to double.

In front of his eyes, the one he loved appeared in front of him with Chu Feng. How could he endure that? There was so much desire to kill Chu Feng that it could shoot straight into the sky, being only second to the head of the Fire God School.

But looking at the people who revealed vicious gazes and had overflowing bloodlusts towards him, Chu Feng was not afraid at all. Rather, he calmly smilingly said at ease, “The ones who chased after me back then in the Prestigious Villa are all here right?”

“Oh, wait wait, there’s one less. One less Vice-chief of the Jie clan. But it’s fine. The future chief of the Jie clan can replace the life of that old thing. How about it?” As he spoke, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards Jie Qingming. His gaze of disdain towards Jie Qingming was as if he was looking at a person who was going to die.

“Chu Feng, you are damn arrogant! You only have the strength of the 7th level of the Profound realm, yet dare to so shamelessly say you are going to take my life? Do you truly think you are the strongest genius in the continent of the Nine Provinces?”

Jie Qingming attacked. Within the time of one year, he already made a breakthrough from the 1st level of the Heaven realm to the 2nd level of the Heaven realm. So, he was even more confidence in his own strength. When facing Chu Feng who was in the 7th level of the Profound realm, he had absolute belief that he could defeat Chu Feng.

It had to be said that Jie Qingming was indeed very strong. Especially the Armor of Thorns that he wore. The atmosphere he gave off was simply not something that could be compared to normal people in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm. The battle power he gave off currently was definitely comparable to those in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm.

But sadly, the person he was facing was not an ordinary person. It was Chu Feng, who was crowned with the title of breaking reason.

Facing Jie Qingming’s approaching attack, many people were frightened and even Xu Zhongyu tightly furrowed his brows.

But Chu Feng only lightly smiled, and with a thought, his aura instantly rose from the 7th level of the Profound realm to the 9th level of the Profound realm as lightning transformed.

Simultaneously, his right hand formed a fist, and after the huge Asura Ghost Axe appeared, Chu Feng’s demeanor immediately became completely different.

“Kneel down.” Afterwards, Chu Feng waved his arm, then from up to down, the Asura Ghost Axe became a semi-circular black light and fiercely crashed down on the approaching Jie Qingming.

The strong power descended, instantly creating ripples, causing a deep pit to be made on the surface of the ground.

At that moment, Chu Feng stood in the middle of the deep pit, and Jie Qingming was kneeling in front of him. The radiance from the Armor of Thorns surrounded his body, but his back was being pressed by Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe.

“Dammit!” With the defense power of the Armor of Thorns, there was only blood on the corners of Jie Qingming’s mouth and he did not receive a fatal injury. At that instant, both of his hands were pushing against the ground as he wanted to stand up with all he had.

“Your Armor of Thorns is quite a nice defense equipment, but sadly, if I want to break it, it will truly not hold on.”

Chu Feng coldly smiled, then afterwards, he raised the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand again and abruptly slammed it down. With another bang, Jie Qingming who still hadn’t climbed back up was forced back down by Chu Feng.

“Ahh!” This time, a mouthful of blood sprayed out from Jie Qingming and even the indestructible Armor of Thorns which was surrounded by red light had many cracks appear at its back and was almost going to shatter.

Seeing that scene, the people there, other than Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi, were almost all stupefied.

Who was Jie Qingming? He was the future chief of the Jie clan! An expert in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm! A genius with a Elite Armament!

Such a character actually didn’t even have a chance to return attacks in front of Chu Feng and could only kneel on the ground like a dog. People truly felt that it was unacceptable.

Although the rumours about Chu Feng’s battle power that defied reason had already spread throughout the Nine Provinces and wasn’t any rare thing, when the people who were already acquainted with Chu Feng truly saw Chu Feng defying reason, they would still feel disbelief.

What they were so astonished about wasn’t only Chu Feng’s overwhelmingly strong battle power, because they had already known about that, and were even very familiar.

What they were astonished about was Chu Feng overwhelmingly fast speed of growth. After all, one year ago, Chu Feng was still unable to fight against characters in the Heaven realm.

But one year later, those in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm were beaten like a dog by him. That was really too astonishing.