Chapter 458 - Call Me Milady Queen

MGA: Chapter 458 - Call Me Milady Queen

“Mm, very good. It’s good to understand it.”

“Just say it like this. The power of the Divine Lightning in your body is too strong. It’s not something you can grasp right now.”

“That is a rule. Even if you can become even more overwhelmingly strong, there is certainly a limit. Even if you can use a very strong power, it will cause huge harm to your body.”

“For example, with your Spirit power, you can already make a link to blue-coloured Spirit Formation power. However, the reason you cannot do this is the same. Your body cannot bear this power.”

“Right now, it’s best to quickly refine those Profound beads to raise your cultivation. Even if you are able to make a link to the blue-coloured Spirit Formation with your Spirit power right now because you were endlessly training your Spirit power before, if you want to successfully gain its power, it is still not an easy thing.” Eggy solemnly said.

“Mm. It’s time to make a breakthrough.” Chu Feng nodded his head.

After that, Chu Feng carried Zi Ling onto a bed. After covering her with a blanket, Chu Feng didn’t walk too far. He sat by Zi Ling’s side and started to refine the Profound beads.

Because there were too many Profound beads, even if it was Chu Feng who refined them, he still needed a very long time. In addition to creating a connection to the blue-coloured Spirit Formation power, it was not a simple thing. So, Chu Feng spent an entire month in order to finish.

After one month, not only did Chu Feng successfully break into the 7th level of the Profound realm, he also successfully gained the power of blue-coloured Spirit Formations. He even grasped many methods that only Blue-cloak World Spiritists had. For example, opening the World Spirit Gate. It was a method that Chu Feng just grasped.


At present, a World Spirit Gate appeared. Chu Feng stood in front of the World Spirit Gate, awaiting Eggy’s appearance.

At the same time, Zi Ling, the Azure Dragon Founder, Zhuge Liuyun, Li Zhangqing, Chu Guyu, Chu Yue, and the others surrounded the World Spirit Gate and fixedly stared at it.

Everyone was very excited, some even nervous because the people there, other than Zi Ling and the Azure Dragon Founder, no one else saw what World Spirits were. The living from another world really made them yearn.

Especially Zhuge Liuyun who was also a World Spiritist and was even Chu Feng’s teacher. He couldn’t help prising, “So this is the power of Blue-cloak World Spiritists. To be able to release World Spirits so they can battle along with oneself. It is really, very, impressive!”

“I never would have thought that I, Zhuge Liuyun, would be this lucky to take in such an outstanding disciple. To be able to become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist at this age...”

“Look, it’s coming!” Suddenly, someone shouted and everyone became even more excited.

It was because the World Spirit Gate undulated. Quickly after, an extremely beautiful young female walked out from the World Spirit Gate.

That young female was too beautiful. Glittering big eyes, firm little nose, pink little cherry-like lips, and little face of extreme beauty. It was simply so beautiful it was suffocating.

Especially her skin that was as white as snow, yet gave off red lustre. She wore the short skirt woven by black-coloured feathers. Revealing snow-white shoulders on top, and slender beautiful legs at bottom. When people looked, they could not turn their eyes away.

And that person was naturally Queen Eggy. Eggy was the same when Chu Feng first saw her. There was not the slightest bit of change. She was still a lovable young female who could not be any sweeter.

*gulp* At that instant, the people on scene could not speak because they were deeply attracted by Eggy’s beauty.

In terms of appearance, Eggy was even a point higher than Zi Ling; in terms of demeanor, not only did Eggy have her pure and cute aura, she also had alluring attraction. She was simply absolutely perfect, and not a single flaw could be picked out.

Such a perfect appearance simply caused people to feel as though they were in a dream because how could such a perfect young woman appear in the mortal world? Yet currently, Eggy did just that, and truly appeared in front of everyone.

In reality, not to mention others, even Chu Feng, who met Eggy many times in his Spiritual World, was similarly stunned by Eggy’s beauty. Eggy’s beauty was indeed incomparable by humans.

However, Chu Feng knew that Eggy didn’t belong to this world. Also, even though she treated him quite well, in reality, she was extremely proud in her heart. Her heart didn’t seem to be moved by him, and it could be said that her heart wasn’t moved by anyone. She was a girl who had a decent heart, yet was hard to see through.

“Ahh~~~~~~~So comfortable!”

After Eggy walked out, she first coquettishly stretched her waist. Only after did she put her hands behind her back, mischievously walked next to Chu Feng, and sweetly smiled at him. However, she didn’t speak to him. She spoke to Zi Ling who was next to Chu Feng, “Little Lady Zi Ling, do you still remember me?”

“Your...your aura. On that day, in the White Tiger Villa, you borrowed Chu Feng’s body to suppress me?” At that instant, Zi Ling’s pair of eyes flickered and on her pretty little face, a hint of shock flashed past.

Because, back then in the White Tiger Villa, the dark power Chu Feng emanated was too terrifying. Even up until now, there were remnant fear in her heart and she could not forget.

Although, later on, the lightning power Chu Feng showed could cause mass destruction, in Zi Ling’s heart, the memory that was the most deeply engraved was still the black-coloured power because the black-coloured power was so terrifying that even her Divine Power trembled.

And at that instant, she finally knew where Chu Feng’s dark power came from. So it wasn’t from Chu Feng himself, but from Chu Feng’s World Spirit.

“Heh, that’s right. It was indeed me. But at that time, I didn’t know that this guy Chu Feng would like you. So, my strikes were struck heavier. Little Lady Zi Ling, if you have to blame someone, blame Chu Feng. Don’t blame me!”

Eggy naughtily smilingly said. Her smile could doubtlessly bewitch countless people. In reality, at that very instant, many people were bewitched by her smile, and even females were no exception.

“I won’t blame you, and even more so, I won’t blame Chu Feng. No matter what he does, I won’t blame him.” Zi Ling kindly returned a smile, and similarly, she could captivate tens of thousands of people.

“Lady, I wonder which Spirit World you came from?” Just at that time, the Azure Dragon Founder spoke. He similarly felt extremely powerful terrifying aura that leaned slightly towards darkness from Eggy’s body.


“Who said you can call me ‘lady’? You must call me as ‘Milady Queen’!” However, after hearing the Azure Dragon Founder’s words, Eggy suddenly yelled furiously. Her voice was loud and clear. Even the sturdy Thousand Bone Graveyard trembled.

Simultaneously, in Eggy’s previous clear eyes, glint showing that profanity was not allowed surged. The glint was extremely terrifying. It did not come from her strength. It was a demeanor she had.

Eggy, who changed like that, scared everyone. Almost everyone’s expressions greatly changed and they couldn’t help moving a few steps back.

Currently, how was Eggy even the little beauty who caused people to drool? It was as if she transformed into a little demon who caused others to be afraid.

Even the complexion of the Azure Dragon Founder who had a lot of experience slightly changed. After thinking for a while, he had actually calmly smiled, “Although I haven’t seen it before, this unique dark atmosphere is exactly the same as the records. If I’m not mistaken, lady, you should have come from the legendary Asura Spirit World!”