Chapter 457 - Absolutely Do Not Harm Her

MGA: Chapter 457 - Absolutely Do Not Harm Her

“I only remember the consciousness of the Sword God Valley’s ancestor, Murong Feng, being attached onto the body of the Sword God Valley’s old ancestor. I don’t remember too clearly about the things that came after.”

Chu Feng started to organize the memory fragments in his brain, but his memory, from start to finish, was locked on the scene in which the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley had a consciousness attached to him and his cultivation raising from the 6th level of the Heaven realm to the 7th level of the Heaven realm. He couldn’t remember what came after.

“Chu Feng, I feel that there is a must for you to know about this. Perhaps you can gain a deeper understanding of your own power.” Seeing that, Zi Ling didn’t hide anything, and she told everything that happened afterwards to Chu Feng in detail.

“That’s not possible right? You said that I, with my own power, destroyed the Sword God Valley?” After hearing the events that happened, even Chu Feng felt incomparably shocked.

“No, to be more precise, it’s you who destroyed everything within the circumference of a thousand miles of the Sword God Valley.” Zi Ling seriously said.

*gulp* At that instant, even Chu Feng himself couldn’t help gulping. The circumference of a thousand miles. How vast was that land? Even if he used the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens to quickly fly, he still had to fly for a while.

And according to what Zi Ling said, back then, it was only a single strike that destroyed the land within the circumference of a thousand miles. He could totally imagine how terrifying that power was.

But Chu Feng unhesitantly believed it. He believed everything Zi Ling said because the golden lightning and blue lightning were indeed things he grasped.

And the reason why he was so shocked was because even though he knew that the Divine Lightning in his body was very powerful, he never would have thought that it would be that powerful.

“That’s right Chu Feng. There are also these. I’m sure that after refining these, you should be able to break through right?” As Zi Ling spoke, she took her Cosmos Sack and handed it over to Chu Feng.

“Zi Ling, this is?!” After opening the Cosmos Sack, Chu Feng was shocked once again because the Cosmos Sack was filled with Profound beads. There were five million.

“On that day, you destroyed the Sword God Valley, but indirectly, you also caused the treasury the Sword God Valley hidden deep underground to burst out, and you also destroyed the locks.”

“Afterwards, I asked Senior Zhang to sell some unusable treasures and turned them all to cultivation resources that you can cultivate. The Profound beads here can be said to be the Sword God Valley’s everything.” Zi Ling explained.

“Then what about Senior Zhang? I can’t use so many Profound beads by myself!” Chu Feng said.

“Senior Zhang cultivated a Forbidden Mysterious Technique. He’s the same as me: he doesn’t have huge needs for cultivation resources. Besides, he has already felt that if it wasn’t for you, we would have died back then. So, he isn’t willing to take a single Profound bead. Cultivate at ease, quickly rise to the 7th level of the Profound realm, and only then can you save Su Rou and Su Mei.” Zi Ling said.

And seeing Su Rou and Su Mei who were sealed in the Spirit Formation next to him, Chu Feng also didn’t hesitate and put away the Cosmos Sack. With his estimations, there was absolutely no problem breaking into the 7th level of the Profound realm with so many Profound beads.

After putting away the Profound beads, Chu Feng didn’t hurry to cultivate them. He first went to see his family members and let them know that he was already well so they wouldn’t worry.

Indeed, after everyone saw Chu Feng up, all of them breathed a long sigh of relief and their tense hearts finally calmed down.

After that, in order to celebrate Chu Feng’s recovery, Zhang Tianyi specially left the Thousand Bone Graveyard and went to seek for a big pile of deliciousness. After bringing it back, Chu Yue and the others cooked it and made an incomparable sumptuous feast. The group of people then happily ate together.

After the meal, sleepiness suddenly surged forth, so Zi Ling laid in Chu Feng’s embrace and fell asleep.

Looking at Zi Ling in his embrace, Chu Feng’s heart endlessly ached. For a full two months, in order to take care of him, Zi Ling had almost not slept. Even if she had a body of steel, she could still not bear that.

“Chu Feng, this time, you finally know how powerful the Divine Lightning in your body is. On that day, even I was scared by you. Power like that shouldn’t have been bursted out with a cultivation like yours.”

Finally, Eggy who had been in silence for a long time spoke. At first, although Chu Feng was unconscious, Eggy was able to remain awake so she witnessed the scene that day clearly.

“Eggy, do you know how I bursted out the power of the Divine Lightning?”

“What way is there that can allow me to grasp the power of the Divine Lightning?” Chu Feng impatiently asked. He truly wanted grasp power that had great destruction potential.

“Accurately speaking, I also don’t know how to grasp it. Looking at the situation that time, the old bastard of the Sword God Valley touched your Zi Ling, causing your anger to stir up and killing intent to spread, and also at that time, the power of the Divine Lightning bursted out.”

“At that time, you even said some mysterious words, but I’m guessing that you have no recollection of them. So, according to my analysis, there are two possibilities.” Eggy said.

“What possibilities?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“The first possibility is that Lady Zi Ling is really too important to you right now. So important that you do not allow anyone to harm her. It was your impulse in wanting to protect her that activated the power of the Divine Lightning.”

“Another possibility is that the Divine Lightning controlled you. At least, the power of the Divine Lightning affected your emotions, or else you wouldn’t have said those words that were full of ambition.” Eggy said.

“Then what should I do?” Chu Feng asked.

“If it’s the second possibility, then you can only wait. Perhaps the Divine Lightning truly has intelligence, and like a Secret Skill, the time you thoroughly gain its power is when it thoroughly approves of you.”

“If it’s the first possibility, then it would be easier to deal with. Just let your Zi Ling be harmed a bit more and use that to stir up your anger. But from my guesses, since you love her so much right now, you would definitely not harm her for power right?” Eggy sweetly said while smiling, as if she already seen through Chu Feng.

“Of course I can’t. How can I go harm Zi Ling for power?” Chu Feng immediately refused. His expression was very unsightly, as if it was a taboo.

“Mm, not bad. Now that seems like the Chu Feng I know. Men can indeed not harm their woman for power. If you truly did that, I would rather look down on you.”

“Besides, they are only guesses. Rather than the first, I feel like the second is the most likely. It seems like it decides itself how much power from the Divine Lightning you can grasp.”

“Of course, you can go and understand it yourself, but your current comprehension power is only what it is. If you want to more deeply understand the power of the Divine Lightning, then it’s back to the old method: to require a burst of assistance.”

“Zi Ling’s Divine Body’s power is the best assistance. As long as you and Zi Ling do the thing between a man and a woman for once, perhaps it can allow you gain some new things from the Divine Lightning.”

“But whether it can succeed or not will only be a guess. It is all unknown. At the end, if you want to become stronger, you still have to rely on yourself.” Eggy gigglingly said.

“I will become strong, but I will absolutely not make things difficult for Zi Ling, and even more so, I will not harm her.” Chu Feng firmly said.