Chapter 456 - This is a Natural Disaster

MGA: Chapter 456 - This is a Natural Disaster

In the continent of the Nine Provinces, in the Sui Province, within the borders of the Sword God Valley, huge black clouds suddenly appeared. Shortly after the black clouds appeared, there was a frightening explosion.

That explosion shocked the entire continent of the Nine Provinces. Even the people outside of the continent heard it. The people from the Sui Province even personally saw it. Dazzling radiance formed by blue and gold interweaving, spreading from the direction of the Sword God Valley.

After the dazzling radiance, the Sword God Valley was flattened. To be more precise, the entire area covered by black clouds became a huge and vast deep valley. Within the range of the deep valley, no life or buildings remained.

That shocked the entire continent. The Jiang Dynasty even sent out peak experts forward to the Sui Province’s Sword God Valley to discover the truth of the shocking explosion.

Finally, the Jiang Dynasty ended up with a conclusion. The horrifying explosion was a natural disaster. As for why a natural disaster suddenly appeared, even the people from the Jiang Dynasty didn’t know why.

And facing that statement, those who personally saw the old Sword God Valley and went to see the vast valley all agreed that the Jiang Dynasty’s conclusion was correct.

It was because a person could absolutely not create such terrifying destruction. At least, in the current continent of the Nine Provinces, there seemed to be no one who do such a thing.

Time passed, and like a blink, two months had already passed since the frightening huge explosion. After two months, people were still excitedly discussing the huge explosion. It was everyone’s favourite topic of discussion at leisure times.

Within two months, extremely huge changes also happened to the huge deep valley. Because the deep valley was too deep, it caused underground water to resurface. It also changed some river routes with them converging into the deep valley.

So, after two months of time, there was a lot of accumulated water in the deep valley. It was almost going to become a vast lake, and regarding the lake, people even took a name for it. The Natural Disaster Lake.

Along with the continuous enlargement of the Natural Disaster Lake, the deep valley was endlessly being filled up. The Sword God Valley that had been existing for almost a thousand years also eternally disappeared from people’s lines of sight.

In the Azure Province, within the Thousand Bone Graveyard, next to the Spirit Formation that sealed Su Rou and Su Mei, Chu Feng calmly laid on a bed and beside him, Zi Ling looked over him.

“Sister-in-law, how’s Junior Chu Feng?” A voice rang out. Zhang Tianyi slowly walked over.

“Ancestor Azure Dragon just came by and had a look. He said that Chu Feng’s body is fairly well now and he believes he will reawaken after a few more days.” Zi Ling lightly smiled and said, but her gaze was still frozen on Chu Feng’s body.

“That’s great. On that day, if it wasn’t for Junior Chu Feng, we would have likely died there.” Zhang Tianyi meaningfully looked at Chu Feng. As long as he thought back at the frightening scene two months ago in the Sword God Valley, he couldn’t avoid feeling a bit of fear towards Chu Feng.

Because, at that instant, even if it was he who cultivated a Forbidden Mysterious Technique, he still felt a fatal threat. Especially after the explosion finished when he personally saw the scene back then. That was truly soul-frightening.

Within the circumference of several thousand miles, dense smoke rolled about everywhere. He could not feel the slightest trace of life. It was really too terrifying because he who had always seen himself as exceptional had never thought that there would be a person who could create such terrifying damage with his own strength. It was truly power that could destroy the heavens and the earth.

“Senior Zhang, you haven’t told anyone about Chu Feng right?” Zi Ling lightly smiled and asked.

“I haven’t. I know how powerful information like this is. If it is known, it can very possibly attract trouble for Junior Chu Feng so naturally I wouldn’t tell anyone. Right now, only you and I know about this, as well as Junior Chu Feng. The people who were in the Sword God Valley that day are all dead anyway.”

“Actually, thinking more carefully, it is truly a miracle for me to survive from such level of terrifying power.” Zhang Tianyi smiled.

“I’m sure that Chu Feng at that time still had a stand of reason. If he didn’t want to protect us, from that level of power, how could we possibly have lived?” Zi Ling smilingly said.

“Yeah.” Zhang Tianyi nodded in agreement, then after deeply looking at Chu Feng, he left.

When the power in Chu Feng’s body burst out, even Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi were dumbfounded because they became aware that Chu Feng grasped extremely destructive power.

And that type of power could not be known to others. If a certain strong force of power knew about it, it would be unclear whether Chu Feng would have luck or a disaster.

Zi Ling heard her grandfather say before that in the Eastern Sea Region, there was such a terrifying power. They would usually use poisonous methods to take other people’s power away and add it onto their own bodies.

Although those powers were twisted and evil, there were indeed many of them and many already had a standing. They were rulers of an area, and there were no one who dared to easily anger them.

So, back then, Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi instantly decided to not tell anyone about the secret on Chu Feng’s body. Even if it was Chu Feng’s family or the Azure Dragon Founder, they could not be told.

Actually, according to Zi Ling’s nature, her first thought back then was to kill Zhang Tianyi. Only that was the safest, the most appropriate.

But she could do nothing as on one side, her strength was inferior to Zhang Tianyi’s, and even if she truly killed Zhang Tianyi on her own discretion, she was afraid that Chu Feng would blame her. So, she didn’t do such extreme things.

After that, the two of them brought the unconscious and extremely weak Chu Feng back here.

Up until now, he had already been healing for over two months, but Chu Feng had still not awakened.

After a few more days, Zi Ling was still, as usual, looking over Chu Feng by his side. Even though she knew that Chu Feng was fairly fine, as long as Chu Feng didn’t awake, expressions of worry would still be on her face.

“Mm~~~~~~” Finally, Chu Feng’s eyes trembled a bit, and at the same time, a light hmph sounded from his mouth.

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng, wake up! Stop sleeping!” Seeing that, Zi Ling was instantly elated and she hurriedly called out to Chu Feng constantly, deeply afraid that he would go back to sleep.

Indeed, with Zi Ling’s sweet calls, Chu Feng’s eyes started to slowly open. After he saw Zi Ling, a shining and peaceful light smile rose from the corners of his mouth, but when he observed his surroundings, a hint of puzzledness flashed past his eyes as he asked Zi Ling,

“Zi Ling, did we return to the Thousand Bone Graveyard? Shouldn’t we be in the Sword God Valley?”

“Chu Feng, don’t you remember what happened?” Seeing Chu Feng’s confused appearance, Zi Ling’s brows slightly furrowed and a touch of worry emerged onto her face.

After all, after Chu Feng exploded his terrifying power out back then, his body was extremely weak. At that time, Zi Ling had cried many times, because Chu Feng’s body was really too weak back then.

So weak that he would possibly die at any time. So, even if the present Chu Feng already recovered, she was still very worried. Worried whether Chu Feng would receive any detrimental effects because of what happened.