Chapter 455 - Shocking Huge Explosion

MGA: Chapter 455 - Shocking Huge Explosion

“Mom, it’s going to rain, quickly bring the clothes back in!” In a certain location in the Sui Province, a girl, in a courtyard, yelled loudly.

“What are you randomly yelling about? You’re lying to Mom again. The sky is clear for ten thousand miles. Where does it look like it’s going to rain?” After a middle-aged woman walked out from a house, she raised her head, looked at the clear sky, then looked back at her child and angrily scolded.

“I didn’t! Mom, look, look! It’s really going to rain! There is definitely rain in such a big rain cloud!” The girl skipped and jumped as she pointed behind the woman with a face filled with grievance.

The woman turned her head around half-believing and half-doubting, but she discovered in the direction of the Sword God Valley, dark black clouds did indeed appear. At that instant, the woman’s face greatly changed because she found out that the black clouds were really strange. Terrifyingly strange.

The black clouds were extremely black, as pitch-black as ink. The area they took up was very big as well. It thoroughly covered the region in the distance and it didn’t move. It stayed at that place.

It was wiggling, like a huge monster: sinister and terrifying. When one took a single glance, their spine would feel chills and they would become extremely uneasy.

“Ahh~~~~~~~~” Suddenly, from a nearby courtyard, the shriek of a female sounded out, screaming, “What is that? It’s so scary!”

“Wuu, Mom, Mom...” Quickly after, from another courtyard, the sobbing of a boy rang out as he cried for his mother with tears.

“Little Cloud, don’t look, quickly go back into the house.” Seeing that situation, the woman with no cultivation was also scared. She knew that the people around her were frightened by the black-coloured clouds.

So, she carried the little girl, entered the house, and without even bringing the clothes back, she closed the doors, windows, and even locked them.

In reality, everyone within the circumference of a thousand miles of the Sword God Valley saw the black clouds. The black clouds were too strange. Not to mention commoners who hadn’t cultivated before, even when some experts with high cultivation saw the black clouds, they tightly furrowed their brows and were very uneasy.

“How is this happening? This Chu Feng is actually so terrifying! This aura…. I cannot bear it any longer.”

Suddenly, someone’s legs went limp and they knelt on the ground. Chu Feng’s aura was getting stronger and stronger and it almost engulfed the entire region at that place. Even though he didn’t intentionally suppress anyone, people were still unable to fight against the aura.

Quickly after, a large number of people started to kneel on the ground. Some people fainted away, and when those people fainted away, they even twitched on the ground.

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong? Are you okay?! Chu Feng, hurry up and answer me, don’t scare me!”

At that instant, even Zi Ling panicked. She was the closest to Chu Feng, and also the person who could feel how terrifying Chu Feng was right now the most.

If one were to ask how terrifying Chu Feng was at that moment, even as a Divine Body, she felt very anxious because her Divine Power was restlessly being agitated, as if it felt the disturbance of Chu Feng’s power. The most important thing was that it was the first time Zi Ling felt the agitation of her Divine Power.

But she was even more worried because she discovered that not only did Chu Feng’s eyes change, his entire person seemed to have changed. He did not seem to be the Chu Feng she knew, and in reality, ever since Chu Feng changed, he was only fiercely glaring at the distant old ancestor of the Sword God Valley and had indeed not even glanced at Zi Ling.


Suddenly, Chu Feng moved. He started to move forward, walking slowly towards the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley. As he walked, he spoke. Thunder-like voice resonated throughout that land.

“There will be, one day, when this sky shatters because of me, when this land collapses because of me, when the sun, moon, and stars change because of me.”

“If that day, the one I love is no longer here, then I will make this world’s people die with her!”


As Chu Feng spoke, the lightning around his body started to surge everywhere and the black clouds in the sky started to extremely quickly spiral. Bursts of powerful wind forced people to be unable to open their eyes. The ones with slightly stronger cultivation were fine, but as for the ones with slightly weaker cultivation, they were unable to resist the power of the wind, and like scarecrows, they were blown away by the wind and moved wherever the wind brought them.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

The wind power got stronger and stronger. Even the Sword God Valley’s palaces built by special materials started to collapse and shatter. The region of land in that place sank into chaos and countless screams rang out in that place.

“Chu Feng! Chu Feng!!”

At that instant, Zi Ling originally wanted to get closer to Chu Feng, but she could do nothing as the wind power blew because of Chu Feng. The closer she got, the more overwhelmingly strong it got. Even though she kept on emitting layers of purple aura and her Divine Power got stronger, she was still unable to near Chu Feng.

“Junior Chu Feng, are you okay? Dammit, dammit! This damn wind!”

At the same time, Zhang Tianyi was not aware that the wind came from Chu Feng and he even thought that Chu Feng was in danger. He also tried his best to approach Chu Feng, but even though it was him, he was unable to approach Chu Feng right now.


Suddenly, an extremely ear-piercing sound rang out. It wasn’t simple thunder. It was more like the roar of a fierce beast, and looking more carefully, Zhang Tianyi’s and Zi Ling’s already fearful complexion instantly changed greatly.

It was because they astonishedly discovered that in the direction Chu Feng was at, the gold and blue interweaved lightning were rapidly expanding.

As they expanded, they faintly formed two shapes. They were the shapes of two huge beasts. They had never seen such huge beasts like those before, but they were extremely terrifying.

And also at that instant, the two of them were engulfed by the two huge lightning beasts.

*boom rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

Quickly afterwards, a boom that shocked the world rang out. The entire continent of the Nine Provinces heard that sound. Some people in other continents also heard that explosion.

The most horrifying thing was that coincident with the explosion, the entire continent of the Nine Provinces trembled. Although it was only a light tremble, it still caused people to be endlessly fearful. After all, terrifying sound added onto the effect of the ground shaking always caused people to feel uneasy. Some people took quite mad guesses, but even the most trivial guesses felt that it was an earthquake.

“What happened? Something seemed to have happened just now?” That was the question mark in everyone’s hearts because after the explosion and the shaking passed by like a flash, they didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know whether what happened was real or just their imagination.

At the same time, in the Han Province in the continent of the Nine Provinces, within an imposing city that had dominating airs, there was a tall tower that connected with the sky and pierced through the white clouds.

The tall tower was dazzling in golden colours as it was erected there, like a sharp sword that inversely stabbed the sky.

At that very instant, on the tall tower, a white- and grey-haired, golden-clothed old man sat there. Currently, his aged but clear eyes had opened. They were staring at the Sui Province while glittering.

Suddenly, his snow-white and sword-like brows lightly furrowed as he muttered, “The Sui Province… What just happened?”

And as the continent of the Nine Provinces, even the people of the continent of the Nine Provinces, was shaken by the huge sound, in the core of the explosion, within the Sword God Valley, everything changed to the point nothing seemed to be the same anymore.

The Sword God Valley truly became a deep valley. An incomparably huge deep valley. The former Sword God Valley was no longer there, as it was covered by a super-huge semicircular deep valley.

The area of the deep valley was ten times the previous Sword God Valley, and outside of the deep valley, countless thick and deep cracks spread and extended.

At present, there were a few black-coloured clouds that were unwilling to leave still floating around in the sky. The sunlight from the sun descending in the east also illuminated the deep valley with dense rolling smoke.

But in that place, there was not half a bit of life force. It was a lifeless atmosphere...