Chapter 459 - Eggy's Thoughts

MGA: Chapter 459 - Eggy's Thoughts

“She’s indeed a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World. No wonder her power is so dark.” After hearing the Azure Dragon Founder’s words, Zi Ling also lightly frowned. Within her clear eyes, some change happened. She had already guessed that Eggy possibly came from the Asura Spirit World.

“Asura Spirit World? The Asura Spirit World that’s like a legend, grasps infinite power of darkness, and is named as the strongest Spirit World within the Seven Spirit Worlds?”

At that instant, the one most shocked was none other than Zhuge Liuyun. Although his current World Spirit Techniques were far from Chu Feng’s and Zi Ling’s, after all, he had been a World Spiritist for so many years. His knowledge regarding World Spirit Techniques was rather broad.

So naturally, he had heard of which seven worlds the Seven Spirit Worlds were, and within them, which one was the noblest, which one was the proudest, and which one was the strongest.

The noblest was absolutely not the World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World, and the proudest were not the World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World either. But in terms of the strongest, most ruthless, most tyrannical, it was absolutely none other than the World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World.

The World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World were powerful, and were simply the dreams of all strong World Spiritists. World Spiritist able to gain the approval of a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World were extremely powerful existences. At least, they had extremely excellent talent and would become a very mighty World Spiritist in the future.

At present, Chu Feng had actually gained the approval of a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World. What did that mean? It meant that Chu Feng’s potential was simply unlimited. It meant that in the future, Chu Feng was fated to become an outstanding World Spiritist.

To the bystanders, perhaps they didn’t understand what the Asura Spirit World represented, but Zhuge Liuyun knew the importance of the Asura Spirit World.

So, at that very instant, shock filled his aged face. When he looked back at Chu Feng, his gaze was extremely complicated, being flooded with unspeakable emotions because the potential that Chu Feng had already completely surpassed his imagination.

“Old thing, I told you to not call me lady! Are you unable to understand?” However, just at that time, Eggy was furious, her brows furrowed, her faced changed, and she roared at the Azure Dragon Founder once again.

“Eggy, you cannot be disrespectful! He is my ancestor!” Seeing that, Chu Feng, hurriedly went up to dissuade her. But Eggy’s character was originally uncontrollable. She even treated him like that, let alone others. He was truly afraid that Eggy would do any actions that went too far.

“Hmph.” At that instant, Eggy wanted to say something, but seeing Chu Feng speak, she curled her lips, then swallowed back her words. Afterwards, she shot a glance at Chu Feng then said, “Truly meaningless. A group of pitifully weak garbage even dares to be so disrespectful to me? Whatever, I’m going back.”

After speaking, Eggy leaped, and as her short black-coloured feather skirt slightly swayed, she became a blur of light and rushed back into the World Spirit Gate, and disappeared.

Seeing Eggy leave just like that, Chu Feng felt very speechless, yet he could do nothing about it. After all, Eggy was originally special and perhaps in her eyes, the Azure Dragon Founder was truly nothing. It could be said that he wasn’t even enough to enter her eyes, so he really didn’t feel good to say anything more to Eggy.

As for the others, they would not dare to say anything about Eggy even more so. Although seeing Eggy be disrespectful to the Azure Dragon Founder, many people from the Azure Dragon School felt a bit displeased, there was really no one who dared to speak up to say anything.

It was because as Eggy was angered, they all felt a burst of extremely terrifying aura. As if it was an aura that only demons from hell had. So, they were deeply aware that Eggy was absolutely not an existence that they could anger.

“Haha, the World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World are indeed domineering enough. Oh Chu Feng, you fought quite a bit for me just now! I like that girl.” The Azure Dragon Founder suddenly laughed loudly. Not only was he not angry, he even seemed happy.

Seeing that, Chu Feng couldn’t help breathing a long sigh of relief. No matter how Eggy looked down on the Azure Dragon Founder, after all, he was his ancestor. So, from the bottom of Chu Feng’s heart, he still respected the Azure Dragon Founder a lot and hope that Eggy didn’t anger him.

However, although he was worried that his own ancestor would be angry, Chu Feng was also worried that Eggy was angry. So, after everyone scattered, Chu Feng hurriedly asked secretly,

“Eggy, you wouldn’t really be angry right? My ancestor doesn’t know how powerful you were before, and he saw that your appearance was of a young female’s so with his age, it’s very normal to call you ‘little lady’.”

“You want him to call you ‘Milady Queen’ in front of so many young people. Now that truly makes things difficult for him.”

At that instant, Eggy cutely laid in Chu Feng’s Spiritual World. She curled her lips and said, “Chu Feng, you look down on me too much. How am I that narrow-minded? But from now on, I won’t easily go out. Call me when there’s someone bullying you!”

“You even say that you’re not angry? Haven’t you always wanted to get rid of my Spiritual World’s bindings? You can now, yet you don’t come out. Don’t be in a bad mood. It’s my fault, so is it okay?” Chu Feng earnestly urged. He truly minded Eggy’s feelings.

“Idiot. I am doing this for the sake of you. Don’t waste your breath anymore and go accompany your fiancée.” Eggy curled her lips, then afterwards, childishly smiled, turned her body away, pretended to sleep, and no longer spoke. No matter what Chu Feng said, it was useless.

“Junior Chu Feng, Junior Chu Feng!” Suddenly, bursts of calls rang out as Zhang Tianyi ran over with a face filled with anxiousness.

“Senior Zhang, did something happen outside?” Seeing that, Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows and hurriedly rose to inquire.

Several days ago, before Chu Feng made a breakthrough, he entrusted Zhang Tianyi to go to the Spirit Province to check out the current World Spirit Guild’s situation as preparation for Chu Feng’s journey to the World Spirit Guild a few days later.

But seeing Zhang Tianyi’s appearance, Chu Feng knew that something must have happened.

“This is bad. Right now, the continent of the Nine Provinces is in chaos. The Jie clan announced to the outside world that I, you, and Zi Ling have all been secretly protected by the World Spirit Guild so that’s why the Nine Provinces cannot find us.”

“Right now, with the reason of campaigning against us three, the Jie clan has joined hands with the Yuangang School, Hidden White Sect, Free and Unrestrained Valley, and the Fire God School. They have gathered a grand elite army of one million to attack the World Spirit Guild!”

“At present, the war has already started. The flames of battle have engulfed the entire Spirit Province, and the World Spirit Guild is constantly backing away from being outnumbered, and right now, they are staying within their base and only the last layer of defense remains. If it gets broken through by the army, the World Spirit Guild will definitely be annihilated.”

“From what I know, on the surface, the Jie clan waves the banners of catching you, but in reality, they want to remove their archenemy of many years, the World Spirit Guild, and occupy the Asura Ghost Tower for themselves.” Zhang Tianyi solemnly said.

“The old ancestors of the Yuangang School, Hidden White Sect, Free and Unrestrained Valley, and Fire God School have all come out?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yeah, all Heaven realm experts have been sent out and they vowed to destroy the World Spirit Guild.” Zhang Tianyi said.

“They are betting everything all at once, and if they fail, then they just die thinking they did for a good cause.” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, what should we do now? It’s a small matter if the World Spirit Guild is destroyed, but if the Asura Ghost Tower gets occupied by the Jie clan, that will not be good.”

Just at that time, Zi Ling also walked over. She knew how Chu Feng needed to save Su Rou and Su Mei, so she knew the importance of the Asura Ghost Tower to Chu Feng.

At that instant, Chu Feng was not too worried. Rather, he calmly smiled and said, “The Jie clan wants to exterminate the World Spirit Guild with me as the reason. How can I not participate in this great battle?”

“Then when do we depart?” Zi Ling already understood Chu Feng’s intentions.

“Right now.” As Chu Feng spoke, he walked towards the exit of the Thousand Bone Graveyard, and Zi Ling closely followed.

“Junior Chu Feng, wait for me! How can I, Zhang Tianyi, not be part of this?” At the same time, Zhang Tianyi also caught up.

So, Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi, the three geniuses who were hiding in the World Spirit Guild in the eyes of the people in the continent of the Nine Provinces, flew towards the Spirit Province, heading towards the vast battlefield where the flames of battle flew everywhere.