Chapter 449 - The Great Battle Begins

MGA: Chapter 449 - The Great Battle Begins

“He...he...he actually came!”

After Chu Feng and the others appeared, although the outsiders were excited, the people from the Sword God Valley were clearly a bit nervous. Especially the disciples and elders with slightly weak strength. They were more or less afraid.

After all, in this period of time, Chu Feng’s name was really too strong. There was an uncountable number of people who died by his hands and it left quite a few shadows in the disciples’ and elders’ hearts. Besides, today, Chu Feng and the others clearly had unkind intentions by coming.

“Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi, you two have done many evils, committed many sins, and killed countless people. Do you know your crimes?”

Just at that time, a voice that wasn’t too loud yet contained extremely powerful might suddenly rang out. It was the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley.

At that instant, the Sword God Valley disciples that were afraid before immediately calmed down because they felt that the strength of the old ancestor was definitely able to easily take care of the three people in the air.

As for the people who wanted to watch an entertaining great battle, they tightly furrowed their brows because at a time like this, what they hoped for was both sides to have equal strengths, but clearly, with the old ancestor overseeing everything, Chu Feng and the others’ chance had already become very distant.

“You should know in your heart why I, Chu Feng, aim my attacks at your Sword God Valley. You are clear who’s wrong and who’s right.”

“Today, I have not come here to fight with words. I advise that the disciples and elders of the Sword God Valley to leave because I, Chu Feng, will start a great massacre today. If there are any people who don’t want to die, you can still make it if you leave right now. If not, don’t blame me for being ruthless and heartless later.” Chu Feng said.

“Haha, quite big words you have there. No wonder you are rumoured to be arrogant. After seeing you today, it is indeed like so.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t have the chance to start a great massacre, but this place will definitely be your place of burial.” The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley confidently smiled, then quickly afterwards, he cast his gaze towards Zi Ling who was by Chu Feng’s side and said,

“Lady Zi Ling, there is no enmity between my Sword God Valley and you. I don’t want to injure you, so leave right now. Or else, don’t blame my Sword God Valley for not restraining ourselves back.”

Although the old ancestor of the Sword Go Valley was very strong, he also knew that Zi Ling’s grandfather, Zi Xuanyuan, was not a character who was easy to deal with. So, more or less, he feared Zi Ling.

It was also why after Zi Ling and Chu Feng invaded the Fire God School together, the powers everywhere aimed the spearhead back at Chu Feng yet no one put Zi Ling on a wanted poster.

“I am Chu Feng’s fiancée. His enemy is my enemy. Your Sword God Valley is treating Chu Feng like this, insulting his seniors, and bullying his family. How can you dare say that there is no enmity?”

“To be honest, there is only one goal why I, Zi Ling, have come here today. It is the same as Chu Feng’s: to start a great massacre in your Sword God Valley.”


As she spoke, within Zi Ling’s beautiful eyes, a hint of fierceness suddenly appeared. With a thought, with the might of a Elite Armament, the Exquisite Chariot dropped down from the sky and with a boom, it landed on a crowd of many Sword God Valley disciples.

The descent of the chariot was too sudden so they were still unable to react to it, causing over a dozen of people to be crushed alive.

At the same time, layers of dazzling, golden, brutally powerful ripples ceaselessly came out of the Exquisite Chariot. It swept out and engulfed over a thousand disciples.

The people who were engulfed by the golden ripples kept on crying out in pain and the agony made them wish they were dead. With a blink, their bodies were shattered, being killed by the might of the Exquisite Chariot.

“It seems like Zi Xuanyuan has truly brought you up poorly by having a demon-like granddaughter like you.”

“Today, I’ll give a naughty girl like you a lesson in his place so you will not cause chaos for the world and kill the innocent.”

Seeing that over a thousand of his valley’s disciples and elders were slaughtered in an instant, the face of the former Sword God Valley head changed as he took the lead to rise into the air and started to attack Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi.

The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley did not use any martial skills. He only emanated his aura of the 6th level of the Heaven realm, but even so, the places his aura passed still shocked the heaven and earth, and even the sky was unable to hold back the might of his aura and twisted from the pressure.

Seeing such horrifying might, people who did not belong to the Sword God Valley hurriedly left the Sword God Valley and escaped outwards because even after the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley attacked, Zi Ling still didn’t stop her Exquisite Chariot and the chariot was still insanely slaughtering the elders and disciples from the Sword God Valley.

“You are merely in the 6th level of the Heaven realm, yet you dare to speak such mad words? You want to give this a lesson and give that a lesson? Today, I, Zhang Tianyi will give you a lesson.”

Just at that time, Zhang Tianyi coldly smiled, then quickly after, pulled out the Divine Wood Sword from his back and with a slice, ten thousand symbols formed a blade of light and forcibly cut the aura of the Sword God Valley’s old ancestor.

Quickly afterwards, Zhang Tianyi leaped, and while holding the Divine Wood Sword, with floating light surrounding his body as well as with the unique might of the Elite Armament, he directly flew towards the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley.

“Hmph. You, a young person in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, truly think you’re invincible in this world? Today, the three of you will die here!” The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley coldly snorted. With a flash of light from his hand, a huge silver-coloured sword appeared in his hand.

The sword was two feet wide and three meters tall. It was a true huge sword. Although it wasn’t a Elite Armament, it was still made by special materials and it was a rarely found sharp weapon.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

The huge sword should originally be incomparably heavy but in the hands of the Sword God Valley’s old ancestor, it was as light as feather. Very casually, he moved it and as he waved it, the tip of the sword very rapidly became tens of thousands of bright, beautiful sword blurs as he fought against Zhang Tianyi’s Divine Wood Sword.

“Zhang Tianyi, you dared to kill my son. Hand your life over!!”

Suddenly, another burst of limitless might was plucked from the ground. The head of the Sword God Valley attacked. His hatred of Zhang Tianyi had already entered his bones because his own son was killed by Zhang Tianyi. Even when he dreamed, he wished to kill Zhang Tianyi.

Right now, Zhang Tianyi appeared in front of him. Naturally, he could not control his own fury. With terrifying bloodlust as well as the aura of the 5th level of the Heaven realm, he was aiming to dash into the circle of battle between Zhang Tianyi and his own father.

*whoosh* But before he neared Zhang Tianyi, a beautiful figure stopped in front of him. It was Zi Ling.

“They are facing each other. What are you disturbing them for?” Zi Ling was already covered by the purple-coloured aura and horrifying Divine Body power was emitted. Although she still had a sweet smile, within her purple-coloured pupils, killing intent was overflowing.

“Ahh~~~~~~” And as he was hesitating, bursts of miserable cries rang out from the Sword God Valley.

It was Chu Feng. The current Chu Feng was running straight towards the core of the Sword God Valley because Chu Feng’s family’s as well as the Azure Dragon School’s seniors’ remains were all at the core of the Sword God Valley.

However, Chu Feng did not descend from the sky. He dashed to the bottom of the Sword God Valley, and as he ran, the people from the Sword God Valley were all mercilessly killed by him.