Chapter 450 - Sword God Formation

MGA: Chapter 450 - Sword God Formation

Although Chu Feng was only in the 6th level of the Profound realm now, Eggy was already in the 9th level of the Profound realm. So, when Chu Feng borrowed Eggy’s power and overlaid the two lightning, his aura was of the 1st level of the Heaven realm.

His battle power was already overwhelming, now in addition to the Asura Ghost Axe, the Elite Armament that could recognize its master, his battle power was truly unstoppable. Even those in the 4th level of the Heaven realm weren’t necessarily able to defeat him.


On the road, no matter if it was a disciple or elder, or even if someone in the Heaven realm attacked, they were still unable to hold Chu Feng back. He was like a killing god as a path of blood was made from the slaughtering done in the Sword God Valley.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s anger truly burst straight into the sky. Especially when he saw his family’s bones hung above the pool of crap, his anger was thoroughly ignited.

But Chu Feng still had a clear target. He didn’t overly slaughter. He ran straight at the heart of the Sword God Valley. What he needed to do first was to take down the bones or else his heart would not be at ease.

“Dammit. This brat’s speed is actually so quick.”

Seeing Chu Feng arrive at the core of the Sword God Valley in a blink, the expression of the head of the Sword God Valley who was still fighting against Zi Ling in the air changed. He quickly turned around and wanted to go down to stop Chu Feng.

After all, Chu Feng and the others had the Exquisite Chariot and its speed was extremely fast. If Chu Feng successfully took away the bones then they escape, their losses would not be worth it.

Besides, if he didn’t attack Chu Feng, it was likely that in the Sword God Valley, there was truly no one who could defeat him.

“You are fighting against me yet dare to be distracted? You are truly looking to die.”

However, just at that time, Zi Ling’s purple-coloured aura was like a fierce wild beast as it surrounded the head of the Sword God Valley and started to attack him.

“How is this possible? This girl is only in the 1st level of the Heaven realm. How can she have such terrifying power?”

At that instant, the head of the Sword God Valley was instantly shocked. His pair of glittering eyes were filled with disbelief.

It was because he had actually felt a fatal threat within the purple-coloured aura. He could not resist against the purple-coloured aura for long. If that continued, he would definitely be defeated by Zi Ling.

“Lord Father, save me!!”

The head of the Sword God Valley set off the strongest battle power in his body, used his strongest martial skills, and as he dealt with Zi Ling, he yelled loudly for help.

“What happening to that girl? What is that purple-coloured aura?”

Seeing that, the face of the Sword God Valley’s old ancestor also changed greatly. But before he went over to give his assistance, his originally shocked complexion became even more shocked.

When he turned his head around to look, he discovered that Zhang Tianyi’s body was already all covered by blue-coloured flames. Also, the aura of Zhang Tianyi, who was previously only able to tangle with him for a bit, was even more terrifying than his own.

“Old thing, if you don’t open your Sword God Formation, don’t blame me when I, Zhang Tianyi, kill you in this place!” Zhang Tianyi explosively shouted, and with a smile, he held the Divine Wood Sword and started extremely fierce attacks on the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley.

At that instant, it was as if Zhang Tianyi became another person. Before, when he exchanged blows with the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley, he was, at most, fairly equal. But at this very instant, he had already occupied an absolute advantage.

“Dammit. You three brats, are you even humans? Is it possible that you are all monsters in human form?”

The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley tightly furrowed his brows but he no longer dared to have any trace of carelessness. Before, he only heard that Chu Feng was a monster who defied common sense, but he never would have thought that Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi would also be similarly monster-like. Their battle power was simply unimaginable and surpassed logic.

“Look! The old ancestor of the Sword God Valley and the valley head have actually been suppressed by Zhang Tianyi and Zi Ling!”

“Heavens! I truly don’t dare to believe this! An expert of the 6th level of the Heaven realm is suppressed by a young man in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm!”

“An expert of the 5th level of the Heaven realm is suppressed by a young woman in the 1st level of the Heaven realm! How are Zhang Tianyi and Zi Ling so strong?”

“Impressive. If I didn’t see this personally, I would simply not believe it. Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi. These three people are truly like monsters. No wonder they dared to fearlessly come to this place. So their strengths have really reached an overwhelming stage.”

Seeing that the shocking huge battle just starting in the air, and that Zhang Tianyi and Zi Ling had the advantage and suppressed two characters who were undefeatable, it truly widened people’s horizons and at the same time, the yelled out loudly satisfiedly.

Because, they felt that they didn’t waste the journey by coming here as they saw a battle that impossibly happened. No matter how fierce the rumours about Chu Feng were before, without personally seeing it, there was no way to experience that feeling.

Right now, they finally put themselves on scene and saw Chu Feng’s overwhelming battle power. Also, not only Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi and Zi Ling were also similarly overwhelming. It caused them to feel very excited and felt that it was truly a trip that was worth it.

*boom boom boom boom boom*


“Valley Head, Ancestor, help us!”

Just as everyone cast their attention at the two great battles in the air, the painful cries in the Sword God Valley became louder and louder. Some people even started to loudly yell for help.

At the same time, explosions and ripples started to endlessly come out from the center of the Sword God Valley. The center of the Sword God Valley was already a wasteland, and the area of the wasteland was still constantly increasing.

Focusing their gazes and looking, they couldn’t help but take a long gasp because the current Chu Feng already slaughtered his way to the centre of the Sword god Valley. He took the bones of the Azure Dragon School’s seniors and his family all down from the high frames and put them in his Cosmos Sack.

At the same time, Chu Feng was starting to greatly massacre. When the head of the Sword God Valley and the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley were being suppressed, there was no one who could stop Chu Feng.

Even if there were over ten million Sword God Valley elders and disciples, Chu Feng’s might was still unstoppable. Like a killing god, he dashed into crowds of people and every single move and style would kill several people. He caused large areas of building to break and collapse, and his attacks were extremely ruthless.

“I’ve heard Chu Feng is cruel and heartless person and is the reincarnation of a killing god. Today, seeing this, it is indeed true. This decisive killing and completely merciless enemy slaughtering is something that we are unable to do even if we cultivate for dozens of years.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was truly starting a huge massacre, the faces of some aged experts of the old generation changed and they were not lightly frightened. If such a bloody scene was done by an adult, it was understandable, but when a young man had such a strong killing nature, it was more or less a bit scary.

“Quick! Quickly open the Sword God Formation!!”

Finally, the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley spoke. In that situation, he had no choice but to open the Sword God Formation because if they didn’t use their final trump card, their Sword God Valley was truly going to be exterminated by three young people in front of the powerful people who were witnessing it.


And just as the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley finished speaking, the entire Sword God Valley lit up with light and an extremely powerful aura was stirring up, as if a super-strong expert was awaking.

“This feeling… This isn’t a Spirit Formation that increases strength. It seems to be releasing something.”

At that instant, Chu Feng who was located inside the Sword God Valley tightly frowned. Quickly after, he leaped, and had actually stopped killing. He dashed up to the sky and next to Zi Ling.

It was because as a World Spiritist, he felt an unfavourable aura. The Sword God Formation seemed to be different from their expectations.

It wasn’t for increasing the strengths of the Sword God Valley’s elders and disciples. It was to release a certain living thing. Although there was no way to be sure what it was, Chu Feng could already feel that it was an extremely powerful existence.