Chapter 448 - Geniuses Arrive

MGA: Chapter 448 - Geniuses Arrive

The news of the Sword God Valley digging up the tombs of the Azure Dragon School’s ancestors and using the remains of the Azure Dragon School’s seniors and Chu family to threaten Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi was already known throughout the continent of the Nine Provinces.

After the news was known, the experts from the powers everywhere all wanted to know whether the two most famous characters of the young generation right now in the continent of the Nine Provinces, Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi, would appear in the Sword God Valley or not. If they appeared, there would definitely be a shocking huge battle.

So, people from all directions hurried to the Sword God Valley and wanted to witness the huge battle.

The Sword God Valley also widely opened its gates and welcomed the guests who came from everywhere, as if wanting to let everyone be able to witness how Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi were going to die by the hands of the Sword God Valley.

However, the distance to the date the Sword God Valley set got closer and closer, but Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi had yet to appear. That caused people to guess one after another.

Many people felt that Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng were afraid of the Sword God Valley and wouldn’t come to that place for the seniors of the Azure Dragon School and the Chu family’s bones. That they were cowards.

There were also people who felt that it was all within expectations. After all, no matter how much more powerful Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi were, they were still of the young generation. How were they able to defeat the Sword God Valley? If they dared to come, they would be coming to their deaths, and it would not be really worth it to die for the remains of those who were already dead.

But no matter how people guessed, from start to finish, no one was willing to leave the Sword God Valley. Rather, there were more and more people who came to the Sword God Valley and at the end, even the Sword God Valley could not contain all those powerful people.

So, the experts camped outside of the Sword God Valley and left the last hint of expectation on the bottom of the hearts. Expecting that Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi could, before the final time limit, come to this place for the battle so that they, who came over from quite far away, could have a feast for their eyes and see a wonderful huge battle.

Finally, the last day arrived. That day was the final day of the one month limit the Sword God Valley set.

The elders and disciples of the Sword God Valley entered an alert state and the experts from everywhere also entered the Sword God Valley.

“Ahh, I never would have thought that the Sword God Valley truly brought the remains of the Chu family and the Azure Dragon School’s seniors back here.”

“I wonder which one of those remains is the Azure Dragon Founder’s. After all, he was the number one person a thousand years ago who swept through the continent, the most famous senior expert in the continent of the Nine Provinces. I never expected that after death, he even has to receive such humiliation.” As they looked at the bones, which were covered by curse engravings, in the middle of the Sword God Valley being hung up high on frames, people discussed one after another.

Because, underneath those bones, there was a huge pool. That pool emitted an extremely strong stench, attracting a large number of flies and mosquitoes. It was a pool of crap.

The Sword God Valley was truly insane. The words they released before were all serious. If Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi didn’t come today, it was likely that they would throw the remains into the pool of crap so that the owners of the remains would stink for ten thousand years.

Time passed bit by bit and at the start, people still held their patience, but when the sun was up high and when the time reached noon, even the head of the Sword God Valley could not keep his patience.

He rose, stood in the air, then loudly cursed, “Zhang Tianyi, Chu Feng, you two bastards! You have the guts to kill my son, you have the guts to kill my disciples, but you don’t have the guts to come to my Sword God Valley to openly fight?!”

“You two bastards only have this bit of ability? You can only do shady things in the dark behind people’s backs? Damn eight generations of your ancestors!”

The voice of the head of the Sword God Valley resonated through the horizon and it was even louder and clearer than the noise of thunder. People several hundred miles outside could hear his cursing.

And as the head of the Sword God Valley cursed, a white- a grey-haired fat old man with a shiny face sat on a tall stage near the pool of crap. He had one leg over the other, was drinking tea, and seemed very calm.

That person was the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley. He was an expert in the 6th level of the Heaven realm. He was also the father of the head of the Sword God Valley, Murong Yu’s grandfather, and the person who found the Divine Wood Sword.

At first, shortly after he got the Divine Wood Sword, the Sword God Valley released word saying that he already died, but in reality, he was taking the benefits he got from the cliff and cultivating in isolation.

Several months ago, when the Sword God Valley announced that he was still living, it indeed raised quite a commotion.

But looking at it now, the old ancestor of the Sword God Valley didn’t even put the matter of feigning death in his heart, or else he wouldn’t be as calm and at ease like he was now.

Following the flow of time, the sun in the sky also shifted to the west. Noon became afternoon, and the head of the Sword God Valley had already insulted for a good two hours. Even he was tired from yelling. With a stomach filled with anger and resentment, he landed in the Sword God Valley.

“Ahh, looking at this, Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi are truly not coming.”

“What a shame to be unable to see the glory of these two exceptional geniuses.”

“What exceptional geniuses? They are two cowards. They disregard even their own family’s and school’s seniors’ remains. Can they even be counted as persons? No matter how much better talent these kinds of people have, it is impossible for cowards to have any achievements. They will only be disasters if they live. They should receive the contempt of the world.”

Seeing that time passed bit by bit, many powerful people who specially hurried over could not hold their patience as well. Many people felt that Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi weren’t coming and couldn’t avoid feeling pity. They didn’t feel pity for wasting time to come over, but felt pity because they were unable to see the glory of two outstanding geniuses.

The ones with good temper sighed in a low voice, but the ones with bad temper just started cursing and felt that Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi were both despicable people. No matter how much more martial cultivating talent two cowards had, their futures were limited.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

However, just at that time, bursts of rumbling suddenly sounded out from the distant horizon. The sound was very strange, as if it was sound made from the boundless horizon by an enormous thing.

“Wha...What’s that?”

“It’s a chariot. It’s actually a chariot!”

Looking over at the direction the rumbling came from, they discovered that a chariot, which had immense might, was crushing the air as it headed towards them.


“When Chu Feng and Zi Ling were creating chaos in the Fire God School, I heard they rode a chariot to escape. Is it possible that they are coming?”

Finally, someone recognized the chariot because at that instant, the chariot that appeared in the horizon was exactly the same as the one Zi Ling and Chu Feng sat on before. It was the Exquisite Chariot.

“So indeed, they still came. It’s Chu Feng and Lady Zi Ling? What about Zhang Tianyi? Has he come?” After confirming that it was Chu Feng and Zi Ling, everyone’s depressed and low spirits immediately became incomparably excited.

It was because they knew that a good show was going to start. Before, they heard various rumours about Chu Feng and various miracles. But today, they were going to personally see Chu Feng’s strength. They knew that even if Chu Feng and Zi Ling weren’t able to defeat the many experts of the Sword God Valley, they would definitely serve a feast for the eyes with an entertaining great battle.


Finally, after the Exquisite Chariot arrived above the Sword God Valley, it halted in the air. When the doors to the chariot opened, three figures also appeared in everyone’s line of sight. It was Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi.

“Look! It’s Chu Feng! That young man is Chu Feng!” They instantly recognized Chu Feng because his wanted posters were already posted throughout the continent of the Nine Provinces and almost everyone knew what Chu Feng’s appearance was like.

“Then the beautiful female standing next to Chu Feng is Lady Zi Ling? I heard Lady Zi Ling has beauty that can destroy cities and countries and lower all the females in the world. Looking at her today, it is indeed like so. There is actually such a gorgeous female in the world!”

“Chu Feng and Zi Ling has come, so that man is definitely Zhang Tianyi?”

“It’s Zhang Tianyi, absolutely no mistake. Look! Isn’t that the foundation treasure of the Sword God Valley, the Divine Wood Sword, behind his back?”

If it was said that everyone was excited when they saw the Exquisite Chariot, then when they personally saw Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi, their excitement definitely reached the peak.