Chapter 282 - Seizing Back Face

MGA: Chapter 282 - Seizing Back Face

Whether it was because of Chu Feng’s threat towards Baixi or because of the command by the head of the Jade Maiden School, at the end, no one else knew about the matter between Yan Ruyu and Chu Feng. Even Li Zhangqing did not know.

However, Yan Ruyu’s disappearance was a reality, and there was no way to conceal that. So, very quickly, the news of Yan Ruyu disappearing from the Lingyun School quickly spread.

After that news was spread out, indeed, quite a big commotion was raised. Immediately, people were guessing why the number one disciple who represented the Jade Maiden School’s participation in the Hundred School Gathering suddenly disappeared, and why even the head of the Jade Maiden School did not know.

That matter could only cause the heads of outsiders to be full of fog. But within the Jade Maiden School, they couldn’t help but associate Chu Feng with Yan Ruyu.

Many people were guessing: Was it because Yan Ruyu was not willing to marry Chu Feng, and since she also didn’t want to fight against the face of the school head, she just walked out and secretly escaped the marriage?

It wasn’t good for Chu Feng to say anything about those guesses, because in reality, it was a lot more serious than what they had guessed. Currently, he could only pretend to know nothing because if the truth was spread out, no matter to him, or to Yan Ruyu, or to Jade Maiden School, it would not be good.

At the same time, within those few days, the advancement through the Hundred School Gathering was extremely intense as well. Finally, on this day, it reached the end.

Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing who rested for a few days finally went onto the Hundred School Gathering’s fighting floor for the first time. But when they went up, they unexpectedly discovered that the result of the Hundred School Gathering was quite surprising.

After the battle just now, the strongest school head and the strongest disciple in this year’s Hundred School Gathering were already selected. As usual, those two spots were occupied by the Lingyun School.

The strongest disciple was the number two disciple from the Lingyun School, Fenghao, who had the cultivation of the 6th level of the Profound realm. The position of number one he got could be said to belong to him well.

Although he was only number two in the Lingyun School, other than Dugu Aoyun, there wasn’t really any other disciple who could defeat him in the entire Azure Province.

But when compared to the strongest disciple, the strongest school head was a bit unexpected.

To know that the head of the Lingyun School did not even participate in this year’s fight over the title of the strongest school head. Even elders did not participate in it, and the one who did was the number one disciple of the Lingyun School, Dugu Aoyun.

At that instant, seeing Dugu Aoyun who stood on the fighting floor for the strongest school head, Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing knew that Dugu Aoyun truly defeated the various school heads with the status of being from the young generation, and thus became this year’s strongest school head.

Not only did that prove his strength, it also proved the strong power of the Lingyun School. So strong that they did not even need to send out the school head or elders. With a single disciple, they were able to sweep away all the other schools.

“Look, aren’t those the two trash from the Azure Dragon School?”

“They really did dare to come out. I even thought that after disappearing for so many days, they already escaped without leaving anything behind.”

“Hmph. Today, they must challenge Dugu Aoyun and Fenghao. If they don’t, they will receive some ferocious cursing.”

“That’s right. They got the special position by relying on a good relationship with Qi Fengyang. But looking at it now, Qi Fengyang did not help them, but rather harmed them.”

After Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing appeared, countless gazes of scorn were attracted towards them. Almost everyone from all the schools were holding them with contempt, and waiting for them to become a joke.

Because if Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing gave up the chance to challenge them, it was equal to them being afraid of Dugu Aoyun and Fenghao and self-admitting that they were not qualified for the special position.

But if they chose to challenge, the result was certainly defeat. Putting aside the difference in strength between Chu Feng and the number two disciple of the Lingyun School, Fenghao as it would be impossible for him to win, even Li Zhangqing who was the same as Dugu Aoyun as he also had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm was not looked highly upon, because Dugu Aoyun being able to stand at the very end meant that not only did he defeat school heads in the 8th level of the Profound realm. It meant that he also defeated school heads in the 9th level of the Profound realm.

After personally witnessing how Dugu Aoyun defeated the various school heads with perfect posture and being already convinced by Dugu Aoyun’s strong strength, they would naturally not believe that the insignificant Li Zhangqing would be able to defeat Dugu Aoyun.

“School Head Li. According to the rules of the Hundred School Gathering, you and Chu Feng respectively have the right to challenge Dugu Aoyun and Fenghao.”

“As long as you can defeat Dugu Aoyun, the title of the strongest school head will belong to you. Naturally, your Azure Dragon School’s name can spread throughout the Azure Province. But I wonder if you choose to challenge or to give up?” The head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian, smiled and stared at Li Zhangqing.

“Ho.. Since School Head Yan has not participated in this year’s Hundred School Gathering, even if I get the title of the strongest school head, it is only an empty title.”

“But as an elder, I can’t get scared by a junior right? After all, I feel that the title of the strongest school head should be taken by a school head. It isn’t too good if a disciple gets it.”

“So I, Li Zhangqing, choose to challenge.”


After speaking, Li Zhangqing leaped and jumped down from the main stage and landed onto the fighting floor in which Dugu Aoyun was on.

“This… Li Zhangqing is really going to accept the challenge?”

At that instant, the people who originally wanted to see Li Zhangqing become a joke all couldn’t help but be shocked. Especially the school heads who were defeated by Dugu Aoyun. their faces changed and they revealed complicated emotions.

For no other reason but because of the words Li Zhangqing just said. A school head should be participating in the competition for the strongest school head. Where did the propriety go if they allowed a disciple to do it? Lingyun School’s actions were hitting the faces of all of the schools and school heads, and Li Zhangqing’s current action was attempting to seize back some face for the school heads.

“School Head Li, fists and kicks have no eyes, so if I injure you, please forgive me!” Dugu Aoyun stood on the stage while standing with hands behind his back. With arrogance and pride, he smiled at Li Zhangqing but he did not act like a junior at all. It could be seen that he did not put Li Zhangqing within his eyes at all, let alone treating him like a senior.

“Fists and kicks do indeed have no eyes, so if I harm you, don’t hold grudges.” Li Zhangqing first indifferently smiled, then quickly after, his face suddenly turned told. A wild gale surged under his feet and his entire body formed into a row of light as he dashed over. His speed was quick and there wasn’t even a way to catch his original body. One could only see the blurs left behind by him.

It was a profound rank 6 bodily martial skill. Although the Azure Dragon School’s disciples had not cultivated it yet, Li Zhangqing who looked after the martial skills already deeply grasped them and he understood them extremely clearly to the state of extremely purity.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Li Zhangqing’s several bodies formed into a single row and they became a long human dragon as they surrounded Dugu Aoyun as quickly spun around him. His might was truly quite terrifying.

“Li Zhangqing has actually grasped such a profound technique! Wasn’t the Azure Dragon School a second-rate school before? How is it possible that it had such a powerful martial skill?”

“Impressive! No wonder he is giving off such an atmosphere. It turns out that Li Zhangqing is a person who hid his abilities quite deeply.” The bodily martial skill that Li Zhangqing displayed successfully stunned everyone. Their eyes all lit up and they felt that they underestimated Li Zhangqing a bit.

However, compared to the surrounding observers, Dugu Aoyun stood where he was as if he was unrelated to all if it. He didn't even look at Li Zhangqing, and a smile of disdain hung on the corner of his mouth.