Chapter 283 - Tearing Off Both Arms

MGA: Chapter 283 - Tearing Off Both Arms

“Senior Li, stop flashing around and quickly attack. If you can even touch me today, you win!” Dugu Aoyun smiled with disdain.

“What an arrogant brat. Today, I will let you experience the methods of my Azure Dragon School.” Li Zhangqing coldly snorted. Suddenly, he became a row of light with layers of illusory figures and he attacked Dugu Aoyun.

*whoosh* But just as Li Zhangqing was going to touch Dugu Aoyun, his body leaned slightly to the side and Li Zhangqing’s attack was easily dodged.

“Not fast enough. Come quicker!” After dodging the attack, Dugyu Aoyun smiled and said with mock.

As he was being taunted by Dugu Aoyun, Li Zhangqing’s speed did indeed become quicker and quicker. The positions he attacked towards also became more and more crafty. So much that all of the experts in the 8th level of the Profound realm lit up their eyes and kept on sighing with praises.

They never would have thought that Li Zhangqing who normally did not have any outstanding performances would stun everyone when he did display his abilities. With Li Zhangqing’s battle power than he had shown, perhaps even they would not be able to defeat him. The head of the Azure Dragon School truly shocked them.

“This won’t do! It’s not enough. Dugu Aoyun isn’t even using his full strength.”

But the two school heads who had the strength of the 9th level of the Profound realm helplessly shook their heads because as they were just defeated by Dugu Aoyun, they deeply knew Dugu Aoyun had strength that was unfathomably deep. Even they had no way of defeating Dugu Aoyun, let alone Li Zhangqing.

Indeed, despite Li Zhangqing’s attacks became more and fiercer, Dugu Aoyun still had his hands behind his back and he stood where he was. Every time Li Zhangqing attacked, he could easily dodge. Sometimes, he didn’t even look at Li Zhangqing. He completely relied on his intuition and reactions.

“It’s still not fast enough. Can you come even more quickly? You shouldn’t even think of touching me in your life with this speed.” Dugu Aoyun sneered and said.

*ta* At that instant, Li Zhangqing suddenly stopped moving. His body finally appeared in front of everyone.

However, his current face was a bit pale and he was huffing in huge breaths with big droplets of sweat falling down. It could be seen that even though the bodily martial skill he used earlier was quite amazing, he still wasted a not small amount of power.

But even so, Li Zhangqing did not look like he was going to back away in the slightest. Rather, a touch of resolution and determination emerged into his gaze, and he said to Dugu Aoyun, “You think that I can’t touch you? Right now, I will show you whether I can touch you or not.”

Suddenly, Li Zhangqing spread both his arms wide and a burst of boundless Profound power exploded out from his body. It rose into the air, spread, and following that, the Profound power speedily condensed and very quickly, innumerable sharp swords with cold glares appeared.

There were more and more sharp swords and they slowly floated around Li Zhangqing. With some rough estimations, there were at least several tens of thousands of sharp swords that were condensed by Profound power. Every single one was like a wild beast which gathered its might and prepared to attack. They kept on trembling in the air, as though they could not endure their urges for blood.

“Ten Thousand Swords Return to Sect!”

Suddenly, Li Zhangqing extended both of his arms and his palms were like swords as they pointed towards Dugu Aoyun. The tens of thousands of sharp swords that hovered around him become several tens of thousands rows of light. Like a meteor shower, they flew towards Dugu Aoyun.

“Oh oh oh? You’re showing your true power now? But sadly, it is still useless.”

Dugu Aoyun lightly smiled, then after that, his body flashed and he became blurs as he started to quickly flash around within the tens of thousands of swords.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* The swords followed the movement of Li Zhangqing’s finger. If he pointed there with both of his fingers, the tens of thousands of swords would shoot towards there. As they followed his fingers, they became a circle of boundless Profound power that surrounded Dugu Aoyun.

But it was still useless. Dugu Aoyun’s bodily methods were too strange. Not only was he able to survive from the tens of thousands of swords, not even a single sword was able to touch his body.

Under that situation, everyone sighed in admiration as they watched. They were deeply stunned by the scene in front of their eyes. The martial skill Li Zhangqing was using was a rank 6 one, and it was a top-quality martial skill within rank 6 martial skills. It was even used so perfectly by Li Zhangqing’s and extremely terrifying power was displayed from that.

However, a martial skill like that was still unable to touch Dugu Aoyun. That showed the formidability of Dugu Aoyun. The young man who was the same as Li Zhangqing, having also the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm, had even stronger battle power than Li Zhangqing.

*whoosh* Suddenly, a blur brushed out of the tens of thousands of swords, and like a light, it went straight towards Li Zhangqing.


Seeing that, Chu Feng hiddenly cursed because he felt killing intent within the blur. But before he could move to help him, immense pressure enveloped him and he could not move at all.

“Young man, when others are fighting, you should not interfere. This is the most basic rule. You should understand right?” Turning his head sideways to look, the head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian, was currently smiling while looking at Chu Feng. The pressure that enveloped Chu Feng came from his body.

“This guy really did enter the Heaven realm.”

Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows because he could not resist against that pressure. There was some unsurpassable power contained within it. It was power that exceeded Profound power, and Chu Feng knew that it was very possible that the mysterious and strong power was Heaven power, which also meant that Yan Yangtian really did enter the Heaven realm.


At the same time, the blur already arrived in front of Li Zhangqing and became Dugu Aoyun. He reached out and tightly grabbed onto Li Zhangqing’s arm, then coldly smiled and said, “Senior Li, this is the end!”

After speaking, Dugu Aoyun suddenly pulled down. After a ripping sound, both of Li Zhangqing’s arms were forcibly torn off by Dugu Aoyun. A large amount of blood splattered onto the ground.

“School head!” Seeing that, Chu Feng’s face changed greatly. He angrily bellowed and he originally wanted to rush up, but he could do nothing about the boundless pressure as it was still enveloping him, causing him to be unable to move.

“Chu Feng, don’t act rashly. I won’t die.” After hearing Chu Feng’s howl, Li Zhangqing endured the pain of his arms being torn off and spoke to reassure him.

“Ah woops. Excuse me Senior Li. I never would have thought that your old bones were that weak. I only lightly pulled and that injured you.”

“But don’t worry. My Lingyun School has the best medicines and the best doctors. They will be able to heal your broken arms.” Dugu Aoyun held Li Zhangqing’s arms and sneered.


Just at that time, the head of the Jade Maiden School rushed onto the fighting floor. She first snatched Li Zhangqing’s arms away from Dugu Aoyun, then she propped Li Zhangqing up and coldly yelled at Dugu Aoyun, “Move, or else I do not dare to be sure that I will not kill you!”

“Oh, it’s the head of the Jade Maiden School. I pay my respects.” After seeing the head of Jade Maiden School, Dugu Aoyun became quite a bit more polite and he paid her some fake respects.

The head of the Jade Maiden School did not pay attention to him, but as she passed by him, she said in a low voice, “I know you have your eyes on Ruyu. But today, I’ll tell you this. You better give up on Yu'er because I already gave her to Chu Feng.” After speaking those words, the head of the Jade Maiden School brushed past him, and while supporting Li Zhangqing, she left the fighting floor.