Chapter 281 - Demon

MGA: Chapter 281 - Demon

“Eggy, are you sure that Yan Ruyu cultivated a Forbidden Mysterious Technique?” Although Chu Feng did not know what the Forbidden Mysterious Technique was, he could hear the impressiveness of it from Eggy’s words.

“Eight, nine, not far from ten. If one were to cultivate a Forbidden Mysterious Technique, they had to follow special rules. She guarded her body like jade, and it is certainly not just a coincidence that such changes happened to her body after you broke her chastity.”

“However, you don’t need to be too worried. Her current situation belongs to the ‘entering the evil path’. She will most likely be unable to continue living.” Eggy reminded.

“What? Does that mean she will die because of me?” After knowing that he himself caused Yan Ruyu to “enter the evil path”, and there was even a possibility of her dying because of him, Chu Feng instantly ceaselessly blamed himself. Even though he didn’t like Yan Ruyu that much, he did not want to have killed her because of that.

“What? Your heart can’t bear it? Chu Feng, you better pray. Pray that she dies because of entering the evil path, or else...”

“Or else, she will become a bloodthirsty female devil, and the first person she will kill will be you.”

At that instant, Chu Feng finally understood the seriousness of the matter. No matter what, he never would have thought that Yan Ruyu was such a dangerous character who cultivated a Forbidden Mysterious Technique. But it was useless to regret over things that had already happened. Since it happened, one must face it. After doing it, one must take responsibility.

So, after Chu Feng returned to the Lingyun School, he did not act as though nothing happened at all. He came to the residence of the Jade Maiden School’s head to request for punishment.

After arriving to that place, Chu Feng discovered that taking the initiative to ask for punishment was correct because the bastard Baixi was also there. Clearly, she already told everything to the head of the Jade Maiden School. Of course, she did not know anything about the change that happened to Yan Ruyu’s body because at that time, she was still unconscious.

“Baixi, you leave first. I have some things that I want to talk to Chu Feng about. Remember, do not mention anything about Ruyu’s matter to anyone.” The head of the Jade Maiden School sat on the chair and waved her hand at Baixi.

“As you order.” Baixi did not dare to be slow, and after meaningfully looking at Chu Feng, she turned around and left.

After Baixi left, the head of the Jade Maiden School first calmly drank some tea, then looked at Chu Feng, smiled and said with relief,

“Chu Feng, being able to come to me in order to admit your wrongs on your own makes me quite pleased.”

“Can you tell me where Ruyu went? That girl has quite a fierce temper, so I’m afraid that she won’t think straight and does some stupid things.”

From her words, Chu Feng could tell that the head of the Jade Maiden School was really quite worried about Yan Ruyu, so he could truly not bear to hide anything, and he told her everything.

After knowing that Yan Ruyu and Chu Feng did the thing between a male and female, then her body changed and even Chu Feng had no way of catching up, the head of the Jade Maiden School could not remain calm anymore. She stood up, and as she tightly frowned, she walked back and forth in the hall.

After a good while, the head of the Jade Maiden School asked Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, what do you think the reason is for such changes to appear on Ruyu?”

“Please forgive me saying this directly, but I think that the changes don’t seem to be caused by the consumption of special medicines. They seem to have happened because of cultivation in a Demonic Technique.”

Chu Feng did not say that it was from a Forbidden Mysterious Technique because in this continent, there were more people who understood and recognized Demonic Techniques, but there weren’t many people who knew about Forbidden Mysterious Techniques.

If Chu Feng went and explained what Forbidden Mysterious Techniques were to the school head who had lived for dozens of years, without a doubt, she would certainly suspect how Chu Feng came to know about those things, and she would suspect that Chu Feng had some secrets on him.

“Demonic Techniques huh...” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the head of the Jade Maiden School thought deeply once again. After a while, she helplessly sighed, “No wonder. No wonder...”

“Senior, do you know something about it?” Chu Feng quickly asked.

Hearing Chu Feng’s question, the head of the Jade Maiden School first hesitated, but then following that, she still said to Chu Feng, “On that year, the reason why my school founder established the school on the mountain range was because a very profound Mysterious Technique was discovered on one of the mountain peaks of the mountain range.”

“The Mysterious Technique was engraved on the mountain peak. It could not be recorded, and it could not be moved. It could only be studied on the mountain peak. In order to avoid letting the Mysterious Technique be spread out, my founder created the school on the mountain range, and changed the mountain peak into a forbidden zone.”

“However, even though people knew that the Mysterious Technique was very profound, no one could understand it. Even my founder only comprehended a section of it. She told her later generation that the outstanding disciples from the school must be allowed to study the Mysterious Technique.”

“However regrettably, after the time of several hundred years, not a single person was able to comprehend any bit of the Mysterious Technique. Gradually, no one believed that the Mysterious Technique could be cultivated anymore.”

“But after hearing you say that, I remember that after Ruyu saw the Mysterious Technique for the first time, she would quite frequently go there to study it. Especially two years ago. She even went there every day. Is it possible that she truly comprehended the obscurity of the Mysterious Technique and succeeded in cultivating it?” There was also shock hung on the face of the head of the Jade Maiden School.

“Senior, can you let me see that Mysterious Technique?” After knowing about it, Chu Feng instantly became excited because even if he did not recognize that Forbidden Mysterious Technique, Eggy should. He really wanted to confirm whether Yan Ruyu cultivated a Forbidden Mysterious Technique or not. Perhaps he could even discover other secrets at that place.

“You can. After the Hundred School Gathering ends, follow me back to the Jade Maiden School. Also, Chu Feng, no need to blame yourself for this matter. Although you didn’t explain much, after hearing Baixi’s words, I am able to see that this matter cannot be completely blamed on you. Rather, it is very possible that you are a victim as well.”

“This Baixi girl does have a rather naughty nature, and sometimes she does things too extremely.”

“However, she is still a rare seeding. If something really does happen to Ruyu, in the future, my Jade Maiden School will need to be propped by her.” After knowing the truth of the matter, the head of the Jade Maiden School did not blame Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, after knowing that the head of the Jade Maiden School was preparing to develop Baixi after something happened to Yan Ruyu, he was also very shocked. He recalled what kind of person Baixi was and he even originally wanted to advise something, but after considering that it was their own business, he did not speak.

After all, from the head of the Jade Maiden School’s words, there was certainly a reason why she decided that, as the school head understood Baixi and Yan Ruyu better than anyone else.

After that, as Chu Feng swaggeringly entered, he swaggeringly left. When he came out, he even saw Baixi.

“What did you do to Senior Yan? You demon.” After seeing Chu Feng, Baixi’s face was filled with resentment.

When Chu Feng saw her, his face suddenly turned cold. His hand struck out with lightning speed and clamped onto Baixi’s chin. He then moved his mouth next to her ear and fiercely warned,

“You are correct. I am a demon. You better not anger me, or else I’ll destroy your cultivation and sell you to a brothel.” After speaking those words, Chu Feng flung Baixi away and left in huge strides.

On the other hand, Baixi was blankly standing there. At that instant, cold sweat was all over her face and fear filled her eyes because she could tell that Chu Feng absolutely did not seem to just be saying some words of jest.