Chapter 280 - Forbidden Mysterious Technique

MGA: Chapter 280 - Forbidden Mysterious Technique

[spoiler title='Warning: Lewdness' style='default' collapse_link='true']Within the room, Yan Ruyu was laying on the bed while being completely still. Her ripped pink-coloured dress was covering her most arousing forbidden region, but beyond the edges of the dress, every single inch of revealed snow-white skin was so enticing.

Even though that beautiful body was already drenched by sweat and engulfed by a certain person’s lips, the perfect curves along with the sticky liquid made it appear even more erotically bewitching.[/spoiler]

However, the current Yan Ruyu was like a dead fish. She laid there without moving, and only when breathed could one see her chest faintly rise up.

Tears were hung from her eyes and her face was like ash, as if the most important thing in her life was taken away by someone. She sank into an unprecedented depression as though her life reached the very end.

As for Baixi, even though she was also naked, she was unconscious while she was in the corner. Chu Feng did not touch her. Before, Chu Feng was being controlled by his anger and he wanted the two of them to be in opposite situations.

Baixi wanted to sleep with Chu Feng, so he did not allow it. Yan Ruyu didn’t want to do the things between a male and a female, so Chu Feng insisted on doing it with her. That was the price they paid for deceiving Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was wearing his own clothes as he had a bit of sweat on his forehead and a satisfied smile on his face. Although he pressed the big beauty Yan Ruyu under him because of anger and because of revenge, he had to admit that Yan Ruyu was extremely beautiful female. Her perfect body was not inferior to Su Rou, and it gave Chu Feng a wonderful journey.

The faint blood on the bed told Chu Feng that Yan Ruyu did not conceal anything or act. She truly guarded her body like jade, and at least she was still a virgin.

“Mm~” Suddenly, Yan Ruyu’s body quivered and following that, she shrunk into a ball. Both of her hands were tightly clenched into a fist and pain could be seen from her face, as though she was enduring some type of torture.

“Oi, what’s with you?” Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows and he used his Spirit power to detect. He discovered that change was happening to Yan Ruyu’s body. A burst of strange energy was surging in her body, and it was spreading and engulfing every inch of her skin.


Just at that time, Yan Ruyu screeched and layers of blue-coloured gas overflowed out of her body. As they lingered around Yan Ruyu and swirled, her body gradually got lifted up and she floated into the air.

“This aura is very strange. Does she also have something special in her body as well?” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked as he looked at everything in front of his eyes while being dumbfounded.

He discovered with astonishment that at that very moment, Yan Ruyu’s aura was quickly increasing in strength. It wasn’t that her cultivation was increasing but her battle power. With a blink, it already increased to an extremely terrifying state.

But that wasn’t much. The thing that surprised Chu Feng the most was the change that happened to Yan Ruyu’s body. On her originally white skin that was as clean as snow, layers of blue-coloured objects emerged.

The objects were bright and shiny, like a small little pieces of armor. However, Chu Feng who had quite a bit of experience instantly could see that they weren’t armor. They were fish scales. On Yan Ruyu’s body, blue-coloured fish scales were growing, but like armor, they were surrounding her body.

“Chu Feng. If I do not die, I will take your life.”

Suddenly, Yan Ruyu turned her face over and at that instant, Chu Feng could see that her originally beautiful eyes which were like rivers of stars became two rows of red light and they were abnormally sinister. They were no longer the eyes of a human and they seemed more like those of a demon.


After speaking, Yan Ruyu grabbed Baixi’s skirt and put it on, then after that, she became a row of light and shot out. With a boom, her aura already escaped Chu Feng’s range of detection.

“What happened? Her power has been increased to this state?” Chu Feng quickly went out of the room and chased, and he discovered that the Spirit Formation he laid in the palace was already shattered into pieces.

At that instant, although Chu Feng was very stunned, he did not hesitate. He leaped up and used the Imperial Sky Technique to rush in the direction in which Yan Ruyu escaped towards.

At first, with the strong power of the Imperial Sky Technique, Chu Feng was able to quickly chase after Yan Ruyu’s steps. But for some unknown reason, Yan Ruyu’s speed quickened more and more. After the two of them left the Lingyun School and entered a forest, Chu Feng was already shaken off by Yan Ruyu and he could not see any traces of her anymore.

“How is this possible? She clearly only had the aura of the 5th level of the Profound realm, so how is it possible that her speed completely surpasses mine?” At that instant, Chu Feng was floating in the air, and as he looked towards the Yan Ruyu’s direction of disappearance, his gaze was filled with astonishment.

“Chu Feng, it seems like this time, you have made a huge enemy.” Suddenly, Eggy who was silent for a long time spoke.

“Eggy, what do you mean? Is it possible that Yan Ruyu also has a special body? She also has a Divine Body?”

Chu Feng then suddenly came to a realization. The change that happened to Yan Ruyu just now surpassed reason. She had battle power which was comparable to him, and possibly even comparable to the purple-clothed female back on that day. Because of that, Chu Feng couldn’t help but associate that with Divine Bodies which had special abilities and horrifying battle power.

“Nope. From the various things before, the change that just happened to her body, as well as the last sentence she said to you before she left, I determined that she doesn’t have a Divine Body. Rather, she should have cultivated some Forbidden Mysterious Technique.”

“Forbidden Mysterious Technique?” It was the first time Chu Feng that had heard of such a phrase.

“That’s right. Forbidden Mysterious Techniques are not the same as ordinary Demonic Techniques. They are terrifying Mysterious Techniques created by top-level experts.”

“These types of Mysterious Techniques can allow people with ordinary talent gain unordinary power. However, one must be careful when cultivating it. If there’s a bit of carelessness, everything gets reverted and even their life can be involved.”

“Techniques like those should not exist in the first place as they are things that violate the rules of martial cultivation, and if rules are broken, punishment will be given out. So, some certain changes will happen to people who cultivate Mysterious Techniques like those. That is also why they are called Forbidden Mysterious Techniques.”

“Normally, even if a Forbidden Mysterious Technique like that exists in the world, Yan Ruyu shouldn’t be able to cultivate it. However, after discovering that there’s an Emperor Tomb here as well as an Asura Ghost Tower, I am not too surprised to know that a Forbidden Mysterious Technique appeared in the continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“Although right now, the continent of the Nine Provinces is a gathering of garbage, many outstanding characters must have appeared back then and even possibly extremely powerful people. Currently, if the treasures that the big character left behind still remains, those who have great luck can find them.”

“Since you are able to discover the Emperor Tomb and get the Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, Yan Ruyu is able to find a treasure from her place and acquire the Forbidden Mysterious Technique.”

“However, the creators of Forbidden Mysterious Techniques aren’t any good people. They are usually bloodthirsty demon-level characters, so it seems that in the past, the continent of the Nine Provinces wasn’t a peaceful land.” Eggy narrated her perspective in detail but her gaze sank into contemplation, as though she was able to imagine the scene of the Nine Provinces back then.