Chapter 279 - Paying the Price

MGA: Chapter 279 - Paying the Price

“There is poison in the tea!” Chu Feng hiddenly cursed because just as the tea entered his stomach, he felt a burst of strange energy spreading out within his body. Instantly, it sealed his dantian and his Origin power quickly shrunk, and very soon, he powerlessly fell onto the ground.

“Dammit.” The current Chu Feng could not speak anymore, but he was still furiously roaring in his heart.

At the same time that he roared, Chu Feng quickly revolved his Spirit power and connected to the Spirit Formation power from his World Spirit Space, then created a mini Spirit Formation within his body to seal the strange poison.

“Damn. It’s this poison again.”

Chu Feng was very speechless, because when he laid a Spirit Formation to seal the poison in his body, he discovered that there was a reaction under his stomach. A mighty huge thing was erected and from that, Chu Feng couldn’t help but think back to the situation in the Vermilion Bird City. Dammit. He was affected by the X poison again.

And the person who poisoned him this time was a woman again, and it was even a beauty. But the most important part was that the poison in the tea was several times stronger than the one before. If his cultivation did not increase greatly and if he wasn’t proficient in Spirit Formation techniques, he would have already been engulfed by the poison and lost his rationality.

“Haha, you’re stupefied aren’t you? You’ve gotten poisoned by this again? You are shaming the name of World Spiritists! Ah ha ha, I could laugh to death from this. What a man you are, being poisoned two times by two sisters, and they even succeeded both times.”

“Whatever. Chu Feng, don’t resist and go along with it. These are two big beauties!” As Chu Feng was painstakingly sealing the power of the poison, Eggy took joy in his misfortune and laughed as he was in a disaster. She convulsed with laughter and banged the floor with her fist as she held her stomach.

“You damn girl, don’t mess me up. As a man, how can I be forced back and forth by this kind of thing?” Chu Feng did not give in and he continued sealing.

After a while of hard work, finally, with his own Grey-cloak World Spiritist methods, he thoroughly sealed the poison within his body. But when all his cultivation returned to normal, he was not in a hurry to get up.

His kept his eyes closed and continued to lay on the ground while pretending to be unconscious because he wanted to see what the two bastard women were doing.

“Junior Baixi, have we gone too far by doing this?” At that instant, as Yan Ruyu looked at Chu Feng who had a red face and red ears while laying on the ground, she felt both worried and guilty. At the same time, she was a bit anxious.

On the other hand, Baixi was calmly staring at Chu Feng, then as though it didn’t matter much, she said to Yan Ruyu, “Senior Yan, don’t worry. Will he feel that he suffered if I, Baixi, slept with him?” As she spoke, Baixi confidently pushed her jet-black hair back. Faint fragrance was floated past and it was extremely attractive.

“But… After all, he was poisoned by you and it isn’t his original intention. If we do this...” Yan Ruyu was still a bit worried.

“Okay my good senior, don’t overthink this. You can’t do the thing with males right? You can’t, but I can. And after all, I’m doing this to help you.”

“As long as I do the thing between a male and a female with Chu Feng, that also means that Chu Feng will be unable to face you. After the school head knows about it, she will undoubtedly cancel the marriage between you two. Rather, she would support me and Chu Feng.”

“Coincidentally, I have also wanted to find a man who can be relied on and has potential. Although Chu Feng is still young, he has the requirements for my necessity.”

“Not only is this helping you, this is also helping me!” As Baixi spoke, she pushed Yan Ruyu out. But Yan Ruyu was looking at Chu Feng with a full face of guilt, and she didn’t know whether she should leave or not.

Chu Feng who heard everything was already as furious as thunder. After so much, he was truly tricked by the two bastards. Disastrous things would have happened if he did not have powerful methods right now to seal the poison. If he lost his body, that was small. However, his reputation would have been completely destroyed into nothingness. He would have also been forced to marry Baixi, the deceptive bastard.

He was deceived by that kind of person, so it truly caused Chu Feng to be endlessly furious. It was not possible for him to take that deception for nothing, and he had to pay those two bastards several times back.

As he thought to that point, with a *ceng*, Chu Feng stood up, pointed at squabbling Yan Ruyu and Baixi, and said, “You two damn bastards. I believe you two, yet you trick me like this. Today, you two will pay the price.”

“Chu Feng, you~~~” Yan Ruyu and Baixi were both frightened after they saw Chu Feng wake up.

“Chu Feng, come towards me if you have anything. This isn’t related to Baixi.” Yan Ruyu was the first to react. She first shot a glance at Baixi, then quickly stopped in front of Chu Feng to block him.

Baixi’s beautiful body leaped and she wanted to run out of the palace. No one knew if she wanted to escape or if she was going to look for reinforcements.

“Hmph. No need to fake anything. Today, neither one of you should even think of escaping.”

However, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve and a boundless Spirit Formation sealed the palace. No matter how Baixi attacked it, the Spirit Formation did not move in the slightest. Being helpless, she could only loudly yell. But the people outside could not hear anything.

“Scream. Scream as much as you want. Even if your throat breaks from screaming, no one will come to save you.”

Chu Feng disdainfully shot a gaze at Baixi, then grabbed onto Yan Ruyu’s small waist. Putting some strength into his arm, he put the beauty on his shoulder. Then, he leaped into the bedroom and fiercely threw Yan Ruyu onto the big bed.

“Ahh~~~ Chu Feng, what are you doing?” At that instant, Yan Ruyu originally wanted to get up to escape, but she could do nothing as the pressure that was emanating off of Chu Feng’s body was abnormally strong. It completely pressed her down. She could only roll around on the bed but she could not even get herself up.

“What am I doing? You’re asking what I am doing?”

“There were no grievances nor enmity between us, so why did you have to deceive me? If you want to guard your body like jade, then guard your body like jade. If you don’t want to marry, then you don’t have to marry. Why do you have to make things so difficult for me again and again? Have I, Chu Feng, forced you to do anything?”

“I’ll tell you this. Today, everything was forced by you. You want guard your chastity? Then I, Chu Feng, will destroy your chastity. You can’t do the things between a male and a female? Then I will do the things between males and females.” Chu Feng’s fury consumed his heart, and as both of his eyes were blood-red, like a hungry wolf facing its food, he pressed himself on Yan Ruyu’s body.

“Ahh~~~ Chu Feng, let me go! I beg you, I can’t! I can’t do those things with a man! I really can’t, so I beg you, let me go!” Yan Ruyu struggled for her life and her face was flooded with tears.

However, her behavior only increased Chu Feng’s beastly nature. He grabbed on her dress and pulled. With some ripping sounds, Yan Ruyu’s pink-coloured dress was torn into two and at that very instant, Yan Ruyu’s snow-white and bewitching body was completely revealed in front of Chu Feng.

At that instant, Baixi ran over. Seeing that Chu Feng was going to go violent on Yan Ruyu, her face changed greatly and following that, she even took off her own skirt to reveal her alluring curves as she threw herself towards Chu Feng.

“Get out of the way.” However, Chu Feng waved his arm and a current of force pushed Baixi towards the corner of the wall, then he howled, “Trash like you wants to become my woman? You are not worthy!”

After speaking, Chu Feng pounced towards the beauty Yan Ruyu underneath him...