Chapter 442 - Stirred Up Fury

MGA: Chapter 442 - Stirred Up Fury

“Wuu~~~” Suddenly, Zi Ling’s alluring body leaped, and she had actually leaped into Chu Feng’s embrace on her own. Her little hands tightly clasped over Chu Feng’s neck, unwilling to let go as she silently sobbed.

No matter who, they never would have thought that the fifteen-year-old young female who could carry out large-scale slaughters, who had a Divine Body which had the blessing of the heavens, would actually have such a weak side.

Chu Feng also opened his arms and tightly hugged the little beauty in his embrace. This time, Chu Feng didn’t restlessly touch everywhere. He lightly rubbed Zi Ling’s smooth hair to calm Zi Ling’s emotions.

“Chu Feng, let’s go back to the continent of the Nine Provinces and back to the Azure Province. I want to see the two sisters.” Suddenly, Zi Ling raised her little face and seriously said to Chu Feng.

“Mm.” Seeing that, Chu Feng also continuously nodded. After leaving for so long, he was also always thinking about Su Rou and Su Mei, as well as his family and relatives.

Thus, on that day, Chu Feng and Zi Ling sat on the Exquisite Chariot, and while compacting the air as they flew, they headed back to the continent of the Nine Provinces.

The road of return wasn’t too far, but it was absolutely not short. First, they had to enter the continent of the Nine Provinces, then go over the Tang Province, then the Yuan Province, then only after that could they enter the Azure Province. That required them to use up at least half a month of time.

However, just as Chu Feng and Zi Ling entered the Tang Province, they heard two explosive news.

First, it was that the young head of the Sword God Valley, Murong Yu, was killed by Zhang Tianyi. The Sword God Valley’s foundation treasure “Divine Wood Sword” was taken away by Zhang Tianyi.

That shocked the continent of the Nine Provinces, because in the few months when Chu Feng disappeared, the continent of the Nine Provinces was relatively peaceful, but Zhang Tianyi’s actions doubtlessly caused huge responses. Especially when Zhang Tianyi was also from the Azure Province.

So, that really stirred up discussions from everyone and they couldn’t help but sigh. The Azure province was really going to rise greatly in power, as two monster-level geniuses who weren’t afraid of the heaven or the earth appeared.

But the second news caused Chu Feng to be extremely angry. He was even unable to accept it.

It was that the Sword God Valley was furious. Murong Yu’s father personally came out and madly searched for Zhang Tianyi’s traces in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

Since he was unable to find Zhang Tianyi, he led the army of the Sword God Valley and came to the Azure Province. He came to the Azure Dragon School that had already been flattened and did something that was utterly heinous.

After the Sword God Valley was still unable to find Zhang Tianyi in the Azure Province, it had actually burnt down the entire Azure Dragon Mountain Range, and thoroughly killed all citizens within the circumference of several hundred miles of the Azure Dragon Mountain Range. The huge massacre was truly the most inhumane thing in the world.

After killing all the people that were originally unrelated to Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng, the head of the Sword God Valley even said that those people died because of Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng. It was Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng who killed those people. If there had to be blame, blame that they shouldn’t have lived within the borders of the Azure Dragon School and that they shouldn’t have been related to Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng.

After that happened, the entire continent of the Nine Provinces was shocked. Many people felt that the head of the Sword God Valley could not bear the sorrow of losing his son, could not bear his foundation treasure being taken away, and that he had already went insane and already became a devil.

After all, those citizens were not related to Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi. Only because they lived within the former scope of power of the Azure Dragon School, they were slaughtered. That was indeed too crazy.

The thing that made people feel helpless was that to the Sword God Valley’s evil actions, the Jiang Dynasty acted as if it didn’t see it, and chose to ignore.

Also, as the overlord of the Azure Province, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, they just stared as they allowed that to happen and didn’t come out to stop them. They were looked at with contempt by many people in the continent of the Nine Provinces, and many insulted the Qilin Prince’s Mansion as trash. As the overlord of the Azure Province, they allowed the Sword God Valley to commit such crimes and evils on their own land, yet didn’t even dare to say anything.

But to Chu Feng, all of that was still within his endurable boundaries. The thing that he could not endure the most was still the things the Sword God Valley did later on.

After the Sword God Valley executed a completely devilish massacre, they detailedly searched the Azure Dragon Mountain Range and found the tombs of the Azure Dragon School’s seniors. Then, they dug up all the tombs of the Azure Dragon School’s former ancestors.

Afterwards, they found out Chu Feng’s old address and came to the Leaning Mountain Town. They dug up all of Chu family’s remains that died and they even carved curses on their bones. Cursing the owners of the remains to become pigs and dogs for all their lives and never to return.

At the end, the head of the Sword God Valley brought all the remains away. He brought them to the Sword God Valley, and even released a statement.

If Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi wanted to take back the remains, they should go the Sword God Valley. He would be waiting for Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi at the Sword God Valley. If the two of them didn’t come within a month, he would throw the remains into a pool of crap, so that they would be cursed for ten thousand years.

[TN: There’s a second meaning for the last phrase. Instead of “curse”, it’s “stink for ten thousand years”.]

After knowing about that, Chu Feng was endlessly angry because it was something that Chu Feng could not endure no matter what. That truly touched his bottom line, and his flames of fury engulfed his entire body. He hidden swore to remove the Sword God Valley from the continent of the Nine Provinces, and would make the Sword God Valley pay an extremely painful price for their actions.

Because to Chu Feng, profaning his family was absolutely not allowed. Especially his foster father. How important was he to Chu Feng? But currently, even after death, he could not remain at peace. How could Chu Feng not be furious?

“Dragons have opposite scales that cannot be touched”, and Chu Feng’s “opposite scale” was his family. The ones close to him. The people he cared about a lot even though there were very few of them.


At first, when Chu Feng was weak and when someone dared to touch his “opposite scale”, he would go take revenge while ignoring the consequences.

At present, Chu Feng was a lot stronger. So, when there was also people who touched Chu Feng’s “opposite scale”, his revenge would absolutely be a lot crueler.

After half a month of hurrying, Chu Feng finally returned to the Azure Province. The place he went first was the Leaning Mountain Town.

“Sword God Valley, you truly have very big nerves! I will definitely make you pay the price. I guarantee that!!”

At that instant, Chu Feng and Zi Ling were suspended in the air. They were looking at the Leaning Mountain that was slightly in ashes as it was made into a complete mess by one strike, and the Leaning Mountain Town that was flattened, and the graves that were dug open.

Those graves were the graves which he buried his family in. Right now, there were all dug open and nothing remained. What was remained were only big words that were formed by special imprinting, “Chu Feng you trash! If you have the guts, come to the Sword God Valley!”

Looking at those few big words, Chu Feng was so angry his fists creaked from being clenched. Even his body was trembling and the bloodlust in his body uncontrollably surged out.

Because it meant that the rumours were true. His Chu family’s remains as well as the remains of the Azure Dragon School’s seniors were truly all taken away by the Sword God Valley. The Sword God Valley was truly taking the dead to threaten Chu Feng.

*rumble rumble rumble*

But just at that time, bursts of rumbling sounded from the distant horizon, like the interweaving of thunder sounds. At the same time, the sky in which the sounds came from started to wiggle, and an extremely powerful aura was speedily approaching.

At that instant, Chu Feng and Zi Ling were both shocked, and they even thought that the people from the Sword God Valley hid for an ambush.

But focusing their gazes and looking, their expressions couldn’t help but change because they discovered that it wasn’t a person from the Sword God Valley. It was a handsome young man.

That young man did have quite a good appearance. Sword-like brows, star-like eyes, bright and spirited expression, both manly and dazzling, and he was a perfect, slightly beautiful, male. Just from his face, he could captivate a large number of females.

But that young man’s cultivation strength was not weak. Although he was only in his twenties, and looking at his age, he should be a bit younger than Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu, his cultivation was even higher than Zi Ling, being a cultivator in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm.

And at that very instant, the young man was darting towards Chu Feng and Zi Ling with lightning-like speed while bringing might that could shock the world.