Chapter 441 - Zi Ling's Hidden Troubles

MGA: Chapter 441 - Zi Ling's Hidden Troubles

It had to be said that Eggy’s words, in Chu Feng’s perspective, was a lot more reliable. Even if Eggy was a World Spirit, she was an outstanding World Spiritist and was once extremely powerful. Even if she lived in the Spirit World, she still had some understanding of this world’s things and had abundant experience, grasping special methods that many people did not know about.

So, Chu Feng was no longer too anxious and grumpy. He started to calm down, and he didn’t randomly visit places in the continent of the Nine Provinces, nor did he go everywhere to kill the disciples of the six big powers. He peacefully searched for the tomb of nameless experts to refine Source energy and to collect resources.

Time flew past, and with a blink, days like those past for several months. A layer of immaturity faded away from Chu Feng and Zi Ling’s face.

Zi Ling was more like a woman, and she became even more beautiful. Chu Feng became more masculine, and more like a man. In that year, Chu Feng was seventeen years old, and Zi Ling was sixteen years old.

In that period of time, Chu Feng and Zi Ling did not always remain in the continent of the Nine Provinces. They went to other continents, and they truly discovered quite a few ancient remains of experts. Eggy and Zi Ling’s World Spirit both gained great benefits.

Zi Ling’s World Spirit successfully broke into the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, while Eggy had stepped into the 9th level of the Profound realm. That cultivation already flung Chu Feng three levels behind.

In fact, after the hard work of that period of time, Chu Feng got quite a few required cultivation resources, but to Chu Feng, the enormous amounts of resources in other people’s eyes were so little that they couldn’t even get stuck between his teeth. So, Chu Feng’s cultivation still hadn’t greatly increased, and he still remained in the 6th level of the Profound realm.

The two year limit in saving Su Rou and Su Mei was getting closer and closer. Currently, there was less than a year left, so Chu Feng was also getting more and more worried.

This time, Zi Ling who had failed to make breakthroughs countless number of times finally successfully entered the Heaven realm. When she made the breakthrough, an abnormal scene appeared. The originally clear and sunny sky was instantly enveloped by layers of purple-coloured light. Very faintly, one could even see a purple-coloured bell that could shatter everything in the air.

But luckily, that strange scene was only small-scale. In addition to Chu Feng and Zi Ling hiding in a desolate and wild mountain, there were no unnecessary troubles.

After Zi Ling successfully broke through, she also told Chu Feng about the thought she didn’t tell him before that was fermenting for a long time in her heart.

“Chu Feng, it won’t do if this continues. Let’s go back to the Fire God School. After entering the Heaven realm, my power has gotten a jump in quality. I believe that I am able to fairly fight a person in the 6th level of the Heaven realm.”

“I want to go to the Fire God School to plunder the cultivation resources that they accumulated for almost a thousand years. I’m sure that they will be able to help you break into the 7th level of the Profound realm.” Zi Ling sat by Chu Feng’s side and seriously said.

“No.” However, without even thinking, Chu Feng instantly rejected the idea.

It was because he knew that even if Zi Ling’s strength became stronger, even if she was a Divine Body and got the blessing of the heavens, when facing someone in the 6th level of the Heaven realm, she did not have absolute confidence. Rather, there were huge risks.

After being together for such a long time, Chu Feng already confirmed his feelings towards Zi Ling. He truly loved Zi Ling, the little lady. That love came from his heart, and he was willing to bet with his life. Even if he himself got injured, he was not willing for her to be injured…

It was because Zi Ling treated outsiders coldly, like ice and frost. For her interests, she would be willing to use any kinds of methods, and she could be cruel and ruthless.

But for Chu Feng, she could throw herself away and disregard everything. No matter if it was to struggle over benefits for Chu Feng, she could ignore her own safety to loot the resources.

Facing a lady like her, it was impossible for Chu Feng to not be moved. He genuinely loved Zi Ling, and wanted to live his remaining life with her.

“Chu Feng, believe me. I have a certain amount of assurance that I can come back with everything.” Zi Ling guaranteed with a face filled with confidence.

“Then fine. I’ll go with you.” Chu Feng said.

“No.” However, after hearing those words, Zi Ling immediately refused.

“See? You don’t have absolute confidence, or else why wouldn’t you let me go? You are afraid that you won’t be able to defeat the Fire God School’s supreme elder.”

“At that time, not only will you die, I will die with you.” Chu Feng counter-asked.

“I...” At that instant, Zi Ling wanted to argue, but she could really not argue. Ultimately, she silently lowered her head and no longer spoke.

“Zi Ling, since you love me this much, why can’t you sleep once with me?”

“I’ve said that you’re a Divine Body, and if you go to bed with me, perhaps it can activate the power in my body, and perhaps it can allow me to break into the 7th level of the Profound realm.” Chu Feng spoke again.

In these days, it wasn’t the first time he asked Zi Ling to do the thing between a man and a woman with him. At the start, he was only using a joking tone, but later on, he said that it was hard to hold himself back. For entire days, he was together with a beauty like Zi Ling, yet he wasn’t allowed to touch her. It was simply the world’s most painful torture.

At the end, Chu Feng spoke his real thoughts. As long as he did the thing between a man and a woman with Zi Ling, there was a chance that the Divine Lightning power in his body would be activated, and perhaps his cultivation could rise greatly, and perhaps he could grasp totally new power. Although he could not be sure, there was at least a chance.

But no matter what, he got Zi Ling’s heartless refusal. Although Zi Ling could sacrifice everything for Chu Feng, she was unbending on that single thing.

“Chu Feng, about your goal at first when you approached me, was it because you liked me, or was it because you wanted to gain power from my body?” Suddenly, the gaze Zi Ling looked at Chu Feng with became extremely solemn.

“I...” At that instant, Chu Feng hesitated a bit. If it was before, he would certainly say unhesitatingly, “Of course it’s because I like you!”.

But it was different now. He already loved Zi Ling. Loved her so much he could not pull himself out, and he would even be willing to sacrifice himself. So, facing the woman he loved, Chu Feng could really not bear to trick her.

So, Chu Feng bit down his teeth, and said to Zi Ling, “I admit. At first I...”

“Don’t speak.” However, before letting Chu Feng finish talking, Zi Ling used her pale hand to cover Chu Feng’s mouth, then afterwards, slowly let go, sweetly smiled, and said,

“The past is not important. I only care about the present. I know that I truly love you a lot, and I also hope that you can know that I am willing to give up my everything for you. I can give you anything, but only not this. I have my hidden troubles, so I hope you can understand me.”

As she spoke those words, Zi Ling still had her sweet smile on the corners of her mouth, but reflective and translucent tears had already appeared from her pair of clear eyes. Quickly after, they became two streams and flowed down along her cheek.

“Zi Ling, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I didn’t know you had hidden troubles.”

“I won’t mention this thing ever again okay? I won’t put you in a difficult situation!” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly wiped Zi Ling’s tears for her. It was the first time he saw Zi Ling cry. It was the first time he saw such a firm lady cry.

At that instant, Chu Feng who was usually calm had actually panicked. He was extremely, extremely panicky. He knew that this time, he truly put Zi Ling in a difficult situation. He knew that Zi Ling was truly heart-broken, and his own heart truly ached as well.

At that instant, if he could stop Zi Ling from crying, he would do anything. Even if Zi Ling wanted to stab his body a few times, Chu Feng would be willing to.

He swore to never mention sleeping with Zi Ling again. Even if Zi Ling did not give her consent in her entire life, he would not mention it again in his entire life because to him, right now, Zi Ling was even more important than gaining power.