Chapter 440 - Pulse Searching Method

MGA: Chapter 440 - Pulse Searching Method

“Chu Feng oh Chu Feng, you don’t truly believe the reason why I’m looking for you is to punish you for your crimes right?” At that instant, Jiang Yini couldn’t help covering her mouth with her hand and laughed.

“Is it not?” Chu Feng lightly frowned and his eyes became fierce. Looking at her appearance, there did seem to be other goals.

“Of course not. Do you think that those few small powers are worth it for me to assemble so many people?”

“Actually, the reason why I’m looking for you this time is to thank you.” Jiang Yini said.

“Thank me?” Chu Feng was completely confused by her words. He was unrelated to the Jiang Dynasty, so why did they need to thank him? Besides, was there truly a need to assemble so many people to thank him?

“At first, in the Thousand Monster Mountain, you saved my younger brother Jiang Wushang. If it wasn’t for you, my Jiang Dynasty could have very possibly lost a genius with the densest bloodline in these thousand years.”

“My brother Jiang Wushang is the hope of my Jiang Dynasty. He is also my pride, so absolutely nothing can happen to him. The person who saved him is equivalent to the person I, Jiang Yini, am thankful towards.”

“I apologize for using this method to meet you, but there was no other way. Because of your disputes with the Jie clan the other powers, and also because the cooperation relationship that my Jiang Dynasty has with the Jie clan and other powers, I cannot announce to the world that you are my Jiang Dynasty’s benefactor, so I can only privately search for you.”

“But don’t worry. Even if my Jiang Dynasty promises the Jie clan and other powers to kill you, we will absolutely not do anything to you.”

“These are a bit of my appreciative feelings. Please accept them.” As she spoke, Jiang Yini threw out a Cosmos Sack and it landed into Chu Feng’s hands.

Quickly afterwards, Jiang Yini turned around and left. But after walking for a few meters, she stopped, turned her head around, smiled, and said to Chu Feng and Zi Ling, “Lady Zi Ling is indeed peerless in beauty. She is simply the number one beauty in the continent of the Nine Provinces and in the future, she will absolutely be incomparable by anyone.”

“Brother Chu Feng, remember to cherish such an excellent woman who is willing to stay by your side.”

“Wait. Your Jiang Dynasty is truly not going to investigate any further? After all, the powers are the subordinates of your Jiang Dynasty, so by killing their school’s disciples, it is equal to killing your people.” Suddenly, Chu Feng asked closely.

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Jiang Yini’s smile became even more dazzling. She said, “That is only how you think. But in the eyes of my Jiang Dynasty, only the people of my clan are ours. Other people are forever outsiders.”

After speaking those words, Jiang Yini leaped, and as her golden-coloured long skirt fluttered, she shot towards the distant horizon.

At that instant, Chu Feng could also see the Jiang Dynasty experts that were standing in the faraway horizon walking on air to chase after Jiang Yini. The people from the Jiang Dynasty truly left.

“They sent out so many people to find us, and it’s actually only to thank you?” Zi Ling looked at Chu Feng. Even up until now, she still felt disbelief, but she had to admit that choosing to save Jiang Wushang back then was definitely the correct decision.

“If it was you who encountered danger, then someone came and saved you, I believe that you will also be like her and would think of ways to find that person to thank that person.”

Chu Feng smiled, then opened the Cosmos Sack. After opening the Cosmos Sack, Chu Feng’s eyes couldn’t help but light up and he widened his mouth from astonishment. He said with a face filled with shock, “Could this be?”

Seeing Chu Feng’s shocked expression, Zi Ling also hurriedly moved her gaze over, and when she saw Chu Feng take out a round-shaped snow-white flower that didn’t even have a diameter of one inch, even Zi Ling was instantly overjoyed as she excitedly said,

“It’s Heaven medicine! High-quality Heaven medicine! This is an extremely precious and rare thing! From what I’ve heard, in the continent of the Nine Provinces, only the Jiang Dynasty is able to grow Heaven medicine like this. The power of a single high-quality Heaven medicine is comparable to a thousand Profound beads!”

“Truly? It also means that in order to thank me for saving her younger brother’s life, Jiang Yini gifted me a million Profound beads?” After hearing Zi Ling’s words, Chu Feng was also ecstatic because within the Cosmos Sack, there was a thousand high-quality Heaven medicine.

“From what it looks like, yes.” Although Zi Ling also felt that it was inconceivable, the truth right now was like so.

After that, Chu Feng and Zi Ling returned to the mountain cave they rested in before. After a period of time, the people from the Jiang Dynasty had indeed not appeared.

Chu Feng refined all of the Heaven medicine and he felt that his dantian was a lot fuller, but there was still a huge distance to breaking through.

Facing that result, Chu Feng truly had some desires to curse. Almost two million Profound beads had been consumed, but there was still a very large distance if he wanted to break into the 7th level of the Profound realm. According to his estimations, he still needed at least three million Profound beads in order to increase his cultivation.

It was really too ridiculous. A total of five million Profound beads! That could be said to be the assets of the accumulation of a thousand years by a peak-level school that existed for a thousand years in the continent of the Nine Provinces!

How many generations of Heaven realm experts could that develop? Yet Chu Feng was still unable to break into the 7th level of the Profound realm. With some calculations, if Chu Feng wanted to step into the Heaven realm, it would simply be an idiot dreaming.

It was likely that even the Jiang Dynasty didn’t have any cultivation resources that could help Chu Feng enter the Heaven realm, because that number would certainly be extremely terrifying. Chu Feng would even get a headache from thinking about it.

Seeing that Chu Feng was so annoyed, the usually aggressive Zi Ling instantly became amiable and gentle. She said to Chu Feng, “My grandfather said that for bloodlines, the more enormous amounts of cultivation resources required, the stronger they would be. In the future, their achievements would also be bigger. So, Chu Feng, you should be happy because this precisely means that the bloodline you inherited should be very high. Perhaps your future is even greater than mine!”

Facing Zi Ling’s words, Chu Feng could only take them as consoltation. After all, her grandfather saw those in some ancient books, and the things stated there could not be proven as real.

Besides, even if the things recorded in the books were true, if he were unable to collect such enormous amounts of cultivation resources, Chu Feng would still stop at a certain realm. What use was there even if he had greater potential?

In a time like that, Eggy who could feel the changes in Chu Feng’s heart would always jump out at a time like this and say, “What the hell are you worried about? This world is so big, and there are cultivation resources everywhere! Besides, who are you? You’re a World Spiritist!”

“Moreover, you’re even a World Spiritist who made a contract with me! For World Spiritists, would cultivation resources be a problem? To a mighty World Spiritist, there is no end in finding cultivation resources. There is no end in using them.”

“As long as you enter the 7th level of the Profound realm and become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, I’ll teach you the Pulse Searching Method, to search for the strange cultivation objects hidden in the world and guarantee that you will not be troubled because of cultivation resources.”

“However, at that time, I would only be worried that you would be too dull and waste the good ability I pass down to you, because of your inability to reach a satisfied realm of cultivation.”