Chapter 443 - Zhang Tianyi

MGA: Chapter 443 - Zhang Tianyi

The speed of the young man was extremely fast, and almost with a blink, he arrived above the Leaning Mountain Town and entered Chu Feng’s and Zi ling’s line of sight.

He stood in the air with his hands behind his back. He first expressionlessly looked at Chu Feng and Zi Ling, then said,

“Chu Feng, Zi Ling, I have been waiting a long time for you here.”

“Who are you?” Seeing that person, Chu Feng loudly yelled.

“I believe you should have heard of my name before. I am a disciple of the Azure Dragon School, Zhang Tianyi.” Zhang Tianyi said.

“You’re Zhang Tianyi, Senior Zhang?!” After hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help but hiddenly rejoice because Zhang Tianyi was a disciple of the Azure Dragon School. His previous actions were all for the Azure Province’s glory, so accordingly, he should be standing on the same line of battle as Chu Feng.

“Senior Zhang? You think you are worthy to call me that?” But who would have thought that after hearing Chu Feng’s words, Zhang Tianyi’s sword-like brows slanted inwards and within his eyes, layers of killing intent emerged.

“Senior Zhang, could it be that I’ve offended you in someplace?” Chu Feng asked puzzledly. It was the first time he met Zhang Tianyi, so there shouldn’t be any conflicts.

“Hmph. You, Chu Feng, angered the Lingyun School, causing my Azure Dragon School to be flattened. The foundation of over a thousand years from my seniors all destroyed in an instant. Do you even feel shame by saying you are a disciple of the Azure Dragon School? Do you feel shame by calling me senior?”

“I, Zhang Tianyi, will clean house for the Azure Dragon School and remove an unfilial disciple such as you.”

As he spoke, the killing intent in Zhang Tianyi’s eyes became denser. His left hand grasped air and a bow formed, while his right hand pulled air and an arrow formed. Quickly after, his arms pulled and ten thousand lights explosively shot out, covering the sky and sun, and forced their way towards Chu Feng. What Zhang Tianyi used was the martial skill of the Azure Dragon School, the Bow of Hundred Transformations.

*rumble rumble rumble*

When the Bow of Hundred Transformations reached Chu Feng’s current level, it would definitely not be counted as a strong martial skill, but when Zhang Tianyi used it, it absolutely possessed might of destruction.

Ten thousand arrows flew in the air and their surrounding space wiggled. Black lines appeared from the places they passed, as if even the sky was going to be pierced through. Its power did not allow for any underestimation.

“His strength is actually this strong?”

At that instant, the eyes of Chu Feng, who similarly almost perfected the Bow of Hundred Transformations from cultivating, couldn’t help but light up and slightly furrowed his brows because he discovered that Zhang Tianyi’s battle power was really terrifying. Even if it was a martial skill like the Bow of Hundred Transformations, in his hands, he could still display extremely terrifying power.

If it was said that the Hundred-faced Old Man with cultivation in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm could be counted as the king within those in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, then Zhang Tianyi would be the king within kings. His battle power was many times stronger than the Hundred-faced Old Man.

“Clean house? You truly have quite some tone there. I would rather like to experience what abilities you have to dare to say such big words.”

Just at that time, Zi Ling made her move. As she willed, boundless blue-coloured Spirit Formation surged out like the tide and several Spirit Formation walls were condensed and they formed in the air, splitting the sky.

The Spirit Formation walls were half-transparent and blue-coloured. With the sunlight shining, they were as brilliant as crystals and extremely beautiful. The most important part was that Zi Ling’s blue-coloured Spirit Formations were not to be underestimated. They gave off feelings of indestructibility.

*bang bang bang bang*

However, as Zhang Tianyi’s arrows from the Bow of Hundred Transformations came flying quickly, the originally indestructible blue-coloured Spirit Formations were shattered like a glass by the ten thousand lights. The pieces fell from the sky and disappeared quickly after.

“How is that possible? He can actually break my Spirit Formations?”

At that instant, not to mention Chu Feng, even Zi Ling’s little face changed and her mouth slightly widened. Shock emerged into her pair of beautiful eyes.

Who was Zi Ling? She was a Divine Body! Especially after stepping into the Heaven realm, Zi Ling’s power could not be comparable to when she was in the 9th level of the Profound realm.

According to her estimations, those in the 4th level of the Heaven realm would absolutely not be able to defeat her. If she used her full strength, those in the 5th level of the Heaven realm would also not be able to defeat her. She could even have a fight with those in the 6th level of the Heaven realm. That was the area she was strong in. Her overwhelming battle power was not the slightest bit inferior to Chu Feng. It could even be superior.

But what was the situation in front of their eyes? Zhang Tianyi was clearly only in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, but he had actually been able to easily break open Zi Ling’s Spirit Formations. What did that mean? It meant that Zhang Tianyi’s battle was very horrifying as well, and it at least far surpassed the 4th level of the Heaven realm, possibly even comparable to the 5th level of the Heaven realm.

“You do have quite some methods.” Facing such a powerful and intrepid Zhang Tianyi, Zi Ling had no choice but to seriously treat it. She flipped her palm, and the Exquisite Chariot with overbearing might appeared in her hand. Afterwards, she threw it into the air as it rapidly expanded and appeared in front of Chu Feng and Zi Ling.

*dang dang dang dang* It had to be said that Zhang Tianyi’s attacks were truly very strong. Even with the Elite Armament, the Exquisite Chariot, blocking them, when the golden-coloured arrows collided into the Exquisite Chariot, they would still make sounds of steel banging into one another, and they even gradually pushed the Exquisite Chariot back.


Suddenly, Zi Ling explosively yelled and the Exquisite Chariot suddenly drew closer to Zhang Tianyi. With peerless might, as it went over the raptured space, it rushed towards him.

“What a good chariot Elite Armament. Coincidentally, I’m lacking a vehicle. I’ll take this!”

However, when facing the brutally strong Exquisite Chariot, Zhang Tianyi was laughing loudly. Quickly afterwards, he waved his big sleeve, his hand formed a shape of an eagle’s claw, and he abruptly extended it. A layer of boundless Heaven power came flying out, formed a huge hand that was dozens of meters big, and grabbed the Exquisite Chariot into his hand.


At that instant, Zi Ling hiddenly cursed because she astonishedly discovered that Zhang Tianyi’s power was really too strong. His power far surpassed her expectations.

At that instant, Zhang Tianyi was fighting against the power of the Exquisite Chariot and wanted to forcibly subdue the Exquisite Chariot then take it for himself.

“World Spirit, go~~~~” In that situation, Zi Ling willed, and a Spirit Formation Gate appeared in the air. The Fairy Spirit World World Spirit also walked out of it.

After the absorption of Source energy in the past period of time as well as with its own cultivation, the World Spirit from the Spirit World’s cultivation rose greatly and had risen into the 3rd level of the Heaven realm.

In addition to the World Spirit’s special power, it was far stronger than ordinary cultivators. Its battle power was even comparable to the 4th level of the Heaven realm. At that moment, the World Spirit flew out, and while holding a golden-coloured longsword as well as with its unique atmosphere, it unhesitantly attacked to kill Zhang Tianyi.

“This is a World Spirit? Indeed, an interesting being. Good timing. Allow me to experience how fearless and strong the legendary beings that come from the so-called Spirit World are.”

Facing the World Spirit that was attacking him head-on, Zhang Tianyi was still not afraid in the slightest. With one hand, he was still condensing Heaven power and tightly clasping the struggling Exquisite Chariot in mid-air, while the other hand suddenly clenched, and with the methods of the Bow of Hundred Transformations, he condensed out a golden-coloured longsword and was facing the Fairy Spirit World World Spirit for a battle with one hand.