Chapter 437 - Starting the Massacre

MGA: Chapter 437 - Starting the Massacre

“Who are you? There is no enmity between my Sky Sun Sect and you. Why have you come to my Sky Sun Sect to make a mess, and even attack my people?” Just at that moment, Yan Yangtian spoke. As the head of the Sky Sun Sect, he had to stand out at this time.

Simultaneously, the others in the palace hurriedly surrounded Chu Feng and Zi Ling. Although Chu Feng’s attack just now was very strong, and as his cultivation was also in the 6th level of the Profound realm, no matter what, he shouldn’t be underestimated, after all, he was only a young man. Especially with Yan Yangtian who was in the 1st level of the Heaven realm stabilizing their position, they weren’t afraid of Chu Feng.

Rather, because their hearts were already moved by Zi Ling, the little beauty, they were already prepared to not allow Chu Feng and Zi Ling to leave this place. It was a must to force the little beauty Zi Ling to stay behind.

“This voice?” However, at the same time Yan Yangtian’s voice rang out, Chu Feng’s brows slightly raised. Quickly after, when he cast his gaze towards Yan Yangtian, his eyes instantly lit up and he was elated in his heart. Coincidently, fury that was suppressed for a long time in his heart reemerged into his head.

It was because Chu Feng recognized Yan Yangtian at a glance. The head of the Lingyun School who stamped the Azure Dragon School flat and almost killed himself.

“Yan Yangtian, do you remember me?” Chu Feng suddenly shouted loudly.

“Wh...Who are you?” After hearing Chu Feng’s voice, Yan Yangtian’s expression couldn’t help but change and on his originally still calm face, incomparable shock immediately appeared.

He started to look at Chu Feng again because after hearing Chu Feng’s voice, he felt that it was quite familiar. It was extremely similar to a person he knew before, and that person was also the person who he feared the most today. The person who he didn’t want to meet the most.

“What? You don’t remember? Do you want me to remind you?” Chu Feng continued asking, and as he spoke, he gradually neared Yan Yangtian.

“It’s you! How is it possible?! You changed your appearance!!” Finally, Yan Yangtian confirmed the voice. He confirmed the tone. He confirmed that the young man in front of him was, without a doubt, Chu Feng.

Also at that instant, the fear in his heart became extremely dense. His legs had actually went limp and he almost fell onto the ground. But quickly after, he leaped, rose into the sky, and wanted to escape through the big hole Chu Feng and Zi Ling made.

“You think you can escape?” Seeing that, with a thought, Chu Feng’s aura instantly rose into the 8th level of the Profound realm, then quickly after, a formless Spirit Formation appeared and sealed the entire palace.

*boom* Yan Yangtian did not detect the Spirit Formation Chu Feng laid. He was putting all his strength in escaping, so who would have thought that when he met the formless barrier, with a bang, his head collided into the Spirit Formation and instantly, he felt his brain buzz as he fell onto the ground while being heavily injured.

“Run! Everyone run!” After falling onto the ground, Yan Yangtian knew that today, a calamity approached. Chu Feng did indeed become extremely powerful like what the rumours said. So, he couldn’t help but wave his arms and yelled at the people in the palace.

“Sect Head Yan, what’s wrong?” Those who did not know everything had no idea why Yan Yangtian was that afraid.

“Sect Head Yan, there is no need to fear. They are only two brats. There is no need for you to do anything, and we can catch him alive for you.”

“That’s right. This boy brat is too arrogant. He dares to so heavily injure our Erniu and even destroy his genitals! We must make him wish he were dead.”

“As for that female brat, hehe… How could we be willing to kill such prettiness? We must keep her and we’ll slowly enjoy her. Right now, she’s still young, but if she develops in the future, she will definitely be even more attracting!”

The group of animals still didn’t know that their last days arrived. They were still thinking about beating Chu Feng up then playing around with Zi Ling.

“Run, you group of things that don’t know life and death! Do you know who he is? He’s Chu Feng!” Yan Yangtian loudly howled.

“What? Chu Feng?”

“Haha, Sect Head Yan, you can truly make jokes. How is his appearance anything like Chu Feng?”

“Yeah! Your joke is too cold, it’s not funny at all.” The crowd loudly laughed. All of them thought that Yan Yangtian was joking, as they had all seen Chu Feng’s wanted poster and knew what Chu Feng looked like.

“Yeah! Sect Head Yan, your joke is too funny. How can I possibly be Chu Feng? Everyone look, am I Chu Feng?” Chu Feng also madly laughed along with the crowd. He was very abnormally sinisterly laughing.

At the same time, his face also started to change. Very quickly, it returned to its original appearance. It was the exact same as the one on the wanted posters.

“Heavens! You, you, you...”

After seeing Chu Feng’s current face, the group of people who were still wildly laughing instantly halted their smiles. Their faces turned white from black, turned purple from white, from that into green, and from green into azure. All of them had odd expressions. Clearly they were still unable to accept the truth of the young man in front of their eyes being Chu Feng.

*whoosh* Just at that time, Zi Ling attacked. Seeing Erya’s elder sister’s pitiful appearance, seeing the women who were defiled to death, seeing the young females crying nakedly, being also a woman, Zi Ling was truly unable to suppress the fury in her heart.


Zi Ling had powerful strength, and she could even fight those in the 4th level of the Heaven realm. Killing this group of Profound realm mobs was even easier than squishing ants.

Profound power surged out, and almost in an instant, it crushed several people’s bodies. Those people didn’t even get to cry out before they became pools of blood.

*whoosh* At the same time, Chu Feng also attacked. He did not use pressure to kill, nor did he use martial skills to kill.

He just dashed up to Erniu, suddenly stepped, and with a puff, he shattered Erniu’s brain.

*swish* Quickly afterwards, Chu Feng darted up to another man, extended both of his arms, and like sharp blades, stabbed into the man’s chest. Then, he abruptly spread his arms and forcibly tore the man’s body into two.

The man who was just killed by Chu Feng had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm, but in front of Chu Feng, he could not even take a single blow and he was easily split by Chu Feng.

“Crap, he really is Chu Feng! He must be Chu Feng or else he wouldn’t have such terrifying battle power! Run or else we will all die here!” At that instant, they finally believed that the young man who appeared in front of their eyes was Chu Feng and the purple-clothed young woman was Zi Ling.

As long as they recalled all sorts of rumours about Chu Feng, his actions, and his miracles, the fear in their hearts started to spread and all of them completely lost it from fright and they could not even take care of themselves.

At that instant, the ones with slightly less courage were immediately terrified and their legs went soft from terror. They sat limply on the ground and lost the ability to move.

Those with slightly more courage started to run with all they had. They wanted to run out from the palace doors, but a formless Spirit Formation was already laid there by Chu Feng. With their cultivation, how could they possibly break open the Spirit Formation? How could they possibly break open the doors and exit?

Everyone was locked in there. What awaited them was only Zi Ling’s and Chu Feng’s merciless slaughtering. What surged in their hearts was fear that even caused their souls to tremble.

But at that very instant, the one with the most complex expression was none other than Yan Yangtian. He sat lifelessly on the ground. Fresh blood was still flowing on his head as he stared at Chu Feng who was killing the subordinates he recruited with cruel methods. There were tens of thousands of thoughts in his heart.

It was because the prediction he made back then became true. Chu Feng would indeed develop, and he would become extremely terrifying. So much that even he could not take care of him.

But he never would have thought that that day would come so early, that Chu Feng would develop so quickly, and also that Chu Feng would find him at such an early time and appear in front of him.