Chapter 436 - The Killing God Arrives

MGA: Chapter 436 - The Killing God Arrives

“Pah!” Just at that time, a middle-aged man suddenly shattered the wine cup in his hand. He stood up and loudly yelled, “Chu Feng is only a young brat yet he has made all of you describe him in such an awesome way. He even so foolishly wants to turn the Hidden White Sect upside down? He is truly dreaming.”

“From what I see, all the rumours about Chu Feng are nonsense. Anyway, I don’t believe them.”

“A brat only sixteen-years-old and a girl only fifteen-years-old was able to turn the famous Fire God School upside down? And the Fire God School’s ancestral tombs were even dug? That’s purely nonsense born from nothing. All of it is nonsense.” That middle-aged man seemed to have drank too much, causing him to go drunk and crazy.

“That’s right. Erniu, you’re correct. That Chu Feng is a brat. How can he be as strong as our Erniu? Let’s drink let’s drink.”

Facing that situation, everyone also loudly laughed. The people there were originally a group of lowly scums so even if they had decent cultivation, they were still despicable people who did all sorts of evils.

They didn’t have any rules, and they only emphasized happiness. They would do whatever they wanted to be happy, so naturally, they wouldn’t argue because of Chu Feng. Rather, they agreed with Erniu and started to insult Chu Feng.

“That’s right. If Chu Feng ever dares to appear in front of me, see how I’ll take care of him! I’ll beat him so hard he won’t even recognize his own father.”

“God damn, even a brat wants to have strength that defies the heavens?” And seeing people agreeing with him, the man named Erniu got more confidence as he stood on the table and started to loudly brag.

“Has anyone here seen Chu Feng before?” Just at that time, Yan Yangtian, who sat on the head seat and hadn’t said anything for a long time, spoke.

“Ehh, not really.” The crowd shook their heads at the same time.

“Sect head Yan, you wouldn’t have seen him right?”

“Yeah! Sect Head Yan, I heard that you came from the Azure Province right? Is it possible that you’ve seen that Chu Feng?” They curiously asked.

“Of course I’ve seen him before. When I saw Chu Feng for the first time, he was still an Origin realm brat, but at that time, he was already able to easily kill people in the Profound realm.”

“So, I’ll say this to you. Never, ever look down on Chu Feng because he really does have the abilities to defy common sense like in the rumours.”

“Also, that brat is extremely ruthless. He dares to do anything, and those who anger him do not end up good. For example, the words that you’ve said just now. If he hears it, it would be sufficient for your puny lives to be ended.”

Yan Yangtian spoke solemnly. That tone. That gaze. It was as if he already saw the appearances of their miserable deaths.

Suddenly, someone gulped from fright and the others were also not lightly frightened. Even Erniu stood where he was and didn’t dare to move anymore.

It was because of all the people on scene, Yan Yangtian could be said to be the most prestigious, and Yan Yangtian was also from the Azure Province. So, to his words, the people there believed them quite a bit. If he said Chu Feng was that powerful, they would firmly believe that Chu Feng was truly that powerful.

“Haha, just kidding. How could I possibly have seen Chu Feng? Although the Azure Province isn’t really big, it isn’t small as well. When I was in the Azure Province, I was cultivating in seclusion all day and I was extremely low-profile. I haven’t met Chu Feng ever!” Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit cold, Yan Yangtian suddenly laughed loudly.

“Haha, the sect head is indeed the sect head. Your joke scared all of us!”

“Come, let’s drink, let’s drink! Brothers, today, we do not leave if we are not drunk!” The crowd started to unrestrainedly laugh.

As they drank and as the excitement got into their heads, some people started to stop controlling themselves and their wolf-like nature exploded in the palace. Some people extended their evil hands towards the female commoners.

Although some females knew that those people were powerful, and were fully willing to follow them as they knew that perhaps it could allow them to pass the future days well and enjoy great wealth, there were some confused young females who didn’t want to lose their bodies because of that. So, they did everything to resist, but how could they possibly defeat those people? So, within the palace, scenes of violence were enacted and wolfish natures blew up.

That Erniu was the most perverted. He didn’t want the mature females, and he only played with the immature ones. He had actually forcefully played three young females to death, yet that was still unable to satisfy him. Finally, he cast his gaze towards the young female who looked quite similar to Erya.

“Haha, baby come! Let Master Erniu show you what a true man is.” Erniu pounced towards the young female who looked similar to Erya.

“No! I beg you, let me go, let me go!” The young female sorrowfully pleaded and her face was filled with tears.

“God damn. Not obedient? Don't be obedient then!” Erniu glared with his furious gaze and waved his hand. With snapping sounds, he broke both of the young female’s arms.

“Ahh~~~~~” The agony of her arms being snapped caused her to be unable to put it in words. Her face instantly turned deathly-white and she almost lost consciousness because of that.

“Haha, very nice. Come, my darling.” However, the painful cry of the young female only made Erniu even more excited as he started to wildly tear the young female’s clothes.

Facing that situation, Yan Yangtian only sat there and ignored it. He did that because he knew what morals those person had. There was not a single person within them who was good. The reason why he established a sect at that place was because his target was to want to become a dictator of that area. To lawlessly enjoy wealth.

*boom* But suddenly, an explosion resonated out from above the palace and simultaneously, large amounts of broken rocks fell from the sky. The shock caused the palace to sway left and right, and to tremble up and down. The fright caused the commoners in the palace to cover their heads and they escaped as they kept on screaming.

“What happened?” The palace was just built, yet it suddenly broke. A huge hole was made on the ceiling, causing the so-called Sky Sun Sect chief elders to be greatly furious.

Just at that time, a male and female slowly descended down from the big hole that was just broken open. They stood within the palace, and the two people were Chu Feng and Zi Ling.

After the people in their palace saw Chu Feng and Zi Ling, all of them were shocked.

They were indeed very shocked. So shocked that they widened their mouths, but it wasn’t because of Chu Feng. Because Chu Feng changed his appearance, they couldn’t even recognize Chu Feng.

The reason why they were so shocked was naturally because of Zi Ling. Zi Ling’s beauty was really too stunning. Almost in that instant, all of the males on scene were mesmerized.

“My gods, there’s such a beauty in the world! I’m not dreaming right?” After seeing Zi Ling, golden light instantly flashed in the eyes of Erniu who was ripping the young female’s clothes. Large amounts of drool overflowed from his mouth. He stood up, and wanted to extend his hand of evil towards Zi Ling.

“Damn. We were almost too late.”

At that instant, sharp-eyed Chu Feng instantly recognized that the young female under Erniu’s body was Erya’s elder sister. Her face was too similar to Erya’s and he could absolutely not be mistaken.

At present, that young female’s face was filled with tears and her clothes were almost all torn away. Even her arms were snapped and she was painfully howling. But luckily, she kept her chastity and she wasn’t defiled by Erniu.

But even so, Erniu’s actions thoroughly ignited Chu Feng’s fury.


Without saying anymore, Chu Feng leaped, then rushed up to Erniu, and kicked. His foot then landed under Erniu’s groin.

The power of his foot was powerful, and he immediately broke all three of Erniu’s legs, breaking his body into four sections.

“Ahh~~~~~” The pain of his body fragmenting caused Erniu to make painful cries as he started to roll on the ground with shrieks. Blood-coloured blood was everywhere because of him, and it was sinister and terrifying.