Chapter 435 - Yan Yangtian

MGA: Chapter 435 - Yan Yangtian

After knowing the truth of the matter, Chu Feng didn’t delay and after bringing Erya’s mother back to the kitchen, Chu Feng returned to the room and told Zi Ling what happened.

After knowing, Zi Ling was even more furious than Chu Feng. She said something about also going to annihilate the cultivators who lacked kindness, thus, without even finishing eating, Zi Ling left with Chu Feng.

However, just as Chu Feng and Zi Ling rose into the air and headed towards the direction in which Erya’s mother said to go, within some white clouds above the village, three silhouettes suddenly appeared.

They were three people. Two middle-aged men, one white-haired old man. They were standing on air, but there wasn’t a single stand of aura coming from their bodies. It was as if they weren’t even existing. No one could detect them.

And on their bodies, they were wearing golden-coloured long robes. That special clothing undoubtedly belonged to the people of the Jiang Dynasty.

“Report to the princess and say that Chu Feng and Zi Ling have already been discovered.” The white-haired old man said to one of the middle-aged men.

“Yes sir.” Hearing those words, that man hurriedly took out a brush and paper, wrote a letter, then quickly after, took out a little delicate birdcage from his pocket. After entering special symbols, a Delivery Bird flew out from that little delicate bird cage.

“Contract the other clan members. They must catch those two alive before the princess arrives here.” Quickly after, the white-haired old person said to the other middle-aged man.

“Yes sir.” In response, that middle-aged man didn’t dally. He took out a special equipment and emitted an energy ripple that was invisible and undetectable.

After the two men did all that, the old man waved his big sleeve and a layer of energy emanated from it. As the burst of energy enveloped them, the figures of the three become illusory and finally, disappeared.

Three hundred miles away from Erya’s family, there was a mountain range that wasn’t too big. The mountain range was originally a masterless place because that area was at the border of the Yuan Province. There was a very small number of schools at that place, so the region it occupied was very small as well. There were only some small powers of small schools in the surroundings of the mountain range. The cultivators with the strongest strengths were only in the peak of the Profound realm.

In such a strong province such as the Yuan Province, without a Heaven realm expert overseeing everything, a power like that would be at most a third-rate power.

Even if there was a Heaven realm expert overseeing, the power would only be second-rate. Only powers with many Heaven realm experts and some that defied common sense were first-rate powers.

In reality, within the Yuan Province, there was only one true first-rate power, and that was the Hidden White Sect.

The Hidden White Sect was like the Lingyun School of the Azure Province. In order to keep its position of being the head of the dragon, it would suppress the development of other schools. Thus, in the Yuan Province, there was a monopoly-like situation.

However, because of the arrival of an old man several months earlier, the desolate region with extremely few cultivators suddenly changed.

The surrounding small powers were stomped over one by one. Those who did not comply were all killed, and only those who were willing to follow that old man were allowed to keep their small lives.

After several months of recruiting and with vicious methods, that old man became the overlord of that region. He recruited those who had strength to be his subordinates.

In fact, recently, he was finally going to establish his own sect, and the location he was going to establish his own sect was the masterless mountain range three hundred miles away from Erya’s family.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

*ding dong ding dong ding dong...*

On the masterless mountain, large-scale buildings were currently being constructed. It was a huge process because it was not easy to build a sect.

Even if cultivators had abilities that allowed them to break common sense, as they could easily open mountains, shatter rocks, and destroy other objects, they weren’t as impressive when building things.

At the end, to build detailed works like vast palaces still required masters within commoners. So, in order to build that sect, the mysterious old man did not invest a small amount of energy into it.

All of the strong labourers he could use within the circumference of several hundred miles were all brought over by him. Currently, they were at the masterless mountain range working for him. Almost every day, there would be people worked to death.

“Big bro Yan, congratulations! If this speed continues, your sect will be finished after a few more months.”

“Ah, what ‘Big bro Yan’? From now on, it’s ‘Sect Head Yan’!”

“Right right right, Sect Head Yan. Sect Head Yan. Hahaha….”

Within the mountain range, in a palace that was already complete, a group of cultivators were currently raising their cups and drinking madly. By their sides, there were also many young females who didn’t have cultivation but had some gracefulness.

They were extremely afraid. Even their bodies were trembling, but they could not cry and they could not shout. They even had to force cheerfulness and smiles while pouring tea and wine for the people surrounding them. Within those people, the face of a young female, which was quite graceful, was rather similar to Erya’s.

But the important part was that the old man sitting on the head seat, with the cultivation of the 1st level of the Heaven realm, was the strongest person within all of them. Looking at his face, it was quite familiar. It was the head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian.

However, Yan Yangtian at present already changed his name after coming to the Yuan Province. Right now, he was called Yan Tianyang.

“Brothers, no need to hold yourselves back. On the day that my Sky Sun Sect is established, all of you will be my sect’s chief elders and in the future, recorded in my Sky Sun Sect’s records and respected by countless disciples and elders!” Yan Yangtian said.

“Haha, the reason we have today is all because of you, Sect Head Yan!”

“That’s right. Without Sect Head Yan, we would have very possibly died from muddling ourselves within third-rate powers. How could we have become chief elders of your Sky Sun Sect, and follow you as you create such a huge project?”

Yan Yangtian’s words caused the mood of the people there to rise greatly. The more the crowd chatted, the happier they got, and at this time, something that could not be lacked was the topic people of the continent of the Nine Provinces discussed the most. Chu Feng and the six big powers.

“Everyone, have you heard of it yet? I heard of news stating that Chu Feng has come to our Yuan Province!”

“That’s not possible right? That devil has come to the Yuan Province? Wouldn’t the Yuan Province be flipped upside-down by him?”

“It would be the best if that happens. It would be the best if Chu Feng destroyed the Hidden White Sect. With that, other powers would have chances and perhaps our Sky Sun Sect will even have a chance to become the number one power of this Yuan Province. Haha!”

“All of you! This is truly nonsense. That Chu Feng has disappeared for such a long time, and there is simply no news about him. How is it possible that he comes to the Yuan Province?”

“I also feel that it is impossible for Chu Feng to come to the Yuan Province. However, I do hope that he comes, and perhaps like what Zhao Bro said, if Chu Feng could greatly wound the vitality of the Hidden White Sect, perhaps it would give our recently created Sky Sun Sect a chance. After all, heroes are born from a chaotic world.”

People were passionately discussing about Chu Feng’s matters. Chu Feng had disappeared for quite some time and many people were guessing where Chu Feng’s current traces were. There were rumours about Chu Feng going to all sorts of places.

That was also something that couldn’t be helped. Some people liked to do that, to spread rumours as a hobby. If the rumours they spread became widely known, they would be unable to sleep from happiness because those people were so immature like that.