Chapter 434 - Elder Sister Goddess

MGA: Chapter 434 - Elder Sister Goddess

“Big brother, give these treasures to me! Erya really likes them!” The snot girl in Zi Ling’s embrace extended hand and wanted to grab them.

“Big brother, give one to me! Will it not work if I take these to trade for one of yours?” The shameless dirty child pushed the marble he took out from his pants up to Chu Feng.

“If you want them, fine. But there’s one condition. Your big brother and big sister haven’t eaten for a whole day. Whose parents can make delicious food? Treat big brother and big sister for a meal, then these Spiritual beads will be theirs.” Chu Feng said.

And when Chu Feng’s words were spoken, all of the children went into silence. They cast their gazes of admiration and envy towards the snot girl, Erya.

“Haha, this is great! The Spiritual bead marbles are mine!” Indeed, Erya was so excited she immediately jumped down from Zi Ling’s embrace, and as she jumped up and down, she yelled, “The dishes my mom makes are the most delicious! She knows how to make anything, and they are the most appetitive in our village!”

“Big brother big sister, come home with Erya! I’ll tell my mom to make the most delicious food.” As she spoke, Erya skipped towards her home. Seeing that, Chu Feng and Zi Ling followed her.

Erya’s family environment was not bad. At least, in terms of being in the small village, it counted as being a moderately prosperous family. Erya’s mother was also very friendly. After knowing that Zi Ling and Chu Feng hadn’t eaten yet, she hurriedly started to cook a table of deliciousness for Chu Feng and Zi Ling.

Although they were all local village dishes, it had to be said that Erya’s mother’s handiwork was truly quite nice. At least, it was a lot better than the wild beasts Chu Feng roasted.

Zi Ling and Chu Feng ate with great appetite. Especially Zi Ling. She ate a mouthful of oil, so it could be seen that the girl was truly starving badly.

But it had to be said that beauties were beauties. Chu Feng was entranced from looking at Zi Ling because no matter how much more wolfish she ate like, when one looked at her, they would still feel cuteness.

“Big sister, you are truly beautiful, just like a goddess!” After the snot girl Erya returned home, her mother changed a set of clothing for her and washed her face. When there was much less snot on her after her face became clean, the girl had quite a cute appearance and that also caused Chu Feng to be more pleased when he looked at her.

“Oh Erya, how can there be goddesses in this world?” Chu Feng hiddenly said. Having no culture was truly terrifying. In the world, there were only cultivators. How could there be any gods? They were merely martial cultivators with profound cultivation misunderstood by commoners.

Citizens that hadn’t cultivated before liked to call cultivators as gods or deities-like things. In short, in their eyes, people with high cultivation were gods.

For example, Chu Feng and Zi Ling. If they displayed their cultivation, it was likely that Erya would believe that they were gods.

“There are! If they can fly, they are gods!” Erya blinked her big eyes that lacked any evil and argued with Chu Feng.

“Okay, if you say it like that, your big sister here would truly be a goddess.” After Chu Feng looked at Zi ling, he couldn’t help laughing because Zi Ling could fly! According to Erya’s words, wasn't Zi Ling a goddess?

“Actually, in my family, there’s also an elder sister goddess! My elder sister is very beautiful as well, but she is travelling afar or else she could compare with you, big sister!” As Erya spoke, she cast her gaze towards her mother and said, “Mom, when is my elder sister coming back? I miss her...”

“Your elder sister has only left for a few days. This time, she is travelling far so it’ll take a long time for her to come back.” Erya’s mother smiled as she rubbed Erya’s head, then quickly after, said to Chu Feng and Zi Ling, “There is still one more dish that is not finished. I’ll go in to check.” Erya’s mother walked towards the kitchen while speaking.

Although to a naive child like Erya, she could not see anything wrong with that scene, Chu Feng and Zi Ling clearly saw the change in Erya’s mother’s emotions. It was helpless sadness, concealing the sorrow in her heart.

Definitely, Erya’s elder sister wasn’t doing something as simple as travelling to a far place and something must have happened in this village, or else there wouldn’t be so many old people and women silently crying.

So, after signalling Zi Ling, Chu Feng tailed Erya’s mother and entered the kitchen. Indeed, before even entering the kitchen, Chu Feng heard bursts of sobbing. They came from Erya’s mother.

“Aunt, what happened? Where did Erya’s elder sister go?” Chu Feng went up and asked.

“Eh? You...” Chu Feng sudden arrival jumped Erya’s mother, and there was some panic and astonishment in the gaze she looked at Chu Feng with.

“Don’t worry. I’m a cultivator. If you have any difficulties, feel free to speak them to me. Perhaps I can help you out.” Chu Feng hurriedly explained.

“Really? You’re a cultivator?” Erya’s mother half-believed and half-doubted. After all, Chu Feng’s appearance was only of a handsome young man. Even if he was truly a cultivator, how powerful could he possibly even be?

So, she shook her head and said, “Just leave it child, this matter is unrelated to you so I don’t want to pull you into it with no reason.”

*whoosh* Just at that time, Chu Feng waved his big sleeve and a layer of Spirit Formation enveloped Erya’s mother. Quickly after, he grabbed that Spirit Formation, used the Imperial Sky Technique, rose into the air, and directly brought Erya’s mother above the white clouds as well.

“Ahh~~~~~~~” Chu Feng’s speed was really too fast. When Erya’s mother reacted, she was already ten thousand meters in the air. She looked at the tiny village under the white clouds and instantly shrieked in fright.

“Aunt, now, can you tell me what actually happened? Perhaps I can truly help you.” Chu Feng asked again.

At that instant, Erya’s mother finally came to her senses. So Chu Feng could walk on air, and it was Chu Feng who brought her into the air.

At that moment, Erya’s mother looked at Chu Feng with different eyes and in her gaze she looked at Chu Feng with, it was filled with admiration.

As a commoner, she didn’t understand the world of martial cultivation, but in her eyes, cultivators that could fly in the air and burrow into the ground were absolutely existences that were like gods.

Suddenly, Erya’s mother knelt in the air and kowtowed to Chu Feng with her hands together held in front of her, “Lord God, I beg you, please save my daughter, please save the people in my village!”

“Aunt, if you have anything to say, stand up first. Didn’t I already say that I would help you? What happened? Can you tell me in detail?” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly propped Erya’s mother up.

Afterwards, Erya’s mother told everything that happened in detail to Chu Feng.

Three hundred miles away from the village, there was a mountain range. On that mountain range, there was a group of cultivators who wanted to establish a school.

They needed to open up land at the mountain range for a huge building project. Because they lacked labourers, they went everywhere to find strong men.

The strong men in the village were all taken away and those who remained were either old people or children. Because Erya’s elder sister had an outstanding appearance, she was also taken away by the group of people.

Within the group of people, there was even an old person who could stand on air and change the weather as he wished to. So, the citizens even thought that he was a divine being so they didn’t dare to defy him. They could only obediently allow them to take the people away and they didn’t even dare to say a single word.