Chapter 433 - This is Called a Spiritual Bead

MGA: Chapter 433 - This is Called a Spiritual Bead

Chu Feng rode the azure dragon formed by the martial skill, and while carrying the little outstanding beauty, they travelled through the white clouds while facing cool wind breezes. It was called being at ease. It was called being refreshed.

So, Chu Feng couldn’t help but circle a few more times in the air because the feeling of Zi Ling, his future wife, hugging him was truly comfortable and he couldn’t bear losing that feeling.

“If you still don’t bring me to eat, I will starve to death!” Only until Zi Ling lashed out and loudly howled did Chu Feng hurriedly quicken his speed to head towards areas with human residences.

“Dammit. Damn Chu Feng, stinking Chu Feng, you dare to play around with me? You said you would bring me to eat some delicious food, yet you randomly fly and spin in the air. The sun has almost set, but I haven’t seen you find a city yet. I will really starve to death!”

Who was Zi Ling? She was a typical nobly born lady, so with any small defect, like being hungry, her “lady” temper would come.

At that instant, her pure-white and slender hands no longer honestly hugged Chu Feng. They were like two pliers as they madly squeezed many different parts of Chu Feng’s body to vent her anger.

“Ahh~~~~~My wife, forgive me!!”

“It’s just that seeing such a beautiful day with quite nice weather, I wanted to…”

“You’re still speaking?”


“Okay! Look, there’s a village ahead! How about we go there for a meal?”

“Whatever. Right now, as long as I have something to eat, it’ll be fine because I already don’t want to move from hunger.”

He was really unable to take Zi Ling’s torture, so Chu Feng didn’t bother finding a decent restaurant in a city.

At this time, a satisfactory village appeared underneath. Although it could not be said to be very flourishing, that village would definitely have things like chicken, duck, and goose.

So, after Chu Feng circled around, he landed outside the village. Afterwards, with the mysterious mask, he changed his face and brought Zi Ling into the village.


However, just as they entered the village, Chu Feng felt strange. On the road of the village, it seemed very quiet and only a group of children were playing.

Even if they passed a few old people occasionally, they were depressed with their heads looking down. The most important part was that with sharp detection power, Chu Feng was able to hear some sobbing that was currently coming from some houses. If those sobs didn’t belong to old people, then they belonged to women, and they were extremely sorrowful.

“Chu Feng, something must have happened here.” Suddenly, Zi Ling spoke. Clearly, she who had even sharper Spirit power already felt the abnormality of the village.

“Waa, big sister, you’re so beautiful!” Just at that time, that group of children discovered Chu Feng and Zi Ling. They crowded up and surrounded them.

Zi Ling was really too beautiful. Her face was as if it shouldn’t appear in the mortal world, so all the people who saw her would be attracted by her extremely beautiful face. The group of children who were innately lacking evil could not resist being drawn to her.

“Oi, snot child, don’t touch!”

Chu Feng saw a girl with a face full of snot, hands full of snot, mouth full of snot, extending her hand, which was covered with snot, wanting to touch Zi Ling’s purple-coloured skirt.

That made Chu Feng angry. Even he didn’t dare to so shamelessly touch Zi Ling, yet that dirty child did. How could Chu Feng endure it?

“Ah! So scary!” However, Chu Feng regretted shouting because his voice was too loud and it terrified the group of children.

“Chu Feng, it doesn’t matter. If the clothes get dirty, just wash it and it’ll be fine right? Don’t scare this group of children.” Zi Ling sweetly smiled, then had actually hugged the girl with a face full of snot and asked, “Little lady, what’s your name?”

“I’m called Erya.” After the little girl with snot wiped the snot on her face, she spoke while smiling. It could be seen that she was very happy.

“Big sister, I’m called Gousheng.” Just at that time, a little boy even dirtier than the snot girl ran over. He even shamelessly opened his arms and wanted Zi Ling to hug him.

“She didn’t even ask you, so why tell her that?” A fat child shot a glance at the dirty boy and obviously, even he, who was a companion of the dirty boy, couldn’t bear looking at his shameless action.

“No matter if you ask me or not, I’m still called Gousheng. Big sister, I also want a hug!” After the dirty boy fiercely returned a glare at the little fatty, he shamelessly pounced towards Zi Ling.

“You can go hug fart. Go back to your home and find your mother to hug.” Chu Feng suddenly extended his foot and kicked the little boy’s butt, throwing him one meter away. Girls were fine, but even the boy wanted to take advantage of her? To Chu Feng, that boy shouldn’t even think about it.

“Chu Feng, this group of children are truly very cute!” Zi Ling really liked the group of little children who were around five or six years old and she was extremely happy when playing with the group of dirty little children. Looking at her appearance, it seemed that she already forgot about her stomach being hungry.

“You like children? Me too!” Chu Feng maliciously smiled, then said to Zi Ling, “My wife, when should we also have a child?”

“Sure! If you want to die, give it a try?” Purple light flashed in Zi Ling’s pupils and instantly, Chu Feng backed one step away from fright then said with a smile, “Just a joke. But wife, I feel that your way of thinking is correct. We are still young, and it wouldn’t be late to have children or anything like that in the future.”

“Hmph.” Zi Ling curled her lips and coldly snorted. In these days, she gradually got used to Chu Feng’s shamelessness.

“Erya, Gousheng, look. What’s this?” Suddenly, Chu Feng had a clever thought. He took ten Spiritual beads out from his Cosmos Sack.

There were truly an uncountable number of those things in the Fire God Burial Grounds of the Fire God School back then. But they were useless as the spiritual energy they contained was too low so they weren’t too useful for Chu Feng.

But even though those things didn’t help cultivation too much, they were the most common and widely used currency. A single spiritual bead was already enough for a commoner to richly live through several generations without worries about food or clothing, while greatly eating fish and meat for meals.

So, at that time, Chu Feng casually collected a few. The reason was to avoid lacking money to pay people when they were eating outside.

After all, embarrassing things like those did indeed happen before on Chu Feng. Besides, to normal commoners, even if Chu Feng took out things like Profound beads or Origin beads, they might not necessarily recognize it. Instead, Spiritual beads had the best effects.

[TN: The children refer to themselves in third-person.]

“Waa, big brother, your marbles are so pretty! Can you give them to Erya?”

“I also want them as well! Big brother, give them to Gousheng! I’ll take my glass marbles to exchange for yours!”

Seeing the Spiritual beads which overflowed with radiance, little stars instantly appeared in the children’s eyes and had actually thought that the Spiritual beads were the little marbles they played with.

But the most shameless one was still the dirty little child called Gousheng. He had actually took a dozen or so ragged and broken marbles that were grinded from rocks out from his pockets and he wanted to take the marbles that were dirty and ugly and broken and ragged for Chu Feng’s Spiritual beads.

“All of you lack experience, so let me tell you this. These aren’t marbles you play with. These are Spiritual beads. They are treasures, so they are worth a lot.” Chu Feng explained.