Chapter 432 - Honestly Explaining

MGA: Chapter 432 - Honestly Explaining

“Oh? You’ve failed again?” When Chu Feng finished refining the last Origin bead and walked out of the mountain cave, he discovered that Zi Ling was sitting at the entrance of another mountain cave. Looking at her dispirited appearance, she clearly failed to make a breakthrough again.

“Shut up. Do you think breaking into the Heaven realm is that easy?” Zi Ling fiercely glared at Chu Feng, then quickly after, said, “Chu Feng, right now, even the Jiang Dynasty has sent out people. And about that princess Jiang Yini, I’ve heard about her from my grandfather.”

“When my grandfather was cultivating in a dangerous place, he met Jiang Yini. She’s the Jiang Dynasty’s current number one genius within the young generation. When my grandfather met her, she was already in the 5th level of the Heaven realm. I’m sure that at present, it is very possible that she already reached the 6th level of the Heaven realm.”

“Also, the methods the people from the Jiang Dynasty grasp are very strong. If Jiang Yini finds us, I’m afraid that we will not have much luck. How about...we leave the continent of the Nine Provinces and go to the Eastern Sea Region?”

“Eastern Sea Region? Is that place far?” Chu Feng asked.

“Far! Of course it’s far. We would need to pass several continents. For some of those continents, there would be people living, and for other continents, there would simply be deserts. We would also need to pass many sea regions before truly arriving at the Eastern Sea Region. With the speed of my Exquisite Chariot, it would probably take half a year.” Zi Ling said.

“Half a year?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng whose heart was originally a bit moved instantly dispelled that thought. It would take half a year to go there, and a year would pass in total to come back. He could not waste that time. He could not afford to waste it.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that Chu Feng seemed to be in a bit of a difficult situation, Zi Ling asked confusedly.

“Zi Ling, to be honest, temporarily, I cannot leave the continent of the Nine Provinces.” Chu Feng said.

“Why? Do you have something you need to do? Or do you feel that your cultivation isn’t enough?” Zi Ling asked.

And when he saw Zi Ling’s concerned appearance, Chu Feng was really unable bear continue hiding it from her. So, he told everything about himself and Su Rou and Su Mei, as well as the method to save them both, all to Zi Ling.

After hearing those things, Zi Ling went silent. Her clear eyes were no longer clear, and no one knew what she was thinking about.

“Zi Ling, I shouldn’t have hidden this matter from you. Are you blaming me? Blaming that I didn’t tell you earlier that I already have two fiancées before you?”

“Idiot. What are you thinking about? A male marrying three, four wives is a very normal thing. How could I blame you?”

“I, Zi Ling, said I approve of you, so I approve of you. No matter what kind of person you are, it has already been set that I will follow you. If you want to rescue the world’s commoners, then I will do good and give aid. If you want to slaughter everyone in the world, then I will also become a mad murderer along with you.”

“Besides, having a few extra sisters should be a very happy thing. At least girls know girls better, and it would be a lot more interesting than facing your face every day right?” Speaking to that point, an expression of incomparable yearning emerged onto Zi Ling’s face.

And when Chu Feng saw Zi Ling who was like that, his tense heart couldn’t help but relax because after the past few days of being together, Chu Feng discovered that Zi Ling was actually a person who dared to follow through with both love and hate. At least, she truly dared to be reckless for himself.

So, Chu Feng truly liked Zi Ling more and more. He hoped to take Zi Ling as a wife so he could live his life with a female like her.

“Then, what were you just thinking about?” Chu Feng asked with smiles.

“About that huh… I was thinking about a bold thing, but before I step into the Heaven realm, I cannot execute it so I won’t tell you for now.” Zi Ling smirked and said.

“Tch, still playing the secrets game with me. You’re too stingy. Whatever whatever, girls are always very stingy. How can you be as magnanimous as us men? Come come come, I’ll tell you a secret.” Chu Feng mysteriously said.

“What secret?” Seeing that, Zi Ling curious asked.

“As a matter of fact, as long as you sleep together with me and let me do the thing between a man and a woman with you, perhaps my cultivation can greatly increase.” Chu Feng said shameless words on the surface, but his face had extremely serious solemnness.

“You! Go die!!” Zi Ling furiously howled, and a big slap flew towards Chu Feng.

With the experience of being together in these past few days, Chu Feng had already mastered a unique skill of dodging slaps at any time and any place. So, he darted, evaded Zi Ling’s strike, and said with a face full of grievance, “What I said was true!”

“What I said was true as well. Quickly go die!” Zi Ling was truly angry. With a beautiful dash, she came up to Chu Feng.

This time, Chu Feng was caught off guard and with a carelessness, his ear was pinched by Zi Ling, then afterwards, Zi Ling twisted her hand and from the inside of the mountain cave, a painful shriek that was like a howl of a wolf or ghost rang out, “Ahh~~~ Save me! My future wife is killing her husband!!”

Only after being tormented for an entire morning then did the two finally calm down. Zi Ling sat on a huge tree, and while swaying her snow-white, slender, and beautiful legs, she pouted her little mouth as if she was still angry at Chu Feng.

“My wife, lunchtime is here! Today’s dishes are... roasted alligator, roasted tiger, roasted bear, roasted boar, roasted eagle, and roasted goose. What do you want to eat?” Chu Feng’s shout came from under the tree.

“I don’t want to eat nothing but wild beasts’ meat. I want to eat delicious foods that look good, smell good, and taste good.” Zi Ling said.

“Delicious foods… I don’t know how to make them!” Chu Feng scratched his head, then leaped, landed on the huge tree, and knelt next to Zi Ling.

He spoke to Zi Ling while grinning, “My wife, how about today, I bring you out to eat a good meal?”

“Hurray hurray! Go eat what?” After hearing those words, Zi Ling who got tired of the wild tastes instantly clapped and yelled hurray.

“We’ll go eat whatever you want to eat. My wife, come on the dragon!” Chu Feng rose into the air, and an azure dragon appeared underneath. After flying two circles around the huge tree, he came up to her.

“No need. Yours is too slow. It’s much better to sit on my chariot.” Zi Ling shook her head.

“What do you even know? This is called romance. Quickly come up and let’s go for a breeze.” Chu Feng firmly said.

“Fine.” Zi Ling hesitated a bit, but she still leaped and sat on the back of Chu Feng’s azure dragon.

This time, Zi Ling extended her arms without Chu Feng asking and clasped them around Chu Feng’s waist. She also stuck her little face of absolute beauty on Chu Feng back.

Feeling Zi Ling’s actions, Chu Feng rejoiced in his heart and his face couldn’t help but reveal a smile of happiness. Afterwards, with a thought, the azure dragon underneath him flew into the sky, pierced into the blue sky and in between the white clouds.

“My wife, what do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat red-braised pork ribs, spicy shredded meat, dry stirred fish, stewed chicken...”

“Wife, so you’re a carnivorous animal.”

“I never said I was a vegetarian.”

“You know, I have one thing on a body that’s pretty delicious.”

“Go die.”

“Ahh~~~~ I haven’t said anything yet!”