Chapter 431 - Shocking the Nine Provinces

MGA: Chapter 431 - Shocking the Nine Provinces

The head of the Fire God School, Kong Chenguang, had his position of school head taken away. After being painfully beaten, he was even forced into confinement. The old ancestor of the Fire God School who had been cultivating in isolation for over a decade came out once again and retook control over the Fire God School.

The reason was very simple. Chu Feng caused the Fire God School to have no face, so he had to kill Chu Feng or else it would be impossible to dispel his heart’s fury.

But the news that very rapidly spread throughout the continent of the Nine Provinces and could not be avoided was Chu Feng and Zi Ling visiting the Fire God School, the disciples of the school being slaughtered, the tombs of their ancestors being dug, and forcing out the old ancestor of the Fire God School who was painstakingly cultivating.

After that news was known, it was undoubtedly explosive. There was almost no one who wasn’t greatly shocked.

It was because Chu Feng was getting more and more bold. He defied common sense more and more, and he had actually broke common sense so much that he took the initiative to go to the Fire God School to make a mess. He even dug up the tombs of the Fire God School’s ancestors, killed a large number of elders and disciples, destroyed countless palaces, and it was said that even the Defense Formations the Fire God School asked the Jie clan to laid were broken.

If the old ancestor of the Fire God School didn’t come out, the Fire God School would have been flattened. That was really too terrifying. Chu Feng was really too terrifying.

But other than Chu Feng, there was also another person who became famous. It was Zi Ling.

As long as one mentioned a purple-clothed young female who was in the 9th level of the Profound realm and had strength that similarly broke common sense, many people could associate her with Lady Zi Ling who announced, at the Prestigious Villa’s Marriage Gathering, that she was willing to follow Chu Feng’s footsteps.

A sixteen-year-old young man, in addition to a fifteen-year-old young woman, almost destroyed a trump card power that had been existing for nearly a thousand years. What did that mean? It didn’t mean that the Fire God School was too weak. It only meant their opponents were too strong.

Chu Feng was definitely a person who was going to become an extremely powerful person. It was something the entire continent of the Nine Provinces publicly agreed on.

Chu Feng’s battle power that defied common sense. Chu Feng’s bold nerves and recklessness. Chu Feng’s bloodthirsty nature. Chu Feng’s insane actions. All of those had already made commotions from being known.

Chu Feng, the sixteen-year-old young man, became the most heatedly discussed person in the continent of the Nine Provinces, and the name Chu Feng also became the representation of evil.

When some young children of grand martial cultivation families were disobedient, the seniors would even say, “Chu Feng would come to catch you if you don’t listen!” The little children would then obediently listen.

But there were also some people who felt that Chu Feng was brave and imposing enough. Even if the many powers on the continent of the Nine Provinces all wanted him dead, he was still not afraid in the slightest.

Not only did he escape this continent, he even dealt with those powers and caused them to suffer from heavy losses again and again. They were attacked again and again, and they were almost completely annihilated.

It had to be said that Chu Feng became an idol in some young people’s hearts. He became a person of adoration for many people, and some people even made biographies about Chu Feng’s rumours.

They did that because those people felt that the young man Chu Feng would definitely become a huge character that would shake the world, He could even possibly surpass the existence of the Azure Dragon Founder and become another legend of the continent of the Nine Provinces.

There were even many ladies who loudly yelled that they loved Chu Feng and wanted to marry him. They were willing to be like Zi Ling, to follow Chu Feng’s footsteps, and begged Chu Feng to accept them.

There were even some insane males who said they admired Chu Feng and were willing to befriend him and become brothers with him to fight against the many powers together.

All in all, in the current continent of the Nine Provinces, the person who was mentioned the most was Chu Feng. News that were paid most attention to were also things about Chu Feng and the six big powers.

When the news regarding the Fire God School were known, the ones most stunned were none other than the Yuangang School, Free and Unrestrained Valley, Hidden White Sect, Sword God Valley, and Jie clan.

It didn’t matter much for the Jie clan. After all, within the clan, not only did they have Jie Xingpeng to stabilize their position, they even had an outstanding genius-level old ancestor who dumbfounded the continent a hundred years ago.

There were also many experts in the Jie clan, and their Spirit Formations were even so exceptionally powerful. They were not worried about Chu Feng going to their Jie clan to stir up a mess. Rather, if Chu Feng hurried there, it would simply be the same as sending himself to his death.

But the Yuangang School, Free and Unrestrained Valley, Hidden White Sect, and Sword God Valley were different. They weren’t as strong as the Jie clan, so they worried that they would get emptied and suffer huge losses like how the Fire God School did.

So, the four powers had also asked their respective old ancestors currently cultivating in isolation to come out and let them take over the general situation.

When all five old ancestors of the five big powers came out of their mountains and learnt about the matter’s whole story, they also felt that their successors did the correct actions and approved of killing Chu Feng.

So, the five old ancestors joined up their names and reported to the Jiang Dynasty, imploring the dynasty to increase the offensive power towards Chu Feng even more.

In reality, the Jiang Dynasty was like an owner of a shop that only ordered others to do things and did nothing itself. Although it was the overlord of the continent of the Nine Provinces, other than the Han Province it occupied, all of the other provinces were handled by the strong powers which had been existing for long times. Every year, the Jiang Dynasty was only responsible for collecting some taxes and collecting some presents. They didn’t care about anything else.

The Yuangang School, Prestigious Villa, Fire God School, Hidden White Sect, Sword God Valley, and Free and Unrestrained Valley were incidentally the targets they appointed for the several big provinces.

So, when the old ancestors of those powers joined up with their names, even if the Jiang Dynasty didn’t want to handle that issue, in order to stabilize people’s hearts, more or less, they would have to make their move.

So, the Jiang Dynasty announced to the world that the princess of the Jiang Dynasty, the number one genius of the young generation, “Jiang Yini”, led a hundred Heaven realm experts out, and swore to find Chu Feng to bind him with the ropes of the law.

When that news became known, it instantly caused great shock. One hundred Heaven realm experts. How powerful was the Jiang Dynasty? They actually so casually sent out a hundred Heaven realm experts?

On the surface, the Jiang Dynasty was valuing the six big powers. It was valuing the safety of the citizens of the continent of the Nine Provinces.

But in reality, they were flaunting their own strength in order to let the powers of the world to never forget who the master of the continent of the Nine Provinces was. To let them know who, in an ordinary day, could completely change everything in a single province.

But if the Jiang Dynasty wanted to exterminate them, it would only be something that would be finished in a split moment. The position of the Jiang Dynasty could not be shaken. Even if all the powers in the continent of the Nine Provinces joined hands, they would be unable to fight against the Jiang Dynasty.

No matter how much better the development of the other powers got, no matter how much stronger they got, they would still remain as a tiny hill, while the Jiang Dynasty would be a towering, unmoveable huge peak.

As loud discussions were stirred up when the Jiang Dynasty made their move, Chu Feng, the focus of these matters, disappeared once again.

In actuality, after Chu Feng and Zi Ling made such a huge mess in the Fire God School, the two of them left the Qin Province, stepped over several big provinces, and arrived at another neighbouring province of the Azure Province, the Yuan Province.

The Yuan Province was the land of the Hidden White Sect. When they arrived there at first, Chu Feng and Zi Ling originally wanted to redo the old tricks by digging the ancestors’ tombs of the Hidden White Sect, and also slaughter their sect’s disciples as they were digging.

But they could do nothing as the news about the Fire God School spread too quickly. When Chu Feng and Zi Ling arrived at the Yuan Province, the head of the Hidden White Sect already asked the old ancestor to come out. Also, they strictly increased defense and many disciples and elders outside were called back, as they were deeply afraid of receiving Chu Feng’s poisonous hands.

In that situation, Chu Feng and Zi Ling could only temporarily remain peaceful for a while. Thus, the two of them found a hidden place and started to cultivate in seclusion.

Zi Ling continued to try breaking into her Heaven realm, while Chu Feng was refining his grand piles and piles of cultivation resources. The Profound beads were acceptable: After all, there were only a million or so beads. But there were really too god damn many Origin beads, and they truly exhausted quite a bit of Chu Feng’s time.